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Plants that Thrive in Bathrooms


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Plants that thrive in bathrooms

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Plants that Thrive in Bathrooms

  1. 1. BAMBOO You don’t even need dirt for bamboo to grow — a jar filled with small stones and water is sufficient. PHILODENDRONS Watch these houseplants take on a glossy appearance as they absorb steam from your shower. IVY NASA uses English ivy to purify air, so ivy certainly will be up to the task in your home. PEACE LILY This white flower makes a great complement to the decor of most bathrooms. It also has a reputation for working to purify the air around it. BOSTON FERN Place this on your windowsill, keep its soil moist and watch its fronds add some color to your space. ALOE VERA Doing more than simply looking good, the gel aloe vera produces can soothe minor cuts, burns and dry skin. SNAKE PLANT Despite its name, this can be a real friend because it filters harmful toxins found in many household products such as cleansers. ORCHIDS These flowers love damp, humid environments, and indirect sunlight from your windowsill is all they want. CHINESE EVERGREEN This plant does well with medium or low levels of light, and it prefers warmth and humidity. BEGONIAS Begonias flourish with fluorescent lighting, making them a perfect choice for brightening many bathrooms. Plants can make a beautiful and beneficial addition to your bathroom, but you need to know which ones will thrive in that environment. Here are some important facts about which varieties work best. Why Plants Are Right for Your Bathroom They love the humidity. After a hot shower, the conditions are almost the same as a tropical rainforest. They help purify the air. By breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen, they help contribute to a fresher environment with or without ventilation. They provide other health benefits. Certain varieties, such as aloe vera, have medicinal qualities that may take the place of some items in your medicine cabinet. TYPES OF PLANTS THAT DO WELL IN THE BATHROOM Plants That Thrive In BATHROOMS