The five major mistakes


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The five major mistakes

  1. 1. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 1
  2. 2. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 2  1% die  3% move away  4% naturally float  5% change on a friend’s recommendation  9% can buy if cheaper somewhere else  10% are chronic complainers  68% go elsewhere because the people they deal with are indifferent to their needs
  3. 3. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 3 Don’t buy from you? 71% of people buy from you because they: Like You Trust You Respect You Buy from you? No Need No Money No Hurry No Desire No Trust
  4. 4. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 4 1) They fail to organize their day’s work 2) They don’t think creatively to solve their own or their customers’ problems 3) They don’t know how to handle objections 4) They can’t motivate themselves 5) They lack the ability to communicate effectively
  5. 5. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 5 Lack the skills Poor work habits and planning Waste a lot of time between the calls We always quarrel with time!We always quarrel with time! It is too short to do somethingIt is too short to do something && So long to do nothing!So long to do nothing!
  6. 6. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 6 o Prepare a schedule for each week/day. This takes time, care and thought o Ask the following questions: Do I have an efficient schedule? Whom to call-on today? Why? Do I have enough information about the customer? If he buys my product, what will be his most important gain? What is the dominant buying motive? Is it fear, greed, ambition, love? What are the objections that he may raise?
  7. 7. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 7 M.Reps.don’t think creatively to solve their own or customers’ problems Some thoughtsSome thoughts How can I sell my product when it is little or not better than that offered by our competitors? How can I keep my morale high when selling gets tough? How can I show my customer the way to get more profit in selling my products? How can I sell a slow moving but good item? To be a great championTo be a great champion you must believe you areyou must believe you are THE BESTTHE BEST
  8. 8. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 8 o Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the whole world. o Gather facts which bear on the problem and its possible solution. o We should not accept opinions until we know all facts. o Write down every idea that comes – good or bad. o Check each idea against our definition of the problem. o Ask outsiders / customers or insiders / team to pass on promising ideas Remember that good ideas just flow when you need them
  9. 9. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 9 This happens due to:  Poor selling skills (listening – probing – asking for business) Inadequate knowledge (product or customer) Excellent competitors profile A problem is a chanceA problem is a chance for you to do your bestfor you to do your best
  10. 10. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 10 Don’t argue Good knowledge of product features & benefits and customers’ needs Cushion the answer to every objection “Softening answers” = I understand your concern Don’t fail to listen Don’t neglect the “unsatisfied need” of our service/product Nothing venturedNothing ventured  Nothing gainedNothing gained
  11. 11. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 11 + Add Benefits of quality – Subtract Disappointments of cheapness × Multiply Pleasure of buying something good ÷ Divide Cost over a period of time People forget pricesPeople forget prices but never forget poor qualitybut never forget poor quality or a poor choiceor a poor choice
  12. 12. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 12 Inadequate management style / lack of acknowledgement Give up easily Consider work as only a job / No passion for selling Lot of failures Poor company / product profile Most people want toMost people want to improve themselves, but notimprove themselves, but not many want to work at itmany want to work at it
  13. 13. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 13 Believe in yourself and your product If others can do it, I can also do it Use mind pictures to see in your mind a picture of doing a good job and getting a proper acknowledgement and recognition Don’t just think about it – Just move ahead Associate with people who are self-motivators No one knowsNo one knows what he can dowhat he can do till he triestill he tries
  14. 14. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 14 that yourthat your customer,customer, clientclient or guestor guest returns …returns …
  15. 15. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 15 Barriers for good communication:Barriers for good communication: Knowledge Language Attitude Assumptions Poor body language Bad timing
  16. 16. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 19 o Stick to short, familiar and specific words. o Use repetition (only if needed), provided that every sentence or form is different from the other (freshness – novelty) o Don’t use unnecessary words to express an idea o Put the strongest claims or words at the best time (beginning or end) o Have a training to improve your weak areas o Know your product / customer
  17. 17. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 20 o Always be pleasant to them, even if they are not pleasant to you. o Welcome their suggestions about how you could improve in your job. o Graciously receive and handle any complaints or problems. o Smile even during those times when you don’t feel like it. o Go above and beyond to care for a customer.
  18. 18. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 24  The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain.  Need to establish in your customers’ mind the fact that he is safe in dealing with you, that he won’t lose (either money or “face”) by buying from you, but will lose (product benefits) if he doesn't buy from you.  Don’t just convince, persuade – give good advice in advance.
  19. 19. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 25 High product & market knowledge Customer / customer network knowledge Superior relational skills right selling attitude[ ]+ ++ x High achievement drive = Great personal salespower
  20. 20. mohammed sherbiny NOVARTIS PC GALVUS 26