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  1. 1. Brands: Brand origin Specialty Local company SIMI Germany Motion lab (tracking system) Arabian/Egypt carefusion /jaeger USA Cardio- Pulmonary Diagnostics Arabian/Egypt Cosmed Italy Cardiopulmonary Exercise test Arabian/Egypt Carefusion/ Nicolet USA Neurology Functional Diagnostics Arabian/Egypt Dantec/Medtronic Denmark Neuromuscular solutions (EMG,EP,IOM,…) Arabian/Egypt EB-Neuro Italy Neurology Functional Diagnostics Arabian/Egypt Thought Technology Canada Biofeedback Neurological Arabian/Egypt Magstim UK Neuro Magnetic (MEP) Arabian/Egypt Compumedics /DWL USA Trans cranial Doppler (TCD) Arabian/Egypt ELCAT Germany Intraoperative vascular Arabian/Egypt Inomed Germany Intraoperative monitoring (IOM) AMICO/Egypt Germany Pain management (thermo lesion) AMICO/Egypt Müller Germany Neurosurgical Microscopes AMICO/Egypt NSK Japan Neurosurgical Drills AMICO/Egypt Baylis Canada Pain treatment AMICO/Egypt Navimetrics Spain Neurosurgical Navigators AMICO/Egypt Natus /Neurology USA All Neurophysiology solutions Attieh/Saudi A Dantec/Medtronic Denmark Neuromuscular solutions (EMG,EP,IOM,…) Attieh/Saudi A
  2. 2. Xltek Canada EMU ,EEG,LTM , Intraoperative solutions Attieh/Saudi A Elcat Germany Intraoperative Vascular Attieh/Saudi A DWL USA Trans cranial Doppler (intraoperative) Attieh/Saudi A MagVenture USA Neuro magnetic stim. Attieh/Saudi A Cardioline Italy Cardiology ,ICU Attieh/Saudi A