Determining if you need termite control


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Termites can be a serious issue for any homeowner. To determine if you need professional termite control, it is important to know the signs of this pest's presence and what, specifically, to look for in and around your home.

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Determining if you need termite control

  1. 1. Determining If You Need Termite Control<br />
  2. 2. The Warning Signs<br />Take the time to learn more about termites and their destructive behavior in order to prevent costly damages.<br />As a homeowner, it’s important to understand<br /><ul><li> How to identify a termite
  3. 3. What swarming is
  4. 4. How to find mud tubes & what they mean
  5. 5. Which areas of your home are most vulnerable</li></li></ul><li>Know Your Termite<br />The first step to determining if you need termite control involves identifying the bugs in your home.<br />To determine whether you actually have termites or whether they are just flying ants, look at their wings.<br />One set of wings on a flying ant is larger than the other. The wings of a termite are exactly the same size.<br />Picture Found at termicideonline<br />
  6. 6.  Look for Swarming<br />During the spring, especially after it rains, subterranean termites begin swarming.<br />This is one of the most easily visible indications that your home could be infested with termites.<br />You will want to immediately seek professional termite control if you recognize swarming on your property.<br />
  7. 7.  Beware of Mud Tubes<br />What are mud tubes? <br />Termite shelters or homes<br />Why are they called ‘mud tubes’?<br />They’re built with soil andattach to a building’s foundation, extending to the home’s woodwork.<br />Are they obvious to passerby?<br /> Mud tubes are typically the diameter of a pencil, making them difficult to notice if you aren’t looking for them.<br />
  8. 8. Which Areas of Your Home Are Most Vulnerable?<br />Areas of your home that tend to be damp and contain wood are prime termite conditions. Look at areas such as:<br /><ul><li> Your basement
  9. 9. A stacked woodpile by your house
  10. 10. Other spaces with similar conditions</li></ul>They may also seek out wood via other avenues such as cracks in your foundation, entry doors or other areas of access.<br />
  11. 11.  Be Proactive<br />It's vital to be proactive when determining if you need termite control.<br />If you suspect any termite activity it is best to immediately call a professional for an inspection and a quote. Many companies even offer free home inspections.<br />Keep in mind that it’s not worth waiting or attempting to exterminate all of the insects on your own. This will only lead to more costly repairs in the future.<br />
  12. 12. About Modern Pest<br />Modern Pest Services is a family-owned and operated pest management company serving commercial and residential clients throughout New England since 1945. Modern employs integrated pest management (IPM) practices to provide fast and effective pest control solutions. Visit more information on termite control and managing other pests. <br />