Mobixell pipeline webinar_june_20_2012


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What Mobile Video Optimization Experts Are Not Telling You - Mobixell Webinar (slides)

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Mobixell pipeline webinar_june_20_2012

  1. 1. What Video OptimizationExperts Are Not Telling YouSeth GreenbergDirector Corporate Marketing, MobixellTeresa CottamChief Analyst, Telesperience2012
  2. 2. About Mobixell Global leader in mobile Internet and rich media service delivery Worldwide Offices platforms • USA (Americas’ HQ) • UK (EMEA’s HQ) Established in 2000 • China • India • Switzerland • Israel Unique video and rich media • Germany optimization expertise • Italy • Indonesia • Japan Over 400 mobile operator • Singapore deployments worldwide Proven track record and excellent customer delivery 2
  3. 3. About Mobixell – Product Lines Mobile Internet Gateway/Multiservice Platform Video Optimization & Congestion Management Web Acceleration Mobile Network Monetization Tools Mobile Video and Content Delivery Solutions 3
  4. 4. Our Commercial Deployments (Partial List) AMERICAS EMEA & CIS APAC Over 400 Mobile Operator Installations Worldwide 4
  5. 5. Agenda Mobile Video: Killing the Network or Killer App? – Teresa Cottam Poll: Spotting the Myths Busting the Myths – Seth Greenberg What You Need to Know about Video Optimization Q&A 5
  6. 6. Dark, darker, darko• The world is ending!• Our future is to be a bitpipe• It’s up to us to choose the method of our destruction…
  7. 7. Video – killer app or network killer?• Global mobile data traffic grew again in 2011• Mobile video traffic is an increasingly large proportion of this• x28 more traffic on 4G than non-4G connections• Scissor diagram shows traffic widening gap between Revenue gap revenues and usage… revenues
  8. 8. So why aren’t we dying?• Mobile industry revenues = $1.9 trillion in 2015• 9.1 billion connections by 2015• Some carriers now reporting that revenue and traffic growth more aligned e.g., Vodafone• Offloading, LTE, tariffing, better traffic management• Customer centricity• Enormous new revenue potential• …but we need to ensure we also maintain profitability
  9. 9. A business problem, not just an operational problem• Video has been seen purely as an operational problem• But…many customers like it! (Irony = killing the killer app!)• The real problems: - Providing video on a commercial basis - Providing an acceptable quality of experience• Shift from bottom line to top line• Quality of experience is very important to customers, but is not an absolute (how do we measure it?)• Not all customers are consumers
  10. 10. Video not a single applicationThe value proposition is different…• YouTube v NetFlix v videoconferencing• Under 18 v adult (value v ability to pay)• Time of day• Consumer v enterpriseWhat do they need/want? What value do they place onit? How do we meet that need profitably?Question: how do we turn a network killing app into akiller app?
  11. 11. What we need is a hero…Who ya gonna call?
  12. 12. What are your video optimization goals? Compress video to free up bandwidth Give users noticeably improved video performance …But not a change in quality Accelerate browsing performance Consistent, high quality user experience Control CAPEX investment Good start… 12
  13. 13. Video Optimization Myths BustedMyth #1Video optimization will solve the capacity crunch Is there actually a capacity crunch or a congestion crunch? Will LTE solve network capacity and speed problems? Serve more sessions to more concurrent users Differentiate with performance and quality Shift from bottom line maintenance model to top line revenue generation model 13
  14. 14. Listen to your customers – Video as a differentiator 14
  15. 15. Listen to your customers – Video as a differentiator 74% of mobile users see operators as responsible for poor video experience* Up to 69% of mobile users would like their video optimized to achieve smoother viewing experience* *According to a user survey conducted Nov 2011 by independent research company On Device Research for Mobixell 15
  16. 16. Video Optimization Myths BustedMyth #2More video optimization means better video performance Too much optimization can reduce revenue Do you target optimization at the right video? At the right time? For the right users? Video performance  Perception of Network quality  Rate of Churn  Revenue Accelerated browsing performance, too Better video optimization means better video performance 16
  17. 17. How Do You Define Visible Performance Degradation?Example: A 3G cell site has a total throughput of 10 Mbps Standard 360p YouTube Video requires 1 Mbps Users per cell Available Bandwidth Best Video Quality 1 10 Mbps/User No buffering 5 2 Mbps/User No buffering 10 1 Mbps/User No buffering 20 500 Kbps/User Requires buffering for 360p Visible Performance Degradation When Users Experience Buffering or Slow Page Loading 17
  18. 18. Will LTE Improve Video Performance?Example: An average LTE site has a total throughput of 40 Mbps HD 1080p YouTube Video requires 8 Mbps Users per cell Available Bandwidth Best Video Quality 5 8 Mbps/User No buffering 6 6.3 Mbps/User Requires buffering for 1080p 18
  19. 19. Targeted Optimization Device-aware video optimization Policy-driven Video Optimization User-aware video optimization Content-aware video optimization Congestion Network-aware video optimization Management Congestion Management Network–aware Policy-driven video optimization Video Optimization Content–aware Video Optimization Device –aware User–aware Video Optimization Video Optimization 19
  20. 20. Device-Aware Optimization One (video) size does NOT fit all (devices)  Different screen resolutions – OR NOT  Different capabilities and limitations  E.g., OS, CPU, Protocols, Formats, Codecs Automatic Mobile device detection Optimization profile based on device capabilities and limitations 20
  21. 21. User-Aware Optimization Optimize only frequently accessed video Statistical Optimization Applied only as a supplemental filter 1x 4x 21
  22. 22. Content-Aware Optimization Set target quality level Apply more compression to low-motion scenes vs. high-motion scenes 22
  23. 23. Network-Aware Optimization: Smooth DBRA Identifies congestion: Senses bandwidth available per device Continuously optimizes output bitrate vs. pre-defined stream Also effective for insufficient cell coverage and physical barriers Smooth DBRA  Fast response to bandwidth fluctuations (1-2 sec vs. 3 sec)  Multiple possible bitrate levels 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 Network available Bitrate 20000 Output Bitrate 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 23
  24. 24. Policy-Driven Optimization Tight integration of optimization platform with PCRF Only optimize what is necessary  Time of day  Type of customer – pre/post-paid  Status: E.g., In-network/Roaming  By content type – Live streaming, HD, by application…  Network conditions – 3G/LTE, congestion threshold  By device type – Handset, Tablet, Laptop Create personalized optimization options 24
  25. 25. Video Optimization Myths BustedMyth #3Video optimization reduces CAPEX Can defer CAPEX investment Targeted optimization means:  Intelligent, effective CAPEX investment  Better control of expenses  Less waste  More budget available for innovation Improved customer experience Critical component in creating new revenue from data services 25
  26. 26. Video Optimization Myths BustedMyth #4Video will kill your network. Optimize it, or else! Video optimization helps to control CAPEX Differentiation through better Quality of Experience Improved quality means more data consumption Control of quality creates new data monetization opportunities Video can save your network – It’s up to you 26
  27. 27. Mobile Monetization – The Obvious Advertising Extensive subscriber data is an ad targeting value multiplier Services Virus protection, data security, spam filter, interactive parental control Mobile Payment Revenue sharing with merchants Cross-selling content and services 27
  28. 28. The Less Obvious – Family Charging Plans Family charging plans  Data sharing – Bucket plans  User-controlled resource allocation  Dashboard view for account owners 28
  29. 29. The Less Obvious – Value-based Charging Family charging plans Value-based Charging 29
  30. 30. The Less Obvious – Service-based Charging Family charging plans Value-based Charging Service-based Charging – Flat rates for specific services  Consumers  Enterprise Video Conferencing VPN 30
  31. 31. The Less Obvious – Customer Engagement Tools Family charging plans Value-based Charging Service-based Charging – Flat rates for specific services Customer Engagement Tools  Clientless Browser Overlay  Server-side - No download needed 31
  32. 32. The Less Obvious – Video Stretch Family charging plans Value-based Charging Service-based Charging – Flat rates for specific services Customer Engagement Tools Video Stretch – User control of optimization levels 32
  33. 33. The Less Obvious – Dynamic Charging Packages On-the-Spot Tier Shifting  Based on perceived value of content  HD movie  Video conferencing  Catch up on episodes during lunch Variable pricing based on current, local congestion conditions 33
  34. 34. What’s Next in Data Monetization? Revenue sharing with CDNs  Premium quality content  Reduced latency  Smooth video playback  Congestion Reporting to CDN for dynamic content delivery Premium VOD Targeted Ad-supported TV Original content All demand video optimization 34
  35. 35. What you NEED TO KNOW about Video OptimizationMyth #1Video optimization will solve the capacity crunch It’s a congestion crunch LTE will not solve capacity/congestion problems Video optimization helps you serve more high-performance sessions to more concurrent usersMyth #2More video optimization means better video performance Subscribers hold operators responsible for video performance Targeted video optimization means better video performance Too much video optimization can harm user experience and even revenue 35
  36. 36. What you NEED TO KNOW about Video OptimizationMyth #3Video optimization reduces CAPEX Video optimization can defer CAPEX Targeted optimization helps to control expenses and reduce waste Video optimization does not have to be expensiveMyth #4Video will kill your network. Optimize it, or else! Video Optimization is critical for creating new data service revenues Mobile customers like video – Video can save your network 36
  37. 37. Q&A
  38. 38. Thank youSeth GreenbergDirector, Corporate Marketing, Mobixellseth.greenberg@mobixell.comTeresa CottamChief Analyst,