Training magazine Certificates 2011


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Online Certificates by e-Learning Experts and affordable prices.

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Training magazine Certificates 2011

  1. 1. Early. . er . Training magazine’sRegist Save $150! Online Certificate and Clinic Programs designed with your busy schedule in mind Live, online access to Training magazine’s most popular programs Training magazine brings you a series of online certificate and clinic programs to help you jump start your career and enhance your professional know how. You’ll find the in-depth content you’ve come to expect from Training magazine, in a format that fits around your busy schedule and inside your budget. Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Tight Travel Budget? No Problem!Log In Learn Training Live + Online allows you to interact with the industry’s leading experts right from your desktop. Training Live + Online programs bridge the best aspects of Training magazine’s popular face- to-face certificate programs and conferences to the online environment. Training Live + Online certificate and clinic programs are highlighted by featured Webcasts delivered live, with immediate access to an archive of the session. You’ll participate in conference workshops and collaborative activities in a number of ways, each designed to provide a unique means to interact and learn from experts and colleagues. New Story-Based Design New audit and BenchmarkCertificate: How to Engage Clinic: get Your trainingand Inspire Your Learners Function Running on allRay Jimenez, Author, Story and CylindersExperience-Based Impacts: Using Stories and Experiences melissa a. Smith andto Impact Learning and Performance maria Chilcote, Managing Partners,We now see new types of learners in the workplace. They The Training Clinicare savvy, busy, and fast-moving multi-taskers. In their In today’s economy, organizations cannotmedia-rich world it’s more and more difficult to reach afford to waste money in any area of theirthese increasingly demanding and cynical audience operations. Get your training function running on allmembers who are often impatient with instructional cylinders by exploring how to transform it into anlearning typically found in classrooms, e-learning and indispensable part of your company’s strategic plan andmobile learning. However, in today’s information-loaded show a solid ROI. This Clinic explores how to audit andworld, storytelling is being rediscovered as a powerful tool benchmark your training function in ten key areas.for helping us make sense of this data barrage and Whether your training function is strategic or reactive (andincrease learning recall, involvement and application. This wants to be more strategic), you must clarify and identifycertificate will help you design, implement and deliver how your function is operating. First, you’ll consider whichStory and Experienced-Based Learning and inject them of the ten key areas apply in your organization. Then,into your programs. You will learn the skills, steps, you’ll identify the stage of development at which yourprocesses and tools to implement this inexpensive and function is operating in the applicable areas. Finally, you’lleffective learning initiative. This program is non-software decide specific activities to move your function to the nextspecific and focuses on practical tips to get you started level and identify where you should focus your efforts inwith effective storytelling immediately while enhancing the short and long term to support the business objectivesyour competitive advantage and upgrading your training of your organization. You’ll return to the office with a solidand learning department’s capacities. action plan for improving your training ROI.Early Bird rate on/before August 22 is $745. Bonus! You can earn CEUs by completing this clinic.Regular rate after August 22 is $895 Early Bird rate on/before August 27 is $745.3 SESSIonS StaRtIng SEptEmBER 22, 2011 Regular rate after August 27 is $895. 2 SESSIonS StaRtIng SEptEmBER 27, 2011
  3. 3. New training Coordinator E-Learning Design Certificate:Certificate: a Consulting Effective and Economicalapproach to Coordinating Design and Developmentthe training Function Ray Jimenez, Author, 3-Minutemelissa a. Smith and e-Learning and Do-it-Yourself e-Learning:maria Chilcote, Managing Partners, 100 Ways to Simplify Design and DevelopmentThe Training Clinic How do you construct a good e-learning program thatTake a consulting approach to coordinate engages learners and delivers the business results yourand administer training more efficiently organization is looking for? Join the E-Learning Designand effectively! We’ll show you how to develop a training Certificate and find out. You’ll discover the step-by-stepplan, be active — not reactive, and maintain management process to design and develop effective e-learningsupport for training. You’ll explore how to hire consultants, programs that help your audience learn faster and atcoach and develop subject matter experts as trainers, set lower costs. This highly-interactive certificate programup a resource center, market and administer a registration focuses on effective and economical design andsystem, and schedule training (along with facilities and development — rather than theories or software use.materials coordination). You’ll learn skills to help you Bonus! You will receive the digital version of the book,better clarify your role in your organization; transition to 3-Minute internal consulting approach and partner with internal Early Bird rate on/before September 13 is $1,145.customers; diagnose problems within your organization Regular rate after September 13 is $1,295.and put together a proactive plan to address them; 5 SESSIonS StaRtIng oCtoBER 13, 2011identify what good training looks like so you can be a wiseconsumer of training products and services; easilydevelop and maintain training resources; manage trainingenrollment, record keeping, and follow-up and create New the art and Scienceeffective training schedules. of test Creation andBonus! You can earn CEUs by completing this certificate. Delivery ClinicEarly Bird rate on/before September 4 is $1,145. nanette miner, President,Regular rate after September 4 is $1,295. The Training Doctor, LLC4 SESSIonS StaRtIng oCtoBER 4, 2011 Creating a test or certification to prove your training’s return on investment is essential. A poorly designed and delivered test can skew the results and provide inaccurate New project management feedback about the effectiveness of your training. Butfor Learning professionals where do you start? Do you need to test for knowledge or skill? What is a passing grade? What if people “fail?”Certificate: What are the legal ramifications of giving a test in theReduce the Rework workplace? You MUST know what you’re testing, why youLou Russell, Author, Project Management for Trainers, are testing, and what you’ll do with the information once10 Steps to Successful Project Management you’ve tested, in order to protect the interests of your organization and your employees. It’s more than asking 20If you leave your desk everyday frustrated by what you’ve questions. It’s both a science and an art. This Clinic coversaccomplished and what’s left to be done, this is the the 9 Rules of Test Creation, explains the nuances ofcontent you’ve been waiting for! Learn how to juggle your designing a variety of test questions (multiple choice,projects and get more done with less rework. Whether true/false, matching, open ended, etc.), offer suggestionsworking on online or live course development, LMS for legally and ethically administering post-training testsimplementation, or new process design, this certificate in the workplace, and provides you with the opportunitywill teach you a simple, minimal process with techniques design a test you can immediately deliver into get more done with less help. You’ll learn how to start your workplace.a project correctly, build a simple and flexible projectschedule, manage the insanity of your projects, end a Early Bird rate on/before September 13 is $545.project, and improve your own project management Regular rate after September 13 is $695.strength through quick post-project reviews. This program 2 SESSIonS StaRtIng oCtoBER 13, 2011will provide you with tools that will work with softwareyou already have, completely consistent with theguidelines set by the Project Management Institute (PMI).Bring your gnarliest project with you. You will complete Early Birdthis certificate with your project ready to roll, a greatnetwork, and a job aid to use for the next Rates — SAVEsuccessful project. $150 off aBonus! PDUs are available for this certificate. 2011 CertificateEarly Bird rate on/before September 5 is $845.Regular rate after September 5 is $995. or Clinic!4 SESSIonS StaRtIng oCtoBER 5, 2011 Simply register a month in advance
  4. 4. about Online ProgramsTraining magazine’s online certificate and clinic programs take place entirely online with arange of features, including interactive webcasts, group discussions, and asynchronous andcollaborative activities with your peers to give you practice and help absorb and integrateinformation from each session. These online programs are designed with your busy schedulein mind, while still providing the top-notch content you seek. By the end of each programyou will have jump-started your career and enhanced your professional know-how.Designing E-Learning with Instructional Design:Captivate Certificate performance-Based andJason t. Bickle, Learning Systems Results-Focused CertificateArchitect, AMX/AMX University Darryl Sink, President, Darryl L. SinkThis certificate provides you with the knowledge and & Associates, Inc., Author, Learning andhands-on practice you need to build and edit interactive Performance Tips Newslettersoftware demonstrations, simulations, podcasts, This interactive certificate uses real world, practicalscreencasts, lessons, and more. Bickle will share his examples to explore each phase of the instructional13 years of experience in classroom instruction, design process and shows you how to apply them in yourinstructional design, and multimedia/graphic design to project. You’ll work on your own e-learning or instructor-take you from Captivate 5 basics to advanced techniques. led project and learn just what you need to produce aThrough demonstration and ‘take home’ exercises you will highly effective end product. We’ll examine the businesscomplete an online SCORM compliant course project using and individual needs for your training program, how toCaptivate 5 during this certificate. accommodate adult learners, instructional strategies toBonus! One-on-One time for the first 15 registrants. meet your goals, and more. You will receive numerous jobAt the end of the certificate. the instructor will spend up aids and examples to hit the ground 60 minutes with individual participants interested in a Bonus! You’ll receive a 101-page participant guide.‘one-on-one question and answer session’ regardingproject-specific questions. Early Bird rate on/before October 2 is $845. Regular rate after October 2 is $995.Early Bird rate on/before October 2 is $645.Regular rate after October 2 is $795. 4 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 2, 20113 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 2, 2011 New performance New assessment and Consulting Certificate:Evaluation Clinic: Focus Your Smart tools and techniquesEfforts and prove Your Worth for making the transitionmelissa a. Smith and Judith Hale, President of ISPI and author of themaria Chilcote, Managing Partners, best selling The Performance Consultant’s FieldbookThe Training Clinic 2nd EditionIt is critical in the corporate training Do you have a gap in your consulting skills? Do you wantindustry to connect your training results to transition from technician to consultant? Do you wantto the company’s bottom line. In other to distinguish yourself from other consultants? Thiswords, return on investment. Assessing and evaluating certificate will help you identify barriers to performance,training can help you to justify or expand your training explore a suite of solutions, and work collaboratively tobudget, select the best training strategies, relate training get new procedures, technology, behaviors, and ideasto your organization’s business needs and decrease or adopted. Explore the step-by-step techniques you needeliminate inefficiencies. In this Clinic you’ll learn to use to conduct performance interventions and receivenine different “front-end” needs assessment tools practical guidance and proven tools to help analyze aneffectively. Tools include performance analysis, target organizational environment, diagnose performancepopulation analysis, job and task analysis, contextual problems, identify barriers to performance, selectanalysis and training methods analysis. You’ll explore how appropriate interventions, and measure interventionto sort out training “needs” versus training “wants”. You’ll success. You will complete the course with six valuablealso examine how to use four different methods to tools and numerous tips designed to help you becomemeasure the effects of your training including performing an efficient, professional and strategic performancetrend analysis, measuring the transfer of learning, creating consultant.a training cost framework, and conducting cost-benefit Bonus! You’ll receive a FREE e-version of Theanalysis. Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook: Tools and TechniquesBonus! You can earn CEUs by completing this Clinic. for Improving Organizations and People, 2nd Edition (a $45 value) when attending this certificate!Early Bird rate on/before October 3 is $745.Regular rate after October 3 is $895. Early Bird rate on/before October 7 is $1,145. Regular rate after October 7 is $1,2953 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 3, 2011 4 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 7, 2011
  5. 5. New Social media for Scenario-Based E-Learningtrainers Certificate Design CertificateJane Bozarth, Author, Social Media Ray Jimenez, Author, Scenario-Basedfor Trainers Learning: Using Stories to Engage e-LearnersSocial media is no longer seen as a fad — it’s a revolution.Whether you work in a traditional or virtual classroom, Learn the step-by-step process of designing andsocial media provides a low-cost way to broaden your developing scenario-based e-learning programs thatreach and increase the impact of your training. Based on heightens e-learners involving and learning. This highlythe bestselling book Social Media for Trainers, this interactive program focuses on raising the level ofinteractive certificate invites you on a guided tour of engagement of e-learning courses and practical steps toseveral popular and powerful social media tools such as control costs. This hands-on course provides opportunitiesFacebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Wikis, microblogs (Twitter) and to apply ideas in your projects immediately. This certificateexplores concrete, specific ways to incorporate them into focuses on effective and cost-effective design andyour own training practice. We’ll examine their unique development — practical and useful, not theories orfeatures, discuss how to leverage the strengths of each, software use.explore which best fit your training needs and learn how Bonus! You’ll receive the digital version of the bookto set up your own accounts. Appropriate for classroom Scenario-Based Learning: Using Stories to Engageand virtual classroom facilitators, and instructional e-Learners.designers, the course also covers the basics of social Early Bird rate on/before October 29 is $645.learning, informal learning, and communities. While we Regular rate after October 29 is $795.discuss concepts such as learning communities andovercoming barriers, the focus of this program is on 4 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 29, 2011specific training activities that can be facilitated usingsocial media tools.Early Bird rate on/before October 14 is $645. Group DiscountsRegular rate after October 14 is $795. Make your training dollars go farther!3 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 14, 2011 Train as a Team and save. For group discount information, please contact: New the Brain ScienceClinic: Using Six principles Need Customizedto make training Stick Group Training?Sharon L. Bowman, Author, Using Brain Many of our online programs can beScience to Make Training Stick customized to fit your specific corporateDo you have challenges engaging your learners? Can’t be training needs. For customized groupsure your learners are really ‘getting it?’ In this exciting, training options contact:hands-on Clinic, explore six “cognitive neuroscience” Leah@TrainingMag.comprinciples that trump traditional teaching and show youhow humans naturally and normally learn. Experience Register Early.these six brain science principles as you learn how toapply them to make your training stick and your content Be Prepared!unforgettable in any learning environment including Is your system properly configured?classroom, online, one-on-one, and small or large group We recommend you register a minimuminstruction. You’ll leave with a trainer’s tool bag full of of one week in advance of a course toactivities, ideas, and excellent resources to add to your obtain any pre-course assignmentsown understanding of brain science and human learning. and ensure your computer is properlyYou’ll learn to explain the importance of these principles to configured for the online colleagues and those you teach; apply them everytime you train, regardless of the topic, size of group, or If you are participating in one of our onlinelevel of learner; and choose from a collection of new brain ‘certificate’ programs, you will receive ascience resources to enhance your instruction. professionallyBonus! You’ll receive a free e-copy of Sharon’s new book produced CertificateUsing Brain Science to Make Training Stick. of Completion signedEarly Bird rate on/before October 15 is $645. by your instructorRegular rate after October 15 is $795. and suitable for2 SESSIonS StaRtIng novEmBER 15, 2011 framing after your course has ended. Training Live + Online certificate and clinic programs are pre- approved by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Earn up to 12 points towards your CPT re-certification with any Training Live + Online certificate program. For more information visit
  6. 6. PRSTD STD U.S. Postage PaidPO Box 247 Madison, WIExcelsior, MN 55331 Permit No 2223 Certificates: October 2-3, 2011 Conference: October 4-5, 2011 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL Choose from 13 upcoming events Certificates: February 10-12 Conference: February 13-15 Expo: February 13-14 Atlanta, Georgia