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Allan Atzrott_St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital


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2012 Community Leadership Award Nominee

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Allan Atzrott_St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

  1. 1. Newburgh Campus Cornwall Campus 70 Dubois Street 19 Laurel Avenue Newburgh, NY 12550 Cornwall, NY 12518 Tel (845) 561-4400  May 18, 2012Mr. David Burda, EditorModern HealthcareAttn: Community Leadership Award NominationDear Mr. Burda:We are pleased to nominate Allan E. Atzrott, President and CEO ofSt. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital (SLCH) for the Modern HealthcareCommunity Leadership award.Allan E. Atzrott has served as President and CEO since 2000. He hasmore than 30 years of health care experience and brings to his rolean unwavering commitment to quality patient care. Under hisleadership, St. Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh, New York and TheCornwall Hospital in Cornwall, New York merged in January 2002 tocreate an integrated health care delivery system. The merger hasbrought new technology and significant enhancements to both “Community Leadership ishospitals. not a spectator sport!”Atzrott’s extensive knowledge of health care management issues, Allan E. Atzrottcareful stewardship of organizational dollars and prudent investments President and CEO, SLCH Chairman, GNPin services needed to best serve the community have positioned St.Luke’s Cornwall Hospital for today’s challenging health careenvironment. Atzrott’s management philosophy encourages open communicationamong departments and challenges staff to always work toward excellence.Throughout his tenure at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Atzrott has sought to differentiatethe care and services offered by the organization and worked to enhance patientsatisfaction and showcase hospital strengths. In 2007, he led SLCH to a clinicalaffiliation with The Mount Sinai Hospital, bringing the resources of an internationallyacclaimed medical center to our region. Modern Healthcare – Community Leadership Award:  Nominee – Allan E. Atzrott         1 | P a g e   
  2. 2. He also has been at the forefront of a $125 million Master Facility Plan to bring newservices and facilities to the community. This plan was completed in less than ten years.Major accomplishments include the establishment of a progressive Center for JointReplacement, $11 million renovation of the Emergency Department, and opening of acardiac catheterization lab, interventional radiology suite and medical pavilion withsame-day surgery center. In 2006 the comprehensive Littman Cancer Center wasunveiled. In July 2007, SLCH became the first hospital between Westchester andAlbany to offer da Vinci robotic surgery for minimally invasive urologic and gynecologicsurgery. In addition, Atzrott has led renovated and expanded services including a newcutting-edge pharmacy, laboratory, ambulatory surgery and endoscopy suite.Mr. Atzrott earned a Masters of Hospital Administration from George WashingtonUniversity in Washington, D.C. He has more than 32 years of management experience,including 19 years as a chief executive officer. He is the first Orange County hospitalexecutive to be named to the Board of Governors of the Greater New York HospitalAssociation (GNYHA) where he currently serves as Treasurer, is past Chairman of theBoard of Directors of the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association (NorMet), amember of the AHA Regional Advisory Board member, and a Fellow in the AmericanCollege of Healthcare Executives.Community Leadership…. Not a Spectator SportThe City of Newburgh. Nestled on the shores of the Hudson River, just north of historicWest Point Military Academy, is the City of Newburgh. Once the strategic center of theRevolutionary War, with George Washington’s headquarters, today Newburgh is a cityin decay and has been referred to in the press as the murder capital of New York State.Relatively small in size, with a population of 25,000, the issues impacting the city arelegendary. Newburgh is littered with abandoned and dilapidated buildings. Gangviolence is a common way of life. Taxpayers have endured double digit tax increases,and a third of all Newburgh residents live below the poverty line. To compound theseproblems, the city has experienced substantial fiscal shortfalls and teeters on the vergeof bankruptcy. This has resulted in a reduction in the public workforce including a Modern Healthcare – Community Leadership Award:  Nominee – Allan E. Atzrott         2 | P a g e   
  3. 3. dramatic reduction in the police force. Newburgh has also had seven different CityManagers in the past 10 years.While many have claimed that Newburgh is a “dead” city, Atzrott decided to put his“money where his mouth was” in leading change. Looking beyond the walls of thehospital, Atzrott used his leadership skills, business acumen and all-around energy tomake a difference. Rather than sit idly by and watch the city continue to plummet,Atzrott, along with private sector partners, formed The Greater Newburgh Partnership(GNP). Allan’s vision for The GNP is to bring hope and prosperity back to the city andtransform the quality of life for its residents and businesses. This is being accomplishedby providing independent leadership and working in conjunction and partnership withlocal government to achieve mutual goals for the revitalization of the city.The focus of the GNP is to make Newburgh safe and secure, return it to a vibranteconomic center and create diverse jobs for the local workforce. Allan’s mantra for thegroup is to focus initially on codes, cops and cleanliness. By making the city a safer andmore inviting place, it can entice the kind of investment and redevelopment that haseluded Newburgh for decades.Atzrott serves as Chairman of the not-for-profit organization, and is the inspirationbehind its creation. GNP membership includes Newburghs most influential institutionsincluding Mount Saint Mary College, SUNY Orange and Central Hudson, among others.The initial plan involves implementing change in three distinctive phases.The first phase for getting Newburgh to a secure future is to invest in security camerasand monitoring throughout the city to increase the safety of residents and visitors. Thenext phase in creating a Newburgh with a bright future is to illuminate the city throughenhanced lighting. Working with Central Hudson, The GNP is adding hundreds of lightsthroughout the city. The third phase of the plan is to provide additional eyes and ears onthe streets of Newburgh. Private security will be provided to enhance the sense ofsecurity and allow the police to focus on the tough areas of crime so it can’t continue toflourish.Community ImpactThe organization, which was incorporated in October of2011, held its first public meetings on November 1stand 3rd to announce their ambitious plans. Duringthese informal sessions, Allan invited local businessesand residents to join him in his mission. It wasn’t longbefore Allan delivered on his promise for swift changefacilitated by The GNP. Lot greening is a symbol of good things to come. Modern Healthcare – Community Leadership Award:  Nominee – Allan E. Atzrott         3 | P a g e   
  4. 4. On November 27, 2011, The GNP leadership, city administration and communityresidents gathered in the city of Newburgh to celebrate the completion of the “greening”of a high profile vacant lot that was perpetually overgrown, fenced and littered. Thehighly symbolic project represented the first victory for The GNP which promised todeliver change and work with residents and others to restore the city of Newburgh to itsformer glory. As a fence surrounding the lot was ceremoniously toppled over, holidaylights on fifteen donated evergreens were turned on. The GNP worked with the city’sDepartment of Public Works to remove a chain link fence around the lot.Through the efforts of The GNP, a second lotwas targeted for “cleaning and greening.” OnApril 28, 2012, a local landscaping company,Laborers International Union of North AmericaLocal Union 17 and volunteers donated theirtime and resources to clear the lot and removeall debris. The lot was adopted by the studentsof San Miguel Academy of Newburgh who willhelp maintain the lot in the future. This is another San Miguel Academy students adopt lot greened andexample of how Atzrott and The GNP are cleaned by The Greater Newburgh Partnership bringing the community together to improve thecity of Newburgh. There are three additional greening projects scheduled to becompleted by year’s end.LightingThrough GNP’s efforts, lighting within the College Heights section was audited todetermine if additional lights were needed to complement the GNP’s efforts of renewaland revitalization of the city. The GNP discovered that 65 street lights had gone dark inthat region. Central Hudson, the local utility and partner, responded immediatelyrepairing 59 of the 65 street lights in less than one month. Residents in the city wereamazed at the immediate response.College Heights is a geographical point of emphasis for GNP as it works to add lightsand security cameras throughout the span. GNP sees College Heights as a potentialthriving walking district for city residents and visitors. College Heights is anchored by St.Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Mount Saint Mary College, and SUNY Orange, all partners inGNP.The Newburgh Community Land BankAtzrott has also been instrumental in working with the City of Newburgh Council and theLand Use Law Center at Pace Law School to create the Newburgh Community LandBank (NCLB). In May 2012, the Empire State Development Agency selected Newburgh Modern Healthcare – Community Leadership Award:  Nominee – Allan E. Atzrott         4 | P a g e   
  5. 5. as one of five inaugural applicants in NY State. The Land Bank is legally authorized totake title to city-owned parcels. They can choose to hold, maintain, rehabilitate ordispose of any residential buildings on these parcels in order to revitalize Newburghsneighborhoods and return city-owned property to the tax rolls. As a member of theNCLB, Atzrott volunteers his time and facility development experience to assist in therenewal.Atzrott has volunteered his time as a member of the board of directors of the Land Bankwhich will work closely with The GNP and their anchor institutions to develop productiverelationships.SummationAtzrott’s efforts to revitalize and rehabilitate the City of Newburgh have been nothingshort of inspirational. Although The GNP has been able to achieve dramatic results in ashort period of time, it was Atzrott himself who spent the past two years reaching out tobusiness leaders, large employers and other committed organizations to gain theirsupport and involvement. It was through his personal effort that The GNP was formedand now includes some of the finest business minds in the community. Atzrott andother GNP leadership invested their time to travel to Camden, New Jersey to learnabout the experiences of the Greater Camden Partnership. Camden is a city whichexperienced similar problems to those in Newburgh. It was through this investigationthat the foundation for The Greater Newburgh Partnership was formed. The GNP relieson the financial support and personal effort of its member organizations to perpetuate itscause. Atzrott continues to champion those efforts and rally businesses and thecommunity together so that dramatic improvements can continue to be made.Atzrott creates opportunities for access to cutting edge health care and he takes hiscommitment outside the walls of the hospital. He is creating, through his leadership, ahealthy, vibrant and dynamic diverse community, which is the essence of what theCommunity Leadership Award represents.As a result, we ask you to give careful consideration to his nomination.To learn more about the vast impact Greater Newburgh Partnership is having on theresidents of the city of Newburgh, please visit the GNP website, check out: Greening of Newburgh Video Link: Modern Healthcare – Community Leadership Award:  Nominee – Allan E. Atzrott         5 | P a g e   
  6. 6. you for your consideration of the nomination, and if you have additionalquestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Sincerely,Sue Sullivan Karen MejiaVice President Director, Community PartnershipsSt. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital Greater Newburgh Partnership845-568-2580 845-568-2558 Modern Healthcare – Community Leadership Award:  Nominee – Allan E. Atzrott         6 | P a g e