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Air blue

  1. 1. Air Blue IntroductionThe airline was established in 2003 and started operations on 18 June 2004 withthree leased Airbus A320-200 aircraft serving Karachi to Lahore and Karachi toIslamabad with three daily flights in each direction. The airline was inauguratedby the Prime Minister of Pakistan.Air Blue Limited is a private airline with its head office on the 12th floor ofIslamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) Towers of Islamabad, Pakistan.It is Pakistan’ssecond largest air line with over 20% share of domestic market. Air Blue operatesScheduled flights operating 30 daily services linking four domestic destinationsIslamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar with International Services to Dubai,Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Muscat, Istanbul and Manchester. Its main base is JinnahInternational Airport Karachi.
  2. 2. Air Blue Internal Environment Senior Management  Mr. Tariq Chaudry (Chief Executive Officer)  Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi (Chief Operating Officer)  Mrs. Sadia Mohammad ( Director Corporate Affairs)  Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Ahad (Director Flight Operations Control)  Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan Rana (General Manager Quality Assurance)  Mr. Raheel Ahmed (Director Commercial)  Mr. Athar Hassan Ansari (Director Engineering)  Captain Sohail Sarwar (Chief Pilot Flight Operations)  Mr. Shaukat Ibrahim (General Manager Corporate Safety)  Mr. Armaan Yehia (Director Airport Operations)  Ms. Liberata DSouza (General Manager Flight Services) Board Members  Mr. Tariq Chaudhary (Chairman)  Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi  Mr. Ali Siddiqui  Dr. Yasmeen Mehmooda  Dr. Uzma Chaudhary  Mr. Mohammad Aslam  Mr. Junaid I. Khan
  3. 3. Air Blue Internal EnvironmentCOMPETITVE ADVANTAGES It is the first private airline of Pakistan to have Pakistani pilots and engineering staff trained according to international standards. Air blue offers value and comfort at low price. Air blue is adopting measures for cutting its costs. Air Blue has a flexible passenger management solution by using Sabre Airline Solutions. Air blue offers discounts for early booking of travel plans and special discount on online purchase of tickets. Air blue holds a social image by introducing special packages for students, special children etc. First airline in Pakistan and only the third carrier in the region behind Emirates and Royal Jordanian to introduce the state-of-the-art self-service check-in facilities at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. First private airline in Pakistan to initiate long-haul services.Employees of Air Blue Air Blue involves employees in the decision making process, however, the right to make the final decision rests with t h e a u t h o r i t i e s . At Airblue, if a conflict arises between the individual’ s w o r k b e h a v i o r a n d t h e organizationally desired behavior, there exists a formal ‘Resolution Process’ in which an i n q u i r y c o m mi t t e e t a k e s a t h o r o u g h r e v i e w o f t h e p r o b l e m. Th e e mp l o ye e i s c a l l e d personally and the matter is discussed along with a verbal warning. If the situation arises a g a i n , t h e e m p l o ye e i s g i v e n a wr i t t e n w a r n i n g t o s t r o n g l y c l a r i f y h i s i n a p p r o p r i a t e performance. The third time a letter of termination is handed over to that person.
  4. 4. Air Blue External Environment (Task Environment)Competitors Industry Scenario ( PIA, Shaheen Airline, Aero Asia & Bhoja Airline) More aircraft are entering the industry. Low fare competition is now global. PIA has a patriotic image associated with it. Other airlines like PIA, support and sponsor different sports events for their promotion. PIA also supports non-profit organizations within Pakistan. Competitors ensure safe journeys to customers. Airline staff is highly trained and experienced, from pilots and flight attendants to mechanics and ground staff.Media and Government on Air Blue Crash IT seems to be a case of ‘who do they think they’re fooling?’ The investigation into the causes that led an Air Blue plane to crash two years ago, dragged on for long. After a series of delays, a report on the tragedy prepared by the Safety Investigation Board was released by the government. It seems to pin the blame on the crew in charge of the ill-fated plane. But if the families of the victims — 146 passengers and six crew members — thought that they had finally been allowed closure, they were wrong. After the Peshawar High Court issued an order opening a reinvestigation into the crash in January, a fact-finding team of the International Civil Aviation Organization visited Pakistan in June. No words were minced in pointing out that the report released by the government was not only inadequate, but that the “accident investigation authority — SIB as well as the investigation process — is indeed not independent”.
  5. 5. Air Blue External Environment (General Environment)Cultural Forces The distinguished culture is determined by the vision and values communicated throughout the structure and amongst people. Since Pakistan International Airlines is a bureaucratic organization, so the culture is similar to that of any government organization. On t h e c o n t r a r y, Ai r B l u e i s a p r i v a t e l y h e l d c o mp a n y a n d h a s a n o p e n - o r g a n i z a t i o n culture. The culture determines the typeof leadersh i p , c o m m u n i c a t i o n a n d g r o u p dynamics within the organization. The workers perceive this as the quality of work life which directs their degree of motivation. The final outcome is performance, individual satisfaction, and personal growth and development. Air Blue involves employees in the decision making process, however, the right to make the final decision rests with the authorities. The End