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  1. 2. About More
  2. 3. Established 2008 Offices in all Nordic countries 55 employees Owned by Telenor Creator of Mobile Relations
  3. 4. Bringing together complementary companies to launch leading Nordic company 12snap- Lokomobil (Se) MMS Marketing Bluetooth Marketing N’volve (Dk) Mobile Marketing Platforms Add2Phone (Fi) ALM (No) Interactive Marketing
  4. 6. Mobile Learning Mobile Loyalty Clubs Mobile In-Store Mobile Campaigns Mobile Arena Mobile Strategy Mobile Reminders Mobile Relations
  5. 7. Mobile Concepts Continuous solution improvement by tracking of user patterns MMS Mobile sites SMS IVR Applications Web TV/Radio Print CHANNELS Bluetooth Email
  6. 8. Mobile Strategy Learn how the mobile channel can develop into a competetive edge for your company Learn what your industry and competitors are doing on mobile Learn how mobile can fit into your Marketing Communication Mix Get experiences on how to further increase Customer Value
  7. 9. Make static media more engaging Measure instant respons on different mass channels Start dialogue with you target groups and give instant rewards Build mobile consumer database and develop your mobile relations Mobile Campaigns
  8. 10. <ul><li>Build opt-in database </li></ul><ul><li>Ensure brand involvement and loyalty building with well planned campaigns </li></ul><ul><li>Make campaigns relevant to consumers and generate instant call on sales </li></ul><ul><li>Improve your next campaigns by the measurments from the prevoius </li></ul>Mobile Clubs
  9. 11. Mobile In-Store Engage customer in-store Instant gratification Product info to your phone Mobile Coupons and discounts Build database and learn from patterns (response and movement)
  10. 12. Improve arena experience Make fans get closer to their ”stars” Extent arena experiens to outside arena and built loyalty Add value to sponsorships Mobile Arena
  11. 13. Develop efficient and engaging training programs for your employees Check the pulse of your organisation Engage your employees the same way you want to engage your customers Tool for instant info push in organisations Mobile Learning
  12. 14. Serve your customer and/or suppliers with useful information Save money with increased show-ups by sending appointment reminders Save money with just-in-time ordering Mobile Reminders
  13. 16. Morten Bergsten, Senior Consultant Phone:+951 70 933 E-mail: