The Inbound Intern - (From Inbound 2013 Conference)


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You have a great content strategy, editorial calendar, keyword plan and social channels ready to go but, no one to help execute it. Enter... the Inbound Intern. Teach the upcoming generation how to be an effective Inbound Marketer while quickly scaling your Inbound strategy. You’ll learn how to recruit, interview, onboard and manage a team of all star interns. Internship programs provide a mutually beneficial relationship with your company and eager up and coming marketers, learn how to quickly get them off the ground writing, designing and engaging with your customers.

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  • The Inbound Intern - (From Inbound 2013 Conference)

    1. 1. #INBOUND13 THE INBOUND INTERN Teach the upcoming generation how to be an effective Inbound Marketer while quickly scaling your Inbound strategy. Erin Wasson
    2. 2. disrupting industries, one start-up at a time. inbound marketing addict and HubSpot superfan. @ewasson ERIN WASSON
    3. 3. #inbound2013
    4. 4. #inbound2013 25 Ebooks 240 Blog Posts 150+ Leads 40 Customers
    5. 5. 1 Recruit and Interview 2 Onboard and Train 3 Manage 4 Wrapping Up AGENDA
    6. 6. Recruit and Interview
    7. 7. Job Descriptions •  Emphasize “Hands On” •  Thoroughly explain responsibilities, be specific •  Sell the opportunity
    8. 8. The Great Debate. Paid vs Unpaid
    9. 9. " " Surrounding Schools " Social (#internship) " Your Team Recruiting for Interns
    10. 10. #inbound2013 INBOUND INTERN PERSONAS
    11. 11. COPYWRITER CARA •  Creative Writing, Journalism, PR, *Marketing •  Personalized Cover Letter •  Strong Online Presence •  Similar Tone to Your Company’s
    12. 12. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? DESIGNER DANI •  Visual Communications, Graphic Design •  Layout Driven Portfolio •  Simple/Clean Design •  Wants to Understand Business Side of the Creative World
    13. 13. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? MARKETER MIKE •  Marketing, Entrepreneurship •  Has a Wide Variety of Skills •  More Analytical •  Interest in the Business/ Sales Side •  Project Management
    14. 14. #inbound2013 INTERVIEW PROCESS RESUME AND COVER LETTER REVIEW well designed and written, applicable classes, personalized, good gpa
    15. 15. #INBOUND13 INTERVIEW PROCESS PORTFOLIO REVIEW social media presence, review previous work, personal website
    16. 16. #inbound2013 INTERVIEW PROCESS PHONE INTERVIEW gauge high level interest, logistics, position overview
    17. 17. #inbound2013 INTERVIEW PROCESS IN OFFICE INTERVIEW class overview, career goals, culture fit, situational questions
    18. 18. Train and Onboard
    19. 19. HubSpot Academy (
    20. 20. a couple of a concepts at a time.
    21. 21. COPYWRITER CARA Blogging, Social Media, Marketing Offers, Lead Nurturing DESIGNER DANI Brand Training, Marketing Offers, Landing Pages MARKETER MIKE Website Optimization (SEO), Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Analyze and Test
    22. 22. Explain how everything works together and what the end goal is.
    23. 23. Management
    24. 24. COPYWRITER CARA •  Research: Set up RSS feed of industry blogs •  Write 2-3 blogs per week •  Marketing Offer Projects •  Social Media Publishing and Monitoring •  New Social Exploring
    25. 25. DESIGNER DANI •  Marketing Offer Design •  Landing Page Design •  CTA’s •  Social Media Brand •  Ad Design •  Video
    26. 26. WHAT IS A KEYWORD? MARKETER MIKE •  Keyword Research •  On-Page SEO •  Marketing Offer Concepts •  Market Research •  Social Media and Blogging •  Data Monitoring and Reports
    27. 27. #inbound2013 LET’S MAKE AN EBOOK
    28. 28. ebookexample deadlines whole team research and concept whole team writing cara design dani mike and dani mike and cara mike and cara mike landing page creation lead nurturing promotion analyze and report
    29. 29. Use a tool to manage projects
    30. 30. DATA DRIVEN MANAGEMENT Just like any other team member, assign KPI’s to each intern.
    31. 31. Wrapping Up
    32. 32. After 3 months, do a checkpoint. Usually a good time to end or continue.
    33. 33. " Collect all files, especially the art files from Graphic Designers " Write a recommendation letter or recommend them on Linkedin " Offer to review resume or portfolio (approve pieces from your company) " Ask for referrals of friends or past teachers (if candidate was good fit) " Do an exit interview Wind Down Checklist
    34. 34. 1  What were your favorite parts of the internship? Least favorite? 2  What projects do you wish you could have worked on? 3  NPS: On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it you would recommend this internship to a friend? EXIT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS
    35. 35. #inbound2013 TIME TO BUILD YOUR OWN INTERN ARMY!
    36. 36. #inbound2013 THANK YOU. Erin Wasson @ewasson
    37. 37. QUESTIONS?