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Effect Of Employees Motivation On The Organizational Performance


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2012 MIBA research project presentation about the effect of the employees motivation on the organizational performance by Mohamad Adel, Cairo, Egypt.

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Effect Of Employees Motivation On The Organizational Performance

  1. 1. Effect of Employees Motivation on the Organizational Performance Presented By Mohamad M. ADEL ESLSCA 35 Global Management Supervised By Dr. Saneya El Galaly
  2. 2. Agenda Literature review structure Today’s Organizational Performance Challenges What is Motivation Motivation types What is organizational performance
  3. 3. Problem Statement This research studies the effect of employee’s motivation through discussing several and different types of motives commonly used in the modern organizations on the organizational performance reflected in the organizational success that is represented in various measures being widely used in market leading organizations
  4. 4. Research Objectives The research objective is to study the effect of the different types of employees’ motivations techniques and their effect on the different aspects of the organizational performance based on the some of the main organizational performance measures to emphasis on how important is the role of the employees’ motivation in the organizational effectiveness and success
  5. 5. Research Questions What is the employee’s motivation and what the different types of employees’ motivations ? What is the organizational performance, and what are its measures ? What is the role that employees’ motivation plays in the organizational performance ?
  6. 6. Today’s OrganizationalPerformance Challenges Globalization and competition Multinationals and multi-cultural resources Many organizations are suffering Brain drain and headhunting. Surviving and thriving in today’s economical environment.
  7. 7. Motivation and Its Types Personal interest in maintaining the best output to achieve a desired objective. Intrinsic - is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself. Extrinsic - the performance of an activity in order to attain an outcome Examples
  8. 8. Needs As Motives Needs and wants Work environment Responsibilities Supervision
  9. 9. Needs As Motives (Cont’d) Effort Feedback Fairness and Equity Employees’ Development
  10. 10. Organizational Performance How effective is the organization in achieving its strategic goals Impact on the employees. Impact on shareholders. Impact on investors. Internal with external focus debate.
  11. 11. OrganizationalPerformance/Effectiveness Motivation Capacity Environment
  12. 12. OP Financial Measures Financial Measures (NI and ROE) – Definitions – Other financial measures – Best to reflect the current performance – Tangible and can be easily benchmarked
  13. 13. OP Non-Financial Measures Non-Financial Measures (Employees Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction) – Definitions – Other non-financial measures – Best to predict the organization future – Pressure on publically traded companies – Intangibles should be converted to tangibles – Drives non-financial measures with one to many and many to one relations
  14. 14. Balancing financial and non-financial objectives Why balancing ? How to balance? Examples
  15. 15. Strategic Human ResourceManagement What SHRM is all about ? Why strategic ?
  16. 16. Strategic Human ResourceManagement Role - Motivation Staffing Compensation Training and development Empowerment and Leadership Rewarding
  17. 17. Strategic Human ResourceManagement Role - OP BSC – Organization objectives – Priority – Alignment rewards – Involving management and key employees EPM and Cascading objectives KPIs
  18. 18. Sample BSC
  19. 19. Effect of Motivation on theOrganizational Performance Most of the researchers are agreeing that – SHRM implementation is influencing the employees’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. – Satisfied employees do their best toward the organization objectives (Job Performance). – In a well designed BSC model achieving the organization objectives should work to satisfy customers. – Satisfied customers improve the organization profitability and consequently the return on equity. Very few researchers are agreeing that the motivation has no direct effect on the organizational performance
  20. 20. Thank You