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Procurement negotiation tips and phases

  1. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫المشروعات‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” ‫المحاضر‬:‫م‬/‫ماجد‬ ‫محمد‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬ ‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬
  2. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 2 ‫المدنية‬ ‫الهندسة‬ ‫بكالوريوس‬-‫إنشاءات‬ ‫قسم‬-‫عين‬ ‫جامعة‬‫شمس‬-‫مصر‬. ‫األعمال‬ ‫إدارة‬ ‫ماجستير‬(Master of Business Administration ‘MBA’ - UoPeople, USA.) ‫والتحكيم‬ ‫والعقود‬ ‫المشروعات‬ ‫إدارة‬ ‫في‬ ‫مختلفة‬ ‫شهادات‬ ‫على‬ ‫حاصل‬:PMP, CCP, ACIArb, AIA Fellow, SCE- PE, FIDIC Contracts Consultant & Certified Negotiation Associate. ‫خبرة‬‫من‬ ‫أكثر‬15‫سنة‬‫فى‬‫مشاريع‬‫ضخمه‬(‫أ‬‫ب‬‫نية‬‫وطرق‬ ‫تحتية‬ ‫وبنية‬)‫الشرق‬ ‫منطقة‬ ‫في‬‫األوسط‬‫مجا‬ ‫في‬ ‫بالعمل‬‫الت‬‫إدارة‬ ،‫التكاليف‬ ‫ومراقبة‬ ،‫العطاءات‬ ‫وتقدير‬ ،‫والمشتريات‬ ،‫العقود‬،‫والتخطيط‬‫الت‬ ‫وتحليل‬‫أخير‬‫والمطالب‬‫ات‬. ‫ينظم‬‫ال‬‫مؤتمر‬‫ال‬‫سنوي‬‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬‫المش‬‫روعات‬PPMC‫منذ‬2014(‫مجموعة‬ ‫لنشاط‬ ‫السنوي‬ ‫االحتفال‬ Prof.Planner،‫في‬ ‫وكان‬‫بالقاهرة‬ ‫األمريكية‬ ‫الجامعة‬‫في‬2014‫و‬2015‫منذ‬ ‫وأونالين‬ ،2017‫الموقع‬ ‫على‬ ‫االلكتروني‬ ‫م‬/‫ماجد‬ ‫محمد‬ (‫المؤتمر‬ ‫منظم‬) ‫المحاضر‬ ‫تعريف‬:
  3. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 01 02 03 04 05 06 Communication Types and Methods Organizational Communication Negotiation Elements Negotiation Game Negotiation Tips and tactics Negotiation Approached Power and Legitimacy Negotiation Timing Negotiation Barriers Message Transmission Ethics and Professional Conduct Problem Solving ‫ة‬‫ر‬‫المحاض‬‫محتوي‬ 3‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬
  4. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 4‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Where does the Communication lie?
  5. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 5‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Communication Model Communication Technology. Specific tools, systems, computer programs, etc., used to transfer information. Meetings. Most project meetings are more formal with a prearranged time, place, and agenda. Methods Push – pull - interactive Visual aids Paralingual Technology Active listening
  6. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 6‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiation Game What’s negotiation? Formal discussion between people (2 or more) has Initial positions, goals, interests, offering proposals, counter proposals and trying to reach an agreement.
  7. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 7‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiation Elements Pre-Negotiation: - Parties Interests - Alternatives - Options - Legitimacy - Commitment - Relationship - Communication Items - Goals and Sub-goals Negotiation Team Negotiation Plan General/ Ground Rules
  8. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 8‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Parties Position and Interest A negotiating strategy in which both sides start with declarations of their interests instead of putting forward proposals, and work to develop agreements that satisfy common interests and balance opposing interests. Interest-based bargaining is also called integrative or win-win bargaining.
  9. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 9‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Relationship The importance of relationships At the end of the day, you know, we are human beings. So a business relationship is about dealing with others. And it's very important to understand each other. Not only the intention & expectation management in the forming, but also in the managing of the business relationship. Sometimes we spend too much time in the forming of the relationship, which is a very transactional-based activity. You understand each other, you write it down, you negotiate. You end up with a piece of paper that people signed and that's it. But the most important is also the managing of the relationship through the life cycle of that contract or that tradition. That could be six months, two years, 10 years, 20 years, whatever. So what is very important is to balance both, it’s not only the time you spend in forming, but also the time and the appropriate skills you need to put in the management and the managing of the relationship.
  10. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 10‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Team-building. As an ongoing process (The Tuckman Model: Forming. Independent. Storming. Norming. Trust each other. Performing. Well- organized unit. Adjourning. The team completes the work and released / moves on from the project). The Process of Relationships
  11. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 11‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Build and improve relationships to drive up performance and optimize outcomes. Relationship Barometer: Joint Risk Management, Joint Improvement Plans, Joint Training & Development Encourage Innovation Problem Resolution, Escalation Dispute Management & Resolution. Also: Joint Teambuilding, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Vision Review & 360 Degree Feedback. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT
  12. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 12‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiation Approaches Two main ways are: Distributive (win/ lose) & Integrative (win/ win). Distributive: Individual game, pie is limited (fixed resource), avoid sharing information, and other party is an enemy to be defeated. Integrative: Joint game to expand the pie, there is more…for every one, share information openly, and other party is a partner (extended relationship). -A Non-Zero Sum game describes a situation where both sides win something of value to them even if they do not achieve a fully optimum result in the short term. -There is skill, as well as tactics and game playing, in some of these situations but the argument is that for your critical business to business contracts it is better to look for a collaborative solution and a Win- Win outcome. -ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement): is the range in which the agreement is possible without causing loss to any of the parties in the negotiation. It is the “bargaining range” within which an agreement can be reached.
  13. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 13‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiation Strategy Establish your Least Acceptable Offer (LAO), Best Possible Outcome (BPO), and your Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement (BATNA or Plan B)
  14. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 14‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiations Tactics You may refer to any of these tactics: • Fait Accompli - Standard contract terms that are nonnegotiable. (In reality, anything in the contract is negotiable although your adversary will never admit it). • Deadline - Make it clear that this is the time by which they must do. As the deadline approaches, increase the emotional pressure, talking more about what will happen if the deadline is missed. • Good guy /bad guy - One person acts in an aggressive and pushy way, making unreasonable demands and requiring compliance. The other person acts in kind and friendly, asking nicely - and getting compliance. • Missing man - The person who can actually make the decision is missing from the negotiation. The negotiator can then negotiate for a lower price or more favorable terms which they claim they can agree to. • Limited authority - Refusing to give in on items because you have not been given authority to do what is being requested. • Fair and reasonable - You can engage the other person by asking them 'what is fair'. You can also bring something into the negotiation that is, by definition, fair. You can also reject criteria from the adversary on the grounds that it is not fair. • Unreasonable - Stating that the other side is making unreasonable demands of you in the negotiation. • Delay - Stretching out the negotiation, especially at critical moments. • Attack - A direct attack on your integrity, trustworthiness, competence, or other such bullying bombast designed to force compliance out of you.
  15. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 15‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiation Tips -Separate the people from the problem (even if they are the reason, and no stereotyping). -Invent options for mutual gain (more than one solution for any given scenario). -Use objective criteria (measure of success). -Remain open and flexible for unpredictable and nonlinear nature of negotiation (alternatives/ changes of people or relations of individuals or organizations). Principled negotiation:
  16. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 16‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ BARGAINING • Distributive and integrative bargaining There are two tools you will need from your negotiator's toolbox in the Bargaining Stage, the Probe and Creativity. Like all interpersonal relations, emotions can help or hinder progress. Specific negotiator's tools and behavioral skills matter greatly here. Finely tuned communication skills are critical at this juncture as you explore options to create value and execute trades to capture value. You will be most successful when solutions satisfy everyone's needs. Creativity is about alternatives that may at first seem unreal from your perspective and from theirs. Reaching for the limits often results in a solution both parties find feasible. It is a critical factor in both the Exchange and Bargain Stages to discover value and to create value. Well-framed Probe: •Show sincere interest in understanding the other side’s needs. Assume the other side has good reasons and consult them. Say no to them without saying no (framing). •Call for reflection by the other side so that they can question their own interests and position.
  17. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 17‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Four Drivers • Four drivers of subjective value: - Process - Self - Instrumental - Relationship
  18. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 18‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Information and Alternatives Management Time and Priorities management The negotiation process can essentially be understood as a four-stage process. The four stages of the negotiation process are preparation, opening, bargaining and closure. Four Critical Assessments are made in the Exchange Stage: 1.Trustworthiness – Are they honest and dependable? 2.Competency – Are they credible and able? 3.Likeability – Can you work well together? 4.Alignment of Interests – Are your interests aligned with theirs?
  19. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 19‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Procurement Negotiations. Pre-contract: clarify the structure, requirements, and other terms of the purchases so that mutual agreement can be reached prior to signing the contract. Final contract language reflects all agreements reached (in order: performance, scope, schedule, price). Post contract: the final equitable settlement of all outstanding issues, claims, and disputes by negotiation is preferred. Otherwise some form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including mediation or arbitration may be explored. When all else fails, litigation in courts is the least desirable option. Negotiation Timing
  20. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 20‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ When to Proceed We negotiate all the time: Negotiations are to a great extent about preparation and controlled interaction, as well as managed process during the negotiation. When do we proceed to negotiate: If it’s Ethical, Legal, has Value, Trust, and enough Time (Risk analysis). Key Takeaways
  21. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 21‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiator Personality Types Goal: - Realistic - Fighter Style: - Open - Analyzer - Aggressive
  22. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 22‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ What is power - relative thing might be double edged? Power can be described as one party having the ability to force another party to do something that they would not choose to do if left on their own. In commercial relationships this can often happen when the other party has no choice but to agree. Examples can include a monopoly supplier raising its prices or a customer demanding a price reduction to help their own financial situation. Customers often think that they have power simply because they have money to spend and are making a choice between alternative suppliers. That power is transitory however since any power the customer has while making the choice is completely lost when they decide to award the contract to one supplier. The supplier now has power in that they can decide whether they are going to live up to all of the promises they made, especially if they felt they were forced into making unrealistic agreements during the negotiations, to win the order. In certain circumstances the power of one party to force another party to behave in ways which are clearly unfair and possibly inhuman, needs to be controlled by legislation making such behavior illegal. Power & Legitimacy
  23. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 23‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Negotiation is not a battel, it is a business instrument. Value & Benefits Anchoring is an attempt to establish a reference point (anchor) around which a negotiation will revolve and will often use this reference point to make negotiation adjustments. Anchoring often occurs when the first offer is presented at the beginning of a negotiation.
  24. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 24‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Information Management Systems. Facilities, processes, and procedures used to collect, store, and distribute information between producers and consumers of information in physical or electronic format. Official Communication Records Trust and Commitment Creating Trust A high trust reputation can help establish the trust level needed. Establish the cost of lying in a way that communicates an expectation and a value for trust. Create an atmosphere where informal communication is expected and reinforced to establish personal trust among team members and parties. Allowing team members to develop a personal relationship is important to establishing the team trust.
  25. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 25‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ 20.1 Contractor’s Claims ……The Contractor shall keep such contemporary records as may be necessary to substantiate any claim, either on the Site or at another location acceptable to the Engineer. Without admitting the Employer’s liability, the Engineer may, after receiving any notice under this Sub-Clause, monitor the record- keeping and/or instruct the Contractor to keep further contemporary records. The Contractor shall permit the Engineer to inspect all these records, and shall (if instructed) submit copies to the Engineer……… Record…Record…Record
  26. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 26‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Communication Skills Influence Skills Presentation Skills Convincing Skills Message Transmission
  27. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 27‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Body Language Vocal Inflection - Talk the other’s name, use his/her words,……….. Effective Communication Ground Rules - Message Transmission.(55% of the message transmitted comes through body language, 38% of the message transmitted comes through vocal inflection, Only 7% of your message consists of the actual words that you use). Culture
  28. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 28‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Persuasion & Convincing Persuasion is not selling an idea or convincing opponents to see things your way. It is a process of learning from others and negotiating a shared solution. Below are six “weapons of influence”, as Cialdini calls them: •Reciprocation. Everyone likes a gift? Then they’ll return the favor. •Commitment & Consistency. As humans, we're naturally stubborn. you’d pony up in order to live up to this person’s expectations, and it protects us from being called inconsistent. •Social Proof. Provide an example. We tend to be more concerned with the way other people act than you’d think. •Liking. Compliment honestly and create a connection. •Authority. Sometimes, it’s amazing what a title, uniform, or badge can do to influence someone. •Scarcity. Offer a limited or exclusive opportunity.
  29. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 29‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Leadership Intelligence and Strategic Thinking Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Self Confidence Perceived self- efficacy is people's beliefs about their capabilities to produce things. The experience is the major source or tool to develop it.
  30. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 30‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Multiphase Negotiation Multiphase negotiation: Each phase has different issues, agreement reached can be implemented after each phase, which minimize complexity, provides walk-away or kill-points (termination) and leads to better understanding, trust and improve relations.
  31. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 31‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation A stakeholder is defined as any individual or group which has an interest in the actions of the party concerned: The interest may be direct, as in employees or only as part of a regulatory requirement but in the commercial world competitors are also stakeholders since they are definitely interested in what you are doing.
  32. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 32‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Barriers to Negotiation Disruptive, compatible, and integrative issues Viewing negotiations as a battle – Negotiations should be about finding solutions and adding value for all parties, not about winning or losing. As soon as we view the customer as the opponent, we compromise our ability to empathize and get into their “Odds Are” to identify mutually beneficial outcomes. Four obstacles that stop the exploration of multiple options: - PREMATURE JUDGMENT. - SEARCHING FOR THE SINGLE OUTCOME. - THE FIXED PIE. - SOLVING THEIR PROBLEM IS THEIR PROBLEM.
  33. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 33‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Collaborate/Problem Solve (Confronting). Incorporating multiple viewpoints and insights from differing perspectives; requires a cooperative attitude and open dialogue that typically leads to consensus and commitment (win / win). Compromise/Reconcile. Searching for solutions that bring some degree of satisfaction to all parties in order to temporarily or partially resolve the conflict (lose / lose). Smooth/Accommodate. Emphasizing areas of agreement rather than areas of difference; conceding one’s position to the needs of others to maintain harmony and relationships. Force/Direct. Pushing one’s viewpoint at the expense of others; offering only win-lose solutions, usually enforced through a power position to resolve an emergency. Withdraw/Avoid. Retreating from an actual or potential conflict situation; postponing the issue to be better prepared or to be resolved by others. Conflict Management. Handling, controlling, and guiding a conflictual situation to achieve a resolution – by team themselves then their boss specially in the social responsibility/ law/ ethics. Conflict Resolution Positive or Negative
  34. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 34‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ Ethics and Professional Conduct Justice, Virtue ethics Common good for majority Liberty, Respect Fairness Rights Utilitarianism Professional RESPONSIBILITY RESPECT HONESTY Ethical Decision- Making
  35. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” ‫االيميل‬ ‫علي‬ ‫التواصل‬ ‫يرجى‬ ‫استفسارات‬ ‫أي‬ ‫لديكم‬ ‫كان‬ ‫اذا‬: ‫واالستفسارات‬ ‫االسئلة‬ 35‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬
  36. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” 1- NBOKTM Guide - A Comprehensive Guide to Negotiate Better. 2- Negotiation and Multi Stakeholders Dialogue – Public Sphere YouTube. 3- Effective Negotiation, Anderson (2014). 4- The New Art of Negotiation, Nierenberg & Calero (2010). 5- Leadership Styles and Skills, Luqman Academy (2019). 6- Contract Management course (University of Southampton). 7- PMP references (PMBOK 5th edition & Rita). ‫المراجع‬ 36‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬
  37. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” My Relevant Courses 37‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬ And other courses about Planning and Project Control.
  38. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” ‫المتابعة‬ ‫لحسن‬ ً‫ا‬‫شكر‬ ‫إلى‬ ‫االسال‬ ‫يمكنكم‬ ‫التواصل‬ ‫أجل‬ ‫من‬: ______________ ‫المؤتمر‬ ‫إعداد‬ ‫فريق‬ 38
  39. ‫ا‬‫السنوي‬ ‫لمؤتمر‬‫المشروعات‬ ‫وإدارة‬ ‫للتخطيط‬–‫السادس‬2019 ‫االنشائية‬ ‫وعات‬ ‫ر‬‫المش‬ ‫عقود‬(‫والتحديات‬ ‫الفرص‬) Construction Contracts “Challenges & Opportunities” Q #1 : ………………? Model Answer: Q#2: ………………? Model Answer: ‫ح‬ ‫من‬ ‫للتأكد‬ ‫استخدامهم‬ ‫يتم‬ ‫حتى‬ ‫سؤالين‬ ‫اضافة‬ ‫برجاء‬‫ضور‬ ‫حضور‬ ‫شهادة‬ ‫طلب‬ ‫حالة‬ ‫في‬ ‫المحاضرة‬ 39‫حياة‬ ‫دورة‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫المختلفة‬ ‫التفاوض‬ ‫مراحل‬ ‫إدارة‬‫العقد‬‫م‬/‫محمد‬‫ماجد‬