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Edge of starvation


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Edge of starvation

  2. 2. Ethiopia is an African country that liesat the horn of Africa which is facing a food crisis Since mid-July 2011, a severe Drought has been affecting the entire East Africa (Horn of Africa)region. Said to be "the worst in 60 years", the drought has caused a severe food crisis across Somalia, Ethiopia an- d Kenya that threatens the livelihood of more than 13.3 million people due to Rain Failure!
  3. 3. As for Ethiopia, Rain Failure is not the onlyreason for the crisis , there is another reasonwhich is that Ethiopia cannot use water thatgoes to the Nile river due to the oldagreement with England . Also, using waterfrom the Nile means that Egypt as well couldhave a famine because the only waterresource for Egypt is the Nile River….so wecan say that the main reason for Ethiopia’scrisis is Rain Failure!
  4. 4. When did the Crisis happen?Ethiopia had lots and lots of famines , but therecent one has started at 2006, and they say ifit continues it may be worse than the famineof 1984-85
  5. 5. What caused the Ethiopian people to starve?.... Rain failure So.. which caused No water Plants are dead drought Leads to.. Starving Humans and causing a Animals as well famine
  6. 6. Why didn’t Ethiopia solve the problem till now?• Because the country have poor resources• They mainly live on aids from other countries• Inflation in prices 200-300%• The recent Prime Minister who is in charge of the country “Meles Zenawi” was first elected by the people, but then he rigged the elections of 2005• Some people say he wants to rule the country by dictatorship
  7. 7. Who intends to help? You have to go through me We want tohelp Ethiopia! We want to help Ethiopia overcome the Help Us!!! crisis!
  8. 8. Explanation…WFP and OXFAM wants to help Ethiopia bygiving food, clean water, etc.. As a first pushto the Ethiopians so they can start plantingcrops and rise with their economy ,but everymonth it gets even worse the prices have risenby 14.6%
  9. 9. How can the problem be fixed?The answer is that the rain doesn’t fail the next year too so let us all pray for that, or it will be the 4th time in a row and the crisis will get worse and becomes a famine..
  10. 10. Well I guess I reached the minimumamount of slides so I guess this is…..