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About irti


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About irti

  1. 1. About IRTI
  2. 2. IRTI - The Islamic Research and TrainingInstitute is an affiliate of the Islamic DevelopmentBank Group responsible for leading thedevelopment and sustenance of a dynamic andcomprehensive Islamic Financial Services Industrythat supports socio-economic development inMember countries.
  3. 3. ResearchIRTI conducts and co-ordinates basic andapplied research to develop models andmethods for the application of Shari’ah ineconomics, finance and banking with mainareas in inclusive Islamic financial services andsustainable and comprehensive humandevelopment, promoting awareness of the roleof Islamic finance in building financial stabilityand in alleviating poverty.
  4. 4. Advisory and ConsultingIRTI offers consulting services to assist the IDB Group andothers interested to help them resolve practical Shari‘ahrelated issues and develop Shari‘ah compliant financialproducts.
  5. 5. TrainingIRTI organizes conferences, seminars andtraining workshops on main topics of IslamicBanking & Finance, Private SectorDevelopment, Human Resources Developmentand Macroeconomic Managem
  6. 6. AdvisoryPublication Training Research
  7. 7. Research RInformation I A Advisory IRTI Publication P T Trainig