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  1. 1. NFCBy:Mohamed Sahl
  2. 2. Agenda NFC History. E-wallet. Smart tags. Summary.
  3. 3. Near Field Communication
  4. 4. How does it work ? NFC is a set of short-range wireless technologies NFC can be applied between 2 mobiles NFC can be applied between smart compatible phones & smart stickers NFC requiring a distance of 4 cm or less NFC operates at 13.56 MHz NFC operates at rates ranging from 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s
  5. 5. History 2004 Nokia, Philips and Sony established the NFC Forum. 2006 Initial specifications for NFC Tags. 2007 Nokia 6131 was the first NFC phone. 2009 NFC Forum released Peer-to-Peer standards to transfer contact, URL, etc. 2010 Samsung Nexus S: First Android NFC phone shown 2011 Google I/O demonstrates NFC to initiate a game and to share a contact, URL, app, video, etc. 2011 NFC support becomes part of the Symbian OS. 2011 RIM devices certified by MasterCard Worldwide. 2012 EAT, a well known UK restaurant chain enabled NFC brand tables. 2012 Sony introduces the "Smart Tags“.
  6. 6. NFC in Airports Check in Lounge access Boarding
  7. 7. Deutsche Railway Station
  8. 8. Deutsche Railway Station
  9. 9. E-Wallets
  10. 10. E-Wallets Converting a mobile phone into an electronic wallet that will carry out financial transaction. It will allow people to make payment and other financial operations without the need of their bank account or credit card. Conduct purchases at shops or make national & international transfers. NFC chip in the smartphone will only be turned on when the consumer wants to actually use the e-wallet.
  11. 11. Google Wallet There are many different handsets, operating systems & user experience in this markets. so the goal is to make any transaction on any device safe, easy & reliable
  12. 12. What if?!
  13. 13. Companies into the field MasterCard E-Visa Apple iPhone 5 (rumored)
  14. 14. Stores that uses e-wallets Starbucks Subway RadioShack Toys R Us American Eagle Citibank Virgin megastores
  15. 15. Smart Tags It is a micro electronic ship that has a sticker format. it can carry data that ranges between 128 to 4000 bytes.
  16. 16. Samsung Tectiles
  17. 17. Brand Tables
  18. 18. Mobile Supporting NFC BlackBerry Bold 9790/9900/9930. Google Galaxy Nexus / Nexus 7 / Nexus S. HTC Desire C / Droid Incredible / Evo / One x / Ruby. LG Optimus Elite / L5 / 4X HD / 3D MAX / L7 / Vu. Motorola Droid Razr / Razr i. Nokia 603/700/701/801T/808 PureView/C7/N9/ORO. Samsung Galaxy Ace2 / Mini2 / Note II / SII / SIII / Wave.
  19. 19. Samsung S-Beam
  20. 20. Samsung S-Beam
  21. 21. Questions ?
  22. 22. Thank U  @Sahl_KTBFFH