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  1. 1. MOHAMED MAGDY HASSAN ALI AHMED 7,future 1 street ,new Cairo , Cairo , Egypt 01270100010 0227588125 Date of Birth: 29/6/1988 Nationality: Egyptian Military service: Completed Objective: *To contribute to the experience and educational background to my field and improve the physical level and standard of living and add more experience. Education and Qualifications: Education: *Bachelor of Commerce, Ain Shams University Department : Accounting In 2009. Degree: Good. Qualifications: 2016 / 2017 *Holds a degree in English from the Berlitze courses 07/2009:- *Holds a degree from the University of Ain Shams in Financial Accounting Using Excel 04/2009:- *Holds two certificates from the Association ZEDNY in human development (Communication Skills- Your Interpersonal Skills). 03/2009:- *Holds a degree from the University of Ain Shams in the PEACH TREE. 11/2008:- *Holds a certificate by the ICDL. 11/2008:- *Holds a certificate by the Office. 2008 * Training in SUEZ CANAL BANK Professional Membership: Member in the Commercials syndicate Work Experience: 06/2016:- *Sales outdoor at Orange company in the attack team. 08/2015 :- * Sales indoor at Orange Company in SME & SOHO segment &managing portfolio of enterprise accounts in retail . 05/2015 :- * Team Leader at corporate Sales Mobinil authorized agent 07/2012:- * SR account manager at corporate Sales Mobinil agent. 12/2011:- *Accountant at El Banna company for construction. 11/2011:- *Accountant at an exchange company. 07/2011:- *Cashier at El Ramlawi Food Company. 02/2009:- *Sales at El Ramlawi Food Company. 05/2008:- *Cashier at El Mahmal Company. Skills: Languages: - *Arabic : (mother tongue). *English : (good). IT skills: - *Computer: Excellent. *Photoshop: good. Interests and Activities: I like Accounts and Dealing with The Computer and all Its Programs and Browse The Internet, Search for News and The Experience of Contact with People and Dealing with Them.