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Mogul Corporate Fact Sheet


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Mogul Corporate Fact Sheet

  1. 1. About Mogul Ventures Corp. Canadian company focusing on acquisition, exploration and development of coal projects in Mongolia. The Company is developing its 100% owned flagship asset, Black Hills thermal coal project located in Middle Gobi near Choir city. The extensive Russian exploration history at Black Hills and the recently completed drill program resulted in an intial NI 43-101 compliant 89.6 million tons of InferredPlanned Railways in Mongolia Resources in Ovdog Hudag coal deposit.1 Goals and Objectives ULAANGOM Tsagaan tolgoi Altanbulag RUSSIA Ereentsav • Additional drilling and surfaceTsagaahnuur Tsagaan hairrhan uul Baruunturuun exploration to maximize Black Hills’ Tsagaanhairhan DARHAN full potential including: ERDENET Shariyn gol Urgamal CHOIBALSAN Rashaant Dorvoljin Argalant • Infill and expansion drilling to expand ULAANBAATAR Baganuur Toson uul Tamsag bulag Jargalan Bagahangai resources and upgrade resource Matad category ALTAI Tayangiyn nuruu MONGOLIA CHOIR Bor-Ondor BARUUN-URT Bichigt Tseel • Step-out drilling between Ovdog Altai Shinejinst Black Hills Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur to SAINSHAND Burgastai Zuunbayan delineate additional resources Tsagaan suvarga Zamiyn-Uud Nariin suhait Tavan tolgoi • Re-drill Ikh Ulaan-Nuur CHINA Existing railway line Shiveehuren Planned railway line in 2010 • Commence detailed development Gashuunsuhait Planned railway line in 2011 studies including: environmental Planned railway line in 2015 Source: Mongolia Railroad Policy, Eurasia Capital baseline, processing, mine design • Evaluation of potential for other valuable commodities on the property (Fe, Cu) Black Hills Project Key Advantages • Conduct an economic evaluation • trategic location close to existing rail line (parallel line planned) providing ready access S • Develop Black Hills towards production to Chinese markets • he mineral concession is 34,054.69 hectares with a mining license covering its extent T • Seek strategic partners for funding and includes the Ovdog Hudag and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur thermal coal deposits. expansion, off-take, potential development of a mine-mouth • Open pit accessible thermal coal resources with expected low strip ratio power plant, and application of new • I 43-101 compliant Inferred Resource of 89.6 Mt from 2,370 m of drilling in 14 holes N technologies for monetizing deep-in- at Ovdog Hudag deposit ground stranded coal • Excellent potential to significantly expand the projects’ coal resources through: • Acquire additional coal projects • Infill and step-out drilling at Ovdog Hudag deposit where substantially larger historical focusing on coking coal and thermal resources were delineated by Russian work in the 1960s and 1970s coal in Mongolia • Testing the undrilled area between the two known deposits • Ovdog Hudag coal deposit remains open to the north • Drilling of the Ikh Ulaan Nuur deposit 7 km NNE of Ovdog Hudag (86.4 Mt)2 MOGUL VENTURES CORP. • Property has potential for presence of other commodities (Cu, Fe) Bay Adelaide Centre Suite 1200, 333 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5H 2R2, Canada   NOTES p +1 416.309.4326  1 2 Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit, Mogul Ventures Corp. – 43-101 report by SRK Consulting (China) Ltd., F +1 416.364.3346 December 31, 2011 E w
  2. 2. MOGUL VENTURES CORP. Mogul Ventures Team Bay Adelaide Centre, Suite 1200, 333 Bay St., Toronto, ON, M5H 2R2, Canada  Steven Khan, MBA, CFA p +1 416.309.4326  •  F +1 416.364.3346 •  E Executive Chairman Director w John Carlesso CEO Director Jamul JadambaOvdog Hudag Coal Deposit President Director David A. Terry, Ph.D., P.Geo.• n 2011, a 14 hole, ~2,370 m core drilling program on 1,000 m centers confirmed I Senior Technical Advisor the historical work on the deposit, forming the basis for a NI 43-101 Resource Estimate by SRK Consulting• NI 43-101 Report summary results: • Estimated Inferred Resources of 89.6 Mt3 • 8 coal seams recognized – 4 fully mineable, 2 partially mineable • Classed as High Vol Bituminous A Thermal Coal • Average Gross Calorific value - 5,636 to 6,431 kcal/kg (daf)* • * ,776 to 4,952 kcal/kg on a dry basis; 3 daf = dry ash free basis • Average Volatile Matter – 29.9 to 37.9% • Average Fixed Carbon – 32.3 to 39.5% • Average Ash – 22 to 33% - washing will reduce • Average Sulphur – 4.94%; removal of abundant visible pyrite by washing expected to reduce S levels significantly• RK recommended program: infill and expansion S drilling program, process test work, mine design and Preliminary Economic AssessmentOvdog Hudag Mongolian CoalIkh Ulaan-Nuur Deposits IH ULAAN NUUR • iewed as Saudi Arabia of coal: V• vdog Hudag coal deposit historical O DEPOSIT total Minable resources are estimated at 162Bt 7 resources, based on Russian drilling from the ‘60s and ‘70s, using a Russian Classification • urrent coal production of about C system and based on 85 drill holes: 16Mt per year (mostly exported to • 1968: C1+C2 resources totalling China), expected to reach 60–70Mt 7 km by 20158 201.2 Mt4 undrilled area between • igh quality and highly accessible: H • 1970: B+C1+C2 resources totalling deposits generally near surface, ideal for low 168.2 Mt 5 cost open pit mining, dominated by• kh Ulaan-Nuur coal deposit is located I high-quality low ash, low sulfur and 7km NNE of Ovdog Hudag OVDOG low phosphorous coals • 1970: A+B+C1+C2 resources totalling HUDAG • nown Geology: 12 coal basins, K DEPOSIT 86.4 Mt6 3 regions with over 200 deposits of• xcellent potential for additional E thermal and metallurgical grade coal coal resources to be delineated in the undrilled area between Ovdog Hudag NOTES: and Ikh Ulaan-Nuur 3–6 Ovdog Hudag Coal Deposit, Mogul Ventures Corp. – 43-101 report by SRK Consulting• e-drilling of Ikh Ulaan-Nuur will add R (China) Ltd., December 31, 2011 to NI 43-101 resources 7–8 Renaissance Capital, “Moncoalia” report,• pen pit accessible coal resources with O June 15, 2011 2011 drill holes expected low strip ratio 2 KM Historical drillholes ILLUSTRATION: Drill Rig, 2011