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Alt c presentation

  1. 1. BUsing „Xtranormal for Education‟ to engage FE students
  2. 2. D What is Xtranormal for Education? Type your text into the box, press ‘Publish’, and Hey Presto…you have created your very own custom animation!
  3. 3. VTeachers Using Xtranormal for Education – Functional English
  4. 4. D Teachers Using Xtranormal for Education – Functional Maths
  5. 5. V Students Using Xtranormal for Education – Performing Arts
  6. 6. DStudents Using Xtranormal for Education – GCSE English Literature
  7. 7. Observations/Feedback StaffStudents “Xtranormal had been the catalyst for a more insightful and better quality discussion than they might otherwise have had.” “The addition of Xtranormal is a vital link in making maths more interactive, to be able to hear and read and replay instructions meets all learning styles and promotes independent learning.”
  8. 8. Supporting evidence/Theory“Technology tools and activities that increase“provision of is treated as a tool to helpaccomplish complex tasks…that engageopportunities for students of all learning stylesa “When used appropriately, technology acts asstudentsfor extendedin the classroom”learningto be engaged and challenged in the learning Ecatalyst in learning and cooperative (Dreier,experiences that involve multiple disciplines”process is also important.” (Solvie, P., & Kloek, , 2005)(Means &M., 2007) Olson, 1997)
  9. 9. B Conclusions and how to try it yourself! Go to ? Enter code – Create login, and have fun!!