How to build a website with wordpress today


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How to build a website with wordpress today

  1. 1. How to build a website with wordpress today Mohamed Anan Internet Entrepreneur Originally posted On
  2. 2.  I used to be terrified whenever I read “build a website yourself” kind of posts. It used to be such a lengthy and technical process. But to build a website with wordpress is unbelievably easy. You can build and launch your own wordpress website within half an hour with no coding or technical expertise. Remember. First step is to create a profitable online business idea Second step is to choose the right domain name for your business If you didn’t read these two guides please read them first. My sole aim is to provide you with practical content to build a profitable online business. This is why my first posts are a
  3. 3. To build a website with wordpress. Get a good hosting plan I have tried many web hosting services, much more than I could remember. Very few delivered on their promises and got the job right. I needed a fast and reliable hosting service. With a 24/7 customer service and knowledgeable technical support. I needed a web host that offers an advanced and EASY to understand control panel so I can create emails and manage my website with no coding experience. Well among dozens of web hosts that I tried. I have found only one that delivered on their promises and offered the benefits that I have required. It’sBluehost. It recommended by wordpress main website itself! Among thousands of hosting providers Bluehost stayed on the recommended list for more than 6 years now! That says something. All you have to do is to go to bluehost website and sign up. They are committed to keep things simple. So they have only ONE package. Which is -currently- 3.95 USD per month. Ah and they offer a FREE domain name for as long
  4. 4.  You sign up, enter your credit card or paypal details. Hit enter and you are done! Their world class payment system would get back to you with a congratulation email with your account information and links. You are done in less than 2 Minutes! I absolutely recommend Bluehost they are redefining productivity. They are so confident of their service that they offer ANY TIME money back guarantee no questions asked if for any reason you are not satisfied of their service. I heard about two months or even a year money back guarantee but a life time money back guarantee! This speaks absolute confidence. They are really that good.
  5. 5.  Now time to build your wordpress website in THREE minutes Bluehost is recommended by wordpress not only for it’s usability, stability, unmatched guarantees and friendly customer service but also for it’s famous five minutes installation! Payment processing takes two minutes, installing wordpress takes three. This is the unbelievable five minutes installation power of Bluehost Scroll down and you would see the Site Builders window. Click on simple scripts. In the Script list you would find wordpress icon. Click on it. Choose the latest stable version of wordpress it’s 3.4.1 at the moment. andinsert your domain name ps. Bluehost offers a free domain name for as long as
  6. 6.  domain name without www. It’s better for SEO by my experience. And I will further explain this on later posts. Choose your site name. Ex. My site is Value Startup – Practically start your online business Don’t worry you can change this any time later. Leave -generate a random password unchecked- insert your own username and password. Hit next You are done! Congratulation. You should see a basic wordpress website like this -Ugly I know but we are going to fix that don’t worry- Bluehost automatically installing For Advanced Users: If for any reason you want to install your website manually! WordPress has a detailed installation tutorial here Totally NOT recommended if you don’t have the required expertise
  7. 7.  Configuring your wordpress website for best results Log in to your admin dashboard it would be like Enter your username and password and you would be navigated to your dashboard. We have to configure the website before any further installations to get the best result in your SEO efforts and future exposure. Go to settings > General and configure your basic settings. Ps. your website URL should be Remove the www for SEO reasons that I will illustrate in later posts. Go to settings > Privacy and make sure to check on >
  8. 8.  Styling your wordpress website Now after successfully building a wordpress website. it’s time to choose a beautiful theme instead of the default -and ugly one- You have three options. 1. Search for a free wordpress theme. Go to Appearance > Themes. Click on Install Themes. Write your preferences and wordpress will search the available themes and display them so you can choose from them. 2. Get the Genesis Framework and any of his stunningly beautiful themes There are only very few things that I recommend spending money on. Genesis is right there on top of my recommendations. It’s not only a beautiful theme. It’s a total security and SEO system. 3. Go to oDesk and post a job there for someone to design and develop your website. You will find many, many offers from talented web developers. Choose carefully, communicate with him clearly what you need regarding the design and functionality and follow up with him regularly. To Install Genesis go to Appearance > Themes. Click on Install Themes. Choose Upload. Upload the Genesis zip file Ex. Genesis 1.8.1 Then Activate it. Do the same steps with the beautiful theme you purchased with Genesis. Upload and activate. Congratulations now you are the proud user of the most advanced framework ever developed.
  9. 9.  A couple of years back I had an unfortunate experience when my business website got hacked. Luckily none of my customers’ data got lost or hacked but Years of hard work have gone. I have rebuilt the website but didn’t add a single line of content to it. I was determined to make sure this would never ever happen again. After months of gruelling research I have found Genesis It’s a framework designed to enhance and to protect. It greatly enhanced my SEO advantage and it protected my customers and my website against every hacking attempted I had -SADLY This happens frequently when you have a successful website- Besides being my best friend in my SEO efforts and guarding my business.Genesis Framework comes with an unbelievably beautiful set of themes. I was in an awe and couldn’t decide which one to choose. After a good hour spent browsing and comparing. I purchased the full theme package as I saw many themes I would love to use for many different projects. I highly recommend it. My websites are powered by Genesis and they have never been in a better shape. Ah and when you purchase the framework youget a lifetime free updates to the framework. So you will always be safe and properly optimized. I purchased Genesis 1.7 and with their pain-free update I enjoy the unchained power of Genesis 1.8.1. This website runs on the awesome Eleven40 theme Check their awesome themes and you will know what I mean.
  10. 10.  Install the very best plugins to your wordpress website WordPress is an amazing platform, good for SEO, Google’s friendly and it can do even more. Much more than you can imagine by the unique Plugins. WordPress plugins are softwares that you install in your website -easy, very easy don’t worry- and after installation it extends your website functionalities. Best thing is most of those amazing plugins are totally FREE. How to search, compare and install wordpress plugins? On the left side bar you would find -plugins- click on it and then click on Add new. Enter the plugin name or functionality and wordpress would search for it and display them for you to compare and to choose from. When You find the one you seek click “Install” wordpress will install it for you then forward you to the plugins dashboard. You would find it installed click on Activate and you are done.
  11. 11.  The very best plugins for your WordPress Website Search for everyone, click install them. then Activate from the dashboard. Easy right WordPress SEO by Yoast : This is the SEO powerhouse to greatly enhance your SEO and exposure. Google Analytics by Yoast : Insert your Google Analytics tracking code in your website. Illustrated later. Google XML Sitemap : Automatically generate a sitemap for your site to help search engines better index it. Contact Form 7 : Flexible plugin to add a contact form to your website. Totally customizable. Disqus : The best comment system. It manages your comments and elegantly displays it. Akismet : The plugin would probably be pre- installed for you. It’s a spam prevention system.
  12. 12.  Sociable : Encourage visitors to share, like, digg, stumble and bookmark your content for better exposure. W3 Total cache : Your site will never break down when a sudden flood of visitors come by your website and your website will never slows down. All because of this awesome little piece of software. Yet Another Related Post : Displayed a related post to your visitors so they continue reading your content. Clicky by Yoast : Yoast again this plugin communicate with Clicky service to monitor your website visitors’ behaviour and actions. Facebook : This plugin integrate wide range of facebook applications Ex. Like button, Subscribe, Comment system, … etc. Syon Policy: Easy way to set up a terms and conditions and privacy pages instantly. Install the plugin. Create a new page. Insert a short-cut code. Publish the page and you are done. “they provide you with one word code to put in any page and the plugin automatically create your legal
  13. 13.  Best services for your WordPress website 1. After installing these plugins. Next step is to sign up for some services. Some plugins requires them to function properly. 2. Follow the sign up sequence. It would save you lot of time trust me. 3. Sign up for Google Analytics: It’s an analytical tool to keep you informed of your traffic sources and many other variables to properly enhance your website to serve your visitors better. You will get a property ID. Insert it in “Google Analytics by Yoast” to connect your website with your Google Analytics account. 4. Sign up for Google Web Master Tools: This is where you submit your sitemap to get indexed fast. And it offers many other insights for your website like crawling errors and other important messages from Google regarding your website health. You would be asked to verify your ownership. Choose Google Analytics and Google would scan your site for the tracking code - that we installed in the earlier step- You are name the proud owner in Google’s Eyes. 5. Go to and sign up for a free account. Submit your website and fill the required account details. Alexa is a great resource to monitor your website traffic and performance. Again you would be required to verify your ownership. You would get a verification code. Insert it in WordPress SEO plugin and congratulation. You are a verified owner in Alexa’s eyes now.
  14. 14.  6. Go to It’s an account that follows you around the web. Sign up. Complete your account, upload a picture and you are done. 7. Go to and sign up for a free account. Go to your Disqus plugin in Comment > disqus and you would sign in to your Disqus account. This would be linked to your Gravatar account so it would be display your picture on every comment you post in your website and other websites. 8. Go to and sign up for a personal website account. Get the ID and insert it in Akismet plugin in Dashboard > Akismet. You have just activated your spam prevention system. 9. Go to and sign up for a free account. Get the ID and insert it in Clicky plugin in Dashboard > clicky I think you have noticed the systematic approach and why did I Tell you to follow the upload and sign up sequence step by step. Every step generate some sort of ID that you would need for the other. And some
  15. 15.  I saved you the time to figure this out This is the end of the post. You would finish building up your wordpress website in less than 30 minutes if you followed that sequence. Next post I will explain some plugins that needs more configurations to give you the very best results. But you are all good for now. Your website should be functioning properly and at the speed of light. Genesis and Bluehost are seriously fast! And you would love it. Hope you have found this post on how to build your wordpress website beneficial. Please comment I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback and please share to spread the word. Till next time. Cheers -Mohamed