S T O P T H E H U N G E R Final Copy (00330646)


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S T O P T H E H U N G E R Final Copy (00330646)

  2. 2. WHATS WORNG WITH THE WORLD? Hmmm...I think this is the last piece of cake is have...well in that case I sure do hope Nigeria pays their national debt to me, on time this month so I can get some more cake! Oh dear god it has been over three years I have been paying off this national debt, when will it end? The interest level is so high that it seem like I will never pay it off and because of this every day I got to bed hungry!!! World Bank 3 rd World Nation
  3. 3. <ul><li>Do we really need the amount of food we have available to us? What I have such a hard time trying to comprehend is how on one end of the globe we have more than enough food to go around as long as the price is right, while on the other end of the globe hunger is taking its toll on more than 850 million people in third world countries. So the next time you upsizing you meal think about the poor child on the other end of the globe that more than often goes to bed hungry. </li></ul>
  5. 6. Innocence
  6. 7. I am pretty sure these two mother have the same amount of love for their child!!!!!!! <ul><li>So I ask you how can we as a society stand by and allow one mother to provide her child with what every he or she needs while another mother can barley provide food and shelter for herself let alone her child? </li></ul>
  8. 9. Behind Sponsoring A Child? By now your probably thinking about different ways you can contribute to helping these poor innocent starving children and their families. If sponsoring a child comes to mind please discard that thought because sponsoring a child doesn't tackle the root causes of poverty such as HIV/AIDs, war and international trade laws. World vision an example of a Christian charity is one by which we can categorize as being a child sponsorship scheme. First of all it focuses on one child and one child only excluding the community which is more important than single individuals because if the community is doing well then that particular individual will doing well also. Secondly for them to even supply the child with their aid services they require the child to change his/her religious beliefs to Christianity because not only are they just a charity group they are also religious preachers and this goes against the morals of many people in the sense that it is wrong to take advantage of a impoverished child by taunting him/her with what they need the most and only giving it to those who take on your religious beliefs. So if you want to help joining charity groups such as SOS children's villages where they focus on rebuilding communities to benefit every one rather than particular individuals.
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