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LocalMediaBuying.com is a hyper-local Display Advertising Agency located in the Atlanta Metro Area.

We provide display advertising services for businesses from small, medium, to large.

With around 50 Billion daily impressions and growing, our agency currently has a reach into over 240 countries in 42 different languages. We can target down to the zipcode if needed.

We are a full online digital advertising company with technology that can provide the following:

Display Advertising
Retargeting Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Lead Generation Funnel Development
Branding Campaigns
Banner Designs
and Much More

Visit us today for a free consultation go to http://localmediabuying.com

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Lead Nurting Funnel Conversion Process - LocalMediaBuying.com

  1. 1. A Premium Hyper Local Hybrid Display Advertising Network.
  2. 2. What is Local Media Buying? LocalMediaBuying.com, is a premium hyperlocal advertising network that has been tailored made for the local focused business.
  3. 3. Our Campaign Lead Nurturing System • To Fill Potential Buyer Pipeline During At Any Point During The Buying Cycle • The Goal Is To Keep Your Prospects Engaged • Increase Sales By Educating The Value of Your Product or Services • Shorten The Length of Your Sales Cycle
  4. 4. Why Should You Market Your Business? Marketing is the process of educating the customer of the value you bring to the marketplace.
  5. 5. Our Campaign Funnels
  6. 6. Our Campaign Funnels Awareness Lead Nurturing Conversion Nurturing
  7. 7. Our Conversion Funnel Layout
  8. 8. This Funnel Process Is Best For? • Service Types of Businesses: – Doctors – Dentists – Auto Dealer Ships – Lawyers – Chiropractors – Financial Services Firms & Insurance Agencies – Contractors
  9. 9. Why Is List Building Important? • All Business Needs Ready To Purchase Leads • Our Lead Nurturing System Keeps Potential Buyers Engaged • Keep Your Product or Services Top-of-Mind • Allows You To Communicate at Anytime • Very Cost Effective • Very Low Attrition Rate
  10. 10. Why You Should Be Working With Us! • We understand funnel development and execution • Our platform helps with branding and lead generation • We are marketers first and can tie everything together for your business. • We are a full service digital marketing agency.
  11. 11. Ready To Start Today? We Conduct Test Campaigns For All Our Client Partners. This Allows To Establish A Trustful Baseline Of What The Market Bears For Your Product or Service
  12. 12. Join Our Family Right Now! Very Easy To Do Go To http://localmediabuying.com/advertisers
  13. 13. A Premium Hyper Local Hybrid Display Advertising Network.