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Local Deal Scavenger - Mobile Loyalty Coupon Discovery via Mobile Scavenger Hunts


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Local Deal Scavenger, the only local, mobile, and social coupon discovery and lead generation marketing platform, using mobile scratch card technology infused with Scavenger Hunting!


Local Deal Scavenger is a product/service that was designed and continuously being developed by the local marketing masterminds of Mogul Media Solutions, LLC. Local Deal Scavenger is the ultimate local, mobile, and social coupon marketing tool that is leveraging a very unique mobile technology, but with a very well know concept the scratch ticket.

Our mobile scratch coupon discovery platform has been designed with the intent of increasing the interaction between local businesses and local consumers in a fun and engaging way, which is the Scavenger Hunt with a local, mobile, and social media twist. The strategy is very simple we take your local coupons and develop a scavenger hunt with free give –a-ways that is sponsored by the local businesses. This will allow all local businesses in our Local Deal Scavenger Network build strong relationships for years to come!

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Local Deal Scavenger - Mobile Loyalty Coupon Discovery via Mobile Scavenger Hunts

  1. 1. The Mobile Loyalty Rewards Scavenger Hunt
  2. 2. Welcome To Local Deal Scavenger!
  3. 3. Some Mobile Coupon Statistics • Mobile Coupons are Redeemed 10x more than Paper Coupons • Redemption rates also improve because shoppers carry the coupon around with them at all times • Mobile Coupon redemption is expected to grow 50% in2013 by Internet Retailer
  4. 4. Some Mobile Coupon Statistics • Juniper research predicts consumers using 10 billion mobile coupons in the year ahead alone. • 54% of mobile shoppers who have used mobile coupons obtained them from retailer websites, followed by 31% at daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social
  5. 5. Some Mobile Coupon Statistics • Mobile Coupon Users are 3x more likely to scan a QR Code • 36% of smartphone owners have redeemed a mobile coupon on their devices, compared to 11% for tablets.
  6. 6. So, what is Local Deal Scavenger? Local Deal Scavenger is a mobile loyalty rewards platform designed to increase attraction and retention of local customers. We use mobile gamification and social engagement in the way of local scavenger hunts for mobile coupon discovery and prize give-a-ways.
  7. 7. How Does It Work For The Consumer?
  8. 8. How Does it Works? • Customer enters local business and scan QR code using the Local Deal Scavenger Mobile App. • After scanning the QR Code a mobile scratch card will be presented. • The consumer scratches the mobile scratch card with finger to see if he/she has won. Mobile Scratch Card
  9. 9. How Does it Works? • If they are a winner they will tap the screen to claim coupon or grand prize. • After scratching they may just be presented with a same day coupon redemption. • Grand prizes could be anything, but prizes will mostly come from local businesses. Mobile Scratch Card
  10. 10. How Does it Works? • If they are not a winner they will be offered to join a notification list. • Scratch cards and can only be scratched 1x daily at a given location. • If users are Scavenger Hunting for grand prizes they can go scratch at other business locations. Mobile Scratch Card
  11. 11. How Does It Work For The Business?
  12. 12. Benefits of Joining? • We will use other local businesses to help promote your products /services and vice versa. • Being listed in our mobile app will showcase not only your business but the entire local network of members with Local Deal Scavenger. Mobile Scratch Card
  13. 13. Benefits of Joining? • Each business will be required to donate something to the grand prize Scavenger Hunt. • Local Deal Scavenger Grand Prize scavenger hunts will only be done 1-2 times per month. • Only no business will be selected more twice in one month. Mobile Scratch Card
  14. 14. What Are The Benefits of Joining? • Low cost entry less than using print coupon magazines • We handle all of the local promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. • We handle all graphics in-house for your campaigns
  15. 15. What Are The Benefits of Joining? • You can build a local list of consumer buyers • All you have to do is provide tremendous value. • Never have to worry using steep discounts or us keeping 50% of an already low profit margin.
  16. 16. What Are The Benefits of Joining? • Your business listed in our Mobile App • We believe in community building • We give back by donating 10% of all local proceeds to a charity in your community. • A Win-Win Situation for the local business community and the community as a whole.
  17. 17. What Are The Benefits of Joining? • You will have access to run mobile sms campaigns and other features to enhance your engagement and revenue with local consumers. • We can help with integrating Local Deal Scavenger into your existing marketing campaigns.
  18. 18. Ready For The Next Step? • To Sign Up for a demo contact: • Or Call at 678-608-3760 ext 104