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Roadmapping workshop - Bruce McCarthy


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During MVP Conf 2015, Bruce McCarthy led a workshop on creating inspiring roadmaps.

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Roadmapping workshop - Bruce McCarthy

  1. 1. Inspiring Roadmaps
  2. 2. 20+ years in product development, Product Manager, Scrum Master, Development Manager, Designer, VP, CPO, Coach & Mentor, Founded 3 companies, Acquired (2x), Acquirer (2x), Currently beta testing Reqqs, the smart roadmapping tool for product people, sports car & craft beer enthusiast
  3. 3. Inspiring Roadmaps
  4. 4. A Roadmap Is a Path to Your Goals
  5. 5. “Is this more important than what’s already on the roadmap?”
  6. 6. Roadmaps Inspire   Buy-in from execs   Confidence from salespeople   Loyalty from customers   Stick-to-itiveness & over- delivery from your team
  7. 7. 9 Steps to an Inspiring Roadmap 1.  Vision 2.  Strategy 3.  Measureable Goals 4.  Relevant Ideas 5.  Objective Prioritization 6.  Shuttle Diplomacy 7.  Benefit-oriented Themes 8.  Appropriate Format & Cadence 9.  Punctuated Equilibrium
  8. 8. Flip Over Your Business Card Write 1-3 goals on the back Hand it forward (3 mins)
  9. 9. The leading supplier of landscape equipment and materials to affluent Americans Vision = What we want to be when we grow up
  10. 10. The go-to source for tweens and teenage girls around the world for fun collectibles Vision = What we want to be when we grow up
  11. 11. The #1 source of B2B contact information for marketers Vision = What we want to be when we grow up
  12. 12. Strategy = How you will achieve your vision Leverage crowd- sourcing to develop the largest and most- accurate B2B contact database The #1 source of B2B contact information for marketers
  13. 13. Setting Goals
  14. 14. Goals = How we will measure execution of our strategy
  15. 15. The 9 Business Goals Growth   Grow market share   Fulfill more demand   Develop new markets   Improve recurring revenue   Create competitive barriers Profit   Support higher prices   Lower COGS   Lower lifecycle costs   Leverage assets Adapted from the PTC Value Roadmap
  16. 16. NetProspex Goals The largest and most-accurate B2B contact database   Fulfill more demand by growing the database by X%   Create competitive barriers by raising accuracy by Y% The #1 source of B2B contact information   Grow revenue by Z% this year by fulfilling more demand   Test potential new sources of future growth & profit by leveraging existing assets
  17. 17. Review of Your Goals (10 mins)
  18. 18. Vision-Strategy-Goals Worksheet Gather with your table Fill out a VSG Worksheet for 1 product (15 mins) There will be a review!
  19. 19. Setting Priorities
  20. 20. “Startups that succeed are those that manage to iterate enough times before running out of resources.” – Eric Ries
  21. 21. Why Is Prioritization Important? Opportunity Cost
  22. 22. Bad Ways to Rank Ideas Your CEO’s gut No longer in touch with customers Analyst opinions Mostly backward-looking Popularity Most of your customers are small Sales requests Change every week Services requests Mostly incremental Short-term revenue New opportunities require investment
  23. 23. Goals + Math = better
  24. 24. Value / Effort = Priority
  25. 25. Value / Effort = Priority Value = Expected Contribution to Defined Goals
  26. 26. Contribution to Goals   Exact numbers   1-10   1-100   Fibonacci   1 to 5 stars   0,1,2
  27. 27. Value / Effort = Priority Effort = Work the organization must do to realize value
  28. 28. Estimating Effort   DO NOT ask Engineering for an estimate   Do it yourself   NOT person-months   NOT sprints   0-5 scale
  29. 29. Feature G1 G2 E Raw C Score A 1 1 2 1 75% 0.75 B 1 0 2 0.5 90% 0.45 C 2 -1 1 1 40% 0.4 (G1+G2)/E x C = Score (G1+G2)/E = Raw
  30. 30. Reasons to Take Things Out of Priority   Commitments   Dependencies   Synergies   Specialized resources   More information needed   Themes
  31. 31. Themes “A group of features tied together by a simple, clear benefit, usually to the customer” Bruce McCarthy
  32. 32. Themes Are Vague   High-level, few words   Make the benefit obvious   Many details rolled up   Cut features & still declare victory!
  33. 33. Cutting a theme needs an explanation
  34. 34. Theme Formula Problem + Ideas = Expected Benefit
  35. 35. Example PROBLEM: Users abandon their carts too often because checkout is too difficult 1.  Consolidate steps 2.  Save payment info 3.  Pre-load pages 4.  Add guest checkout BENEFIT: “Faster Checkout” saves you time
  36. 36. Inspiring Roadmaps
  37. 37. H1‘14 H2’14 2015 2016 Benefit A Likely Feature 1 Likely Feature 2 Likely Feature 3 Benefit B Benefit D Benefit E, Phase II Benefit C Benefit E, Phase I Benefit F Weaselly Safe Harbor Statement Product X is focused on solving problem Y best for market Z
  38. 38. H1‘14 H2’14 2015 2016 Indestruct- ible hose 20’ length Easy connections No-kink armor Delicate Flower Management Putting Green Evenness for Lawns Infinite Extensibility Severe Weather Handling Extended Reach Permanent Installations Weaselly Safe Harbor Statement The Wombat Garden Hose is focused on perfecting the landscapes of affluent Americans
  39. 39. Roadmap Worksheet Gather with your table again Fill out the Roadmap Worksheet for your chosen product (15 mins)
  40. 40. I Help Product People Team coaching via UpUp Labs Tools: Reqqs - the smart roadmap tool for product people Blog: Twitter: @d8a_driven Email: Want to chat? brucemccarthy Excel Scorecard Template: utility_belt