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Types pf objectives tests


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Testing for language Teachers

Published in: Education
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Types pf objectives tests

  1. 1.  Multiple choice tests.  Cloze tests.  C-Tests.  Dictation.  Editing.  Matching  Ordering.
  2. 2.  It consist of a stem. For example: 1. He __________ three letters since 9O`clock. a. writes. b. has written. c. has been written. d. had written.
  3. 3.  The cloze test reduces redundancy by deleting a number of words in a passage leaving blanks and requiring the person taking the test(examinee) to attempt replacing the original words. It is used to measure the overall ability:  e.g.:  Some believe that the chief function_______ even a liberal arts college is ________ vocational one.
  4. 4.  In the C-Tests the second half of every second word is left or deleted instead of the whole words. C-tests can provide a rough measure of learners globally.  e.g:  There are usually five men in the crew of a fire engine. One o__ them dri___ the eng____. The lea____ sits bes____ the dri______. The or______ firemen s______ inside t____ cab o____ the f_____ enegine.
  5. 5.  Although in some parts of the world in the early 1960, had to decry dictation testing as hopefully misguided, but by the end of the decade this orthodoxy was changed. Dictation tests give results similar to those obtained from cloze tests.  Partial Dictation.  Mini-partial Dictation. e.g.: It was a perfect day. The sun _________ in a clear sky and Diana felt that all was _______with the world. The tester reads the text, the examinees fill the blanks.
  6. 6.  The editing test is the reverse of the cloze test. For example: Extra words are inserted into a text and testees are required to detect these words and cross them out.
  7. 7.  Candidates are given a list of possible answers which they have to much with another list of words. For example: Match the words in the left with words in the right to make other English words: 1. Head a. partner. 2. Room b. wife. 3. Business c. master. 4. House d. mate.
  8. 8.  In ordering task candidates has to put a group of words, sentences, or paragraph in order: For example:  put the following words in order to make a complete sentence: went / friend / yesterday / to / I / with / cinema ____________________________________________ ______