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  1. 1. ComsatsCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) was established in 1998 asa Center of Excellence of Commission on Science & Technology for SustainableDevelopment in the South (COMSATS). Today CIIT is a leading public instituteof technology in Pakistan with an international reputation for scientific research.Besides its principal campus at Islamabad, CIIT has six other fully functionalcampuses in various other parts of the county and enrolls about 18,000 students infields including Engineering, Information Science & Technology, Basic andManagement Sciences, and Architecture and Planning. The Institute’s mission isthreefold: Research and Discovery, Teaching and Learning, and Outreach andPublic Service.Environment All the forces present in a society, constitute its environment.Organizational environment All the forces inside and outside the firm, constitutethe environment of organization. Enviornment Internal External
  2. 2. Internal environment Forces inside organization and their action directlyeffects the organization. e.g Management, Employees, shareholders etc. In thesame way in comsats such as Honor, Administration, Teachers, Investors. Partnersetc.Administration Staff Administration staff has direct effect on anyorganization where it administrates. In the same way from Lahore campus ofcomsats. Director Professors Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Bodla and incharge of campusaffairs Pr.Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad.Investors/Partners Partners or investors are also involved in internalenvironment because they had direct effect on comsats progress.Teachers Teachers we may say that constitute the internal environment becausethey are key blocks in making progress of any educational institute. Likewise incomsats too.External environment It involves that external forces causes changing’s inany organization no matter either of positive or negative nature.Types It has two main types  Task or immediate environment  General environment
  3. 3. Task or immediate environment These are external forces that effectsthe organization but you can can control them up to some extent. e.g. competitors,customers, suppliers, local government, pressure groups. In the same way theyhave specific effect on educational institutions.Competitors Competitors can indirectly effects organization of which they arecompetitors. The competitors of Comsats are university of central Punjab, Caps,Skans and Nust etc.if they do any action like they increase number of courses thenit’s understood comsats will have to increase the number of courses and facilitiesetc Compete with their competitors.Pressure groups Pressure groups can be described as interest groups groupsor protest groups. The term pressure group is a very wide definition that does notclearly distinguish between the groups that fall under the term.e.g  Religious sects are pressure groups for comsats i.e when Qadyani student of comsat torn sticker of quranic verse relating prophet Muhammad  Higher education commission(HEC) you may that is pressure group for comsats because HEC will not give approval to the degree of comsats unless it fulfills the requirement of higher education commission.Local media Comsats give admission students on hefty people dopropaganda about this materialistic attitude of comsat.these lines are crucks ofarticle written by Zafar Alam Sarwar Where do we stand today? Why it is beingsaid across the country that the rich are turning richer and the poor poorer? What isthe answer? Change of system or something elsey that ! So this is how local mediaeffects comsats and we can say that it si a external factor effecting an educationalinstitution.
  4. 4. Student Students are either customers or you may say that good willingpartners of an educational institutions. If their institution does not fulfill theirrequirements, they will be disappointed, get frustrated and cause the disparagementof the university and switch towards competitors.customers COMSATS Internet Services launches VPS service at Pak ChinaBusiness Forum, Islamabad, April 16, 2012.They need to satisfy their customers towin market. Otherwise they may be switch towards their competitors.General environment These are external forces that effects less but equallybusinesses of same nature. we can not control them. e.g. political forces, socialforces, economical forces, cultural forces, technical forces etc.Political forces Federal Minister for Education and Training Sheikh WaqasAkram and Senator Abdul Nabi Bangash, Chairman, Senate Standing Committeeon Education and Training, have said that any funding from Higher EducationCommission (HEC) to private universities, including Lums and Comsats, will bestopped forthwith as the fund should go to public-sector universities which caterfor the poor students also and not the universities which give admission on heftyfees.From this action of HEC all private universities have effected,so we can saythat political forces are involved in General environment.Technical forces Technology is increasing day by day, we cannot control itExcept we should fulfill demands of time. If ,a new innovation is done in the worldof technology, we can not stop it from happening. So our organization or ourinstitution have to prepare for future challenges. e.g. If NUST,SKANS,SKAPSintroduces a new technology, its understood COMSATS will be effected. so wecan simply say that technical forces are also involved in General environment.
  5. 5. Economical forces COMSATS is private university, it has to paid taxes butif because of economical decline or some other economic factor Governmentincreases the rates of taxes,it will be a critical problem for all private sectors e.g.universities etc.Social and cultural forces We are Pakistani people strongly religious,sowe also follow teachings of our religion ISLAM. This thing results in form ofLAW and then people take these things as code of life,in one word you may saythat tradition. All these things constitute society.e.g in our universities there is co-education system, boys and girls study together and do many activities jointly likepresentations and final projects etc.Because of some very serious issues if we haveto diminish co-education imagine how will it be difficult for our universities. sameis the case with comsats. The End