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Best wordpress plugins guide


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Guide for the best wordpress plugins today. Most of them are free and selected few are premium
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Best wordpress plugins guide

  1. 1. Best wordpress plugins guide By Mohamed Anan Internet EntrepreneurOriginally posted in
  2. 2.  Here I list the very best wordpress plugins. I use almost all of them on each and every website I have. Majority of them are free to use and the premium ones are listed together in a separate group. I have briefly mentioned some of them in my previous post about building a wordpress website This is an extended tutorial which I illustrate how to configure the plugins for best results. The Best WordPress plugins Sorted Alphabetically Akismet This is the best wordpress plugin for spam prevention. It’s pre-installed in wordpress. To activate visit the plugin website Sign up for a free plan -As long as you are using it for your personal blog- They would give you a key, copy it and Go
  3. 3.  BBpress Forum Are you interested in setting up a forum for your website to let visitors interact together and form a community? A very tempting idea indeed but the technical stuff were always a major setback. But not with BBpress forum. This is the top wordpress plugin. This is a light weight powerhouse plugin developed by Matt the founder of wordpress. Install the plugin, play with the styles to make everything pretty and you are done.
  4. 4.  Clicky by Yoast An awesome plugin by Yoast. This is the best wordpress plugin to integrate the Clicky incredible service, it’s similar to Google Analytics but it offers a real time monitoring. So you can study your visitors behaviour towards your posts and pages. So you can further develop the weak points for better results. Just by installing this awesome wordpress plugin and use the clicky service you automatically gain an unfair advantage over your competition who don’t have that kind of real time monitoring and analytics.
  5. 5.  Comment Redirect A beautiful little plugin. It’s the best wordpress plugin to add a beautiful first impression in your commenters When a visitor comment on your blog for the first time, this plugin would take him to a special Thank You page. You should use this page wisely by thanking and encouraging him so he would offer more insights, feedbacks and cooperation. Simply install the plugin, create a special thank you page for the first commenters. Go to the plugin and fill in the simple basic info, like the URL of the thank you page. And you are done doing one of the nicest things and your visitor would love you for it.
  6. 6.  Contact Form 7 Install the plugin, Go to Contact, choose the type of form you want, customize it by adding fields, generate the short code and copy it. Create a new page, name it accordingly and insert the code in the body. You are done building your form
  7. 7.  Disqus Simply the best and the most flexible comment system in the world. Powering millions of blogs worldwide. It’s reliable, lightweight and powerful. You visitors can comment via their social media accounts or by a 30 seconds sign up. They can rate your content and they can share it in Twitter and Facebook. And they can RSS to any replies or comments at the same post. And you can backup and immigrate the comments to any website in the future, they will never be lost. Sign up for a Disqus account at their website. Install the plugin and connect with your account details. You are done building your awesome comment system. And this best wordpress plugin made it a piece of
  8. 8.  Facebook Plugin developed by Facebook and Automaticc - Parent company of WordPress- This all in one plugin offers a wide range of new features such as: Facebook comment system with full SEO support, like and subscribe button, activity box, suggestion box. All through an easy to use dashboard. All you have to do is to install the plugin and check the features you want and you are done. Again this best wordpress plugin would handle everything with no coding necessary.
  9. 9.  Google Analytics By Yoast Another awesome plugin by Yoast. This is the best wordpress plugin to inset the Google code to your website automatically. Install the plugin and signup for Google Analytics, Grab the ID and put it in the plugin at Settings > Google Analytics. This would insert the tracking code automatically for you. Better yet it would insert it at the head of your pages as this is the best place for optimum tracking and page loading speed.
  10. 10.  Google XML Sitemaps An awesome little plugin to automatically generate your website XML Sitemap, So search engines could crawl and index your website much more effectively. This is the best wordpress plugin I have ever used to generate the sitemap to other plugin came close.
  11. 11.  PhotoDropper This one is the best wordpress plugin and service I have ever used it solved a very time consuming process for any webmaster, blogger and author. Finding a beautiful photos which offers the right distributions with proper attribute. This top wordpress plugin search for photos in Flickr and display them to you. When you choose the one you like the plugin insert it in the post and automatically write the legal attributes for you. Not only this but it stores the photos at your server for future usage and when a visitor clicks on a photo he will view it larger in a separate window. Other plugins go to the original photo in Flickr so you may lose some of your visitors. Simply install the plugin and begin to use it. This plugin saved me hours of searching for proper legal photos to use. Very useful indeed.
  12. 12.  SEO Smart Links Small useful plugin to build your interlinking structure. But I mainly benefit from it’s No-Follow attribute to keep the page rank juice in. Sociable This is one of the best social plugins available today. You can encourage your visitors to share and syndicate your content by adding the Sociable classic bar on top or at the bottom of the post. Or both like I do. And you can Add Sociable Skyscaper to encourage social sharing even more. Very useful plugin. Just install it and play around with the options to get the best look an you are done. W3 Total Cache Keeps your website from falling apart from any sudden unexpected traffic boost. And it improves the speed of your loading pages greatly. Simply install the plugin and keep the basic setting. It’s almost always good for any situation.
  13. 13.  WordPress Backup to Dropbox It’s very important to backup your website and this plugin makes it a piece of cake by integrating with the cloud storage giant Dropbox. Just signup for a dropbox account. Install the plugin and connect them together via the plugin dashboard and you are done. The backup is done automatically for you. Talk about productivity. WordPress SEO By Yoast The only SEO plugin you would ever need. Install it and configure the settings to your best interest. It has a very easy dashboard and communicate with you regularly recommending proper settings. Yet Another Related Post engage your visitors to discover more of your website. This plugin show related posts to the one the visitor reads that maybe an interest to him.
  14. 14.  The Very Best Premium WordPress Plugins I use a handful of premium plugins separately, below are some of the top wordpress premium plugins that delivers much more added value than it’s commercial price. AMember and Wishlist If you are planning to start a membership website. Don’t look further these two are the very best premium wordpress plugins to date. Compare between them and find what is best for you based on price and payment system. Truly you can go wrong with either of them.
  15. 15.  Popup Domination (Please note that I promote Popup domination and at no extra cost to you. I will earn a commission if you decided to purchase through my link. This plugin I have personally tested and was very satisfied with the results. I only promote products that delivers decent ROI and backup their claims and certainly this one does. Thank you) If you are looking to grow your email list of subscribers, look no further this can’t miss plugin do this for you. I have successfully used it in my elearning hub and increased my customers’ database by 300% It was awesome as I followed up with them regularly and many of them -leads- turned to customers. This single plugin remarkably increased my profits. It’s highly recommended. It offers a wide range of beautifully designed popups, you can target specific pages by specific popups as well as site whole popups, the content on the popup is totally customizable and it offers an integrated analytical system from A/B to click analytics to better develop and optimize your promotions for better conversion.
  16. 16.  These are by far the very best wordpress plugins available today. Up next I will go deeper on how to monetize your website by discussing the best online business models available. If you found this article beneficial please comment and share. Till next time. -Mohamed