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Problem Solving & Conflict Handling


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Basic slide of Conflict Resolution consist of : Common problems, steps, framework, level of conflict...

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Problem Solving & Conflict Handling

  1. 1. Problem Solving & Conflict Handling Mohammad Aslam ASL Development Group (M) Sdn Bhd Website : 11B, Jalan Pelabur B 23/b, Sekyen 23, 40300 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA
  2. 2. Common Problem – Problem Solving  Jumping to conclusions  Solving wrong problem  Omitting key factual info  Lack of systematic procedure  Relaying to majority  Favoritism or biasness  Poor record keeping
  3. 3. Basic Steps in Problem Solving  Define the problem  Look at the potentials courses  Identify alternative approaches  Select the best approach  Plan implementation (action plan)  Monitor implementation  Verify if problem has been solved
  4. 4. Problem Solving Framework Problem Analysis Potential Problem Analysis Decision Analysis Problem Appraisal
  6. 6. Levels of Conflict in Organizations Intrapersonal Interpersonal Intra-group Inter-group
  7. 7. MYTH or SCIENCE “ The source of most conflicts is lack of communication” Is the statement true?
  8. 8. We have talked about… Conflict is a natural by product of people’s interactions in organization and can’t be… nor should it be eliminated In fact, ‘conflict management’ is the top 10 management skills by HR Managers of fortune 1000 companies!! So, what are the managerial skills to be developed at managing conflict??
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