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Travel Modes: Bike – 2 Bus – 5 Carpool – 18 SOVers – 12 Train/Metro – 25 Vanpool – 3 Walk – 4   Non-SOV/SOV mode split is ...
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Moderator presentation by Cheryl O'Connor - Arlington Transportation Partners


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Vanpool Boot Camp: Marching Orders - November 7, 2011 - Part 1

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  • Good morning everyone! If you don’t already know me through my incessant emails, My name is Cheryl O’Connor, I work for Arlington transportation Partners here in Arlington County, I am the ACT Chesapeake Chapter Program chair and would like to welcome you to Vanpool Boot Camp! WE have a jam packed day, I don’t want to waste to much of your time so we can jump right into it. I hope your coffee has kicked in and your thinking caps are on! I would like to start out today by saying a huge thank you to our main Sponsor, Rideshare by Enterprise as well as VPSI Inc for their contributions in making today possible – we will be hearing from their representatives throughout the day about what these 2 amazing companies have to offer. George Mason University also deserves a thank you for allowing us to hold our event here on their School of Law Arlington Campus. Let’s go ahead and give all of them a round of applause. Housekeeping – A few housekeeping items: there is still food in the back, help yourselves at any point restrooms are out around the corner – please take a break when you need to, we have a packed day and because of this we will have very little time for breaks. Through the course of the presentations although we want to create a robust discussion please hold your questions until the presenters are finished. After each speaker there will be a short bit of time to answer a few questions BUT we have built in larger discussion times just before lunch and toward the end of the day. Lunch will be at 1pm and we will dismiss at 4pm. I invite all of you to stay and head up the street about 6 blocks for a vanpool debrief at the aptly named establishment known as CARPOOL! So ok let’s start the day.... Vanpool Boot Camp was born out of 2 partnering organizations ( move to the next slide )–
  • Mobility Lab, an Arlington County Commuter Services initiative and the Association For Commuter Transportation Chesapeake Chapter to tell us a little more about these organizations I would like to introduce you to Mirza Donegan the ACT Chesapeake Chapter President and Tom Fairchild, Director of Mobility Lab. Thank you both!
  • So to get you into the vanpool frame of mind, please close your eyes and picture it; sitting nice comfy seat, you feel the small vibrations off the moving vehicle some soothing andrea bocelli is playing on your ipod, Rico Fleshman’s not driving so we’re nice and safe and warm, ooo just went over a little bump...oh wait wait wait, we’re here to learn about vanpooling. Increasing ridership, networking with colleagues, and working together to help solve the issues of congestion, pollution, and down right cranky employees....so how do we do that? Well...
  • I have a question for all of you to think about as we move through the day.... What do we want to accomplish? Education is of course top priority today but this isnt called Vanpool Boot Camp: The Basics and MORE simply so you can come and sit and listen to some presentations and leave, we want you to ask questions, be involved and come up with new or innovative ideas to promote vanpooling. In planning this seminar we wanted to bring ALL the kids to come play in the sandbox and it seems like we got it with the diverse audience we have here today whether you are a TDM professional, employer, government agency, vanpool operators or users, you all have different strategies toward vanpooling, we want to hear what you have to say! This diverse audience realizes that Vanpooling is an underutilized tool and that we should all work to increase it’s presence in our sustainable transportation toolbox . We need to work together better not only in the region but all over the country. Again this is our chance to really collaborate. The ideas and discussions that happen today will be compiled on Mobilitylab.org where we can reference back to them and build vanpooling into the strong tool that we need it to be in our arsenal of sustainable transportation modes. To do so, as your friendly moderator for the day I will compile a list of questions or topics that come up either here on my laptop or on the tear sheets so everyone can easily see them so that we may further discuss them today during the discussion sesssions and then post them and any outcomes we may come to on Mobilitylab.org. Seasoned pro looking for new ideas? New pro looking for new ideas? Are you an employer wondering what the heck to I do with my limited parking? Where are you on the spectrum? Before we get into the meat of the presentations I have something to share...
  • I sent this information out in a final logistical email to all of you on Friday but want to point something out... This is great information we always capture during registration for ACT events and its great! 82% non-SOV trips to attend todays seminar GREAT JOB, we walk the walk and talk the talk so to speak...BUT “ one of these things is not like the other....” Let’s take a look at the vanpool number, it’s not bad because there’s only a few compared to the rest of the options, It’s bad because to be considered a vanpool you have to have at least 7 riders right? – well it differs sometimes but I know its definitely more than 3! I wont point out the 3 of you that checked this box out BUT Im glad you are here to learn today. haha Ok so let’s get this day going, our first presenter is holly morello Holly Morello is the Rideshare Specialist for PRTC (Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission).  She has worked in the transportation field for close to two years, and before joining PRTC she worked for many years in high tech and media sales and marketing. 
  • Thank you holly Our next 2 presenters are Lori Diggins of LDA Consultingg and Shana Johnson of foursquare here to talk to us about the vanpool research world. Research is so Shana johnson - Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning. Shana is a Transportation Planner/Consultant with six years of experience in transportation planning, policy analysis and research.  Shana has provided transportation planning support for Foursquare ITP on a number of projects.  The focus of her work is on public transportation, transportation demand management and the transportation-land use relationship.  Prior to becoming a consultant, Shana worked as a contractor at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, where she analyzed data from every mode of transportation. Shana is an active member of a number of professional societies, including American Planning Association (Economic Development Division Secretary-Treasurer), Women’s Transportation Seminar, and Young Professionals in Transportation (Deputy Vice Chair for Communications).  She has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Tech and a Bachelors in Geography and International Development from Clark University.  We also have Lori Diggins is a Principal of LDA Consulting, an independent consulting firm based in Washington. She has nearly 20 years experience in transportation and TDM market research, evaluation, program planning, and strategic planning. Her firm has conducted vanpool surveys in the Washington and Atlanta metropolitan regions and has researched vanpool strategies for numerous clients.   Ms. Diggins chairs the TDM Committee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and served for six years as Research Director for the Transportation Demand Management Institute (TDMI).
  • Thank you shana and Lori – this gives us a good framewaork of what has been doen in the past and what we can do in the future, statistically speaking to increase vanpooling and measure our results. During this section, we will have a chance to hear about how/why and where vanpools are formed and some of the logistical items to incorporating a comprehensive vanpool program in any region. I would now like to introduce our panel: We will hear once again from holly Morello of PRTC as well as Dotty Dalphon is the Community Relations Manager and Rideshare Coordinator for TransIT Services of Frederick County.  She has worked to promote transportation alternatives and solutions in Frederick County and the greater D.C. metro area for the last six years. Prior to joining TransIT Services, Dotty spent many years in sales, marketing, and community outreach positions at international companies, as well as non-profits, in Delaware and Maryland. Rico Fleshman, Mid-Atlantic Area Manager – VPSI, Inc. Rico began his career with VPSI Inc. as Project Manager of the Washington DC office in 2006, charged with the management and growth of more than 220 accounts in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Baltimore regions.  In his current role as Manager of the Mid Atlantic Area, he has oversight and management responsibilities for five VPSI office locations and supervises a territory covering from Massachusetts to West Virginia to North Carolina. His responsibilities include customer relations, sales and marketing, operations and government relations for VPSI and management of over 430 vanpool groups, serving more than 5200 commuters daily.   Joe Stainsby, Project Manager Washington DC Area Office   Mr. Stainsby supervises the Washington DC Regional field office. His responsibilities include customer relations, sales and marketing, operations and personnel supervision. Joe began his career with VPSI Inc. as an Account Coordinator in 2007 and was promoted to Project Manager of the Washington DC office in 2009, where he was charged with the management and growth of more than 300 accounts in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.   Yvonne Jackson - Yvonne Jackson is the owner of YEJ Vans and has been operating out of Northern Virginia since 1996.  She operates twenty vanpools that transport over 200 riders every day thereby taking 200 cars off the road.  In her spare time, she works full time for the federal government.  Her husband Jack is currently working for YEJ Vans full time.  He is retired military, and after leaving the Army, he worked for years in retail management. Richard Dampman - Rich Dampman has worked for Enterprise Holdings in a variety of roles over the past 20 years. In his current role Rich oversees development efforts for Enterprise Rideshare and the WeCar car sharng brand as well as the Enterprise, Alamo and National car rental brands. A Western Loudoun County resident since 2003, he is very familiar with the commute issues facing our area&apos;s residents. Stephen Finafrock – from Commuter Connections and Metropolitan Washington Council of Governemnts... Mirza Donegan – Mirza J. Donegan is Marketing Manager for the North Bethesda Transportation Center (NBTC), a transportation management association in Montgomery County, Maryland. Mirza has been with NBTC since 1998. She works on a wide variety of TDM initiatives for the 800 businesses served by NBTC including transit benefit programs, vanpool initiatives and cycling programs.   Before coming to NBTC Mirza managed “Main Street Center,” an award winning pilot program in Bethesda, Maryland’s Rock Spring Business Park. Main Street Center offered concierge services to employees and employers as part of a traffic mitigation strategy.   Mirza is President of ACT’s Chesapeake Chapter and previously served on ACT’s National Board of Directors. Mirza also served on the Board of Directors for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association from 2003-2004. Diana Utz - Director, GWRideConnect where she has run the program for 24 years.  GWRC has over 400 vanpools in their region and due to this fact she may know a couple of things about vanpools and human behavior J.  
  • Get food, settle down Dr. Ed Zolnick - Edmund J. Zolnik is Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy (SPP) at George Mason University. His major areas of expertise are: community and regional development; safe and sustainable transportation; and multilevel modeling. Professor Zolnik is involved in numerous research projects supported by federal agencies such as the United States Geological Survey, the Economic Development Administration, and the General Services Administration. He is also involved in research projects supported by the following local agencies: Loudoun County; Parking and Transportation Services at George Mason University; and INOVA Hospital. Prior to joining SPP, Professor Zolnik has been a member of the faculties of the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science at George Mason and of the Department of Geography at Binghamton University in New York
  • Peggy Tadej - Peggy Tadej is the Northern Virginia Regional BRAC Coordinator for the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.   Ms. Tadej leads the efforts, on behalf of the Commission’s member governments, to collaborate and coordinate the BRAC realignment within the region.  Ms. Tadej has over 20 years of experience in transportation, economic development, and environmental issues at the local, regional, and national level.  Ms. Tadej brings perspectives from public, private, and non-profit sector positions. Ms. Tadej most recently served as the Transportation Research and Technology Development Project Manager for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).  She was the Director of Research and Grants while at National Association of Regional Councils.  She directed business development efforts for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications for three defense companies.  Ms. Tadej was a founding member of the Intelligent Transportation Systems in Virginia and Intelligent Transportation Systems in Maryland state chapters, and has held officer positions in both organizations.  Ms. Tadej earned her master’s in public administration from the Long Beach California State University.   Jean Friedberg - Jean’s career has been focused on strategic management and business planning for organizations in real estate and community development, transportation, hospitality, financial services and manufacturing. In his current role as Regional Transportation Coordinator for the Fort Meade Regional Growth Management Committee, he has assembled a regional transportation advisory board and led the development of a novel Transportation Management Plan. The plan will permit the Fort Meade work force of 40,000 to expand by 25% during 2011 with only nominal improvements in the existing highway system. Jean is a former officer with the New York Army National Guard. He has an MBA from New York University (Corporation Finance and Operations Research) and a BS from Washington &amp; Lee University (Accounting and Business Administration).
  • How many people have actually been inside a vanpool van? Well, you are going to get your chance now! We are all going to head outside to check out VPSI and an Enterprise Rideshare Vanpool options. We will hear again from Rico Fleshman of VPSI and Richard Dampman of Enterprise.
  • One of the biggest challenges in vanpooling is the issue of insurance to tell us about how vanpooling operators deal with this we will once again hear from Diana Utz – Vanpooling Extraordinaire!
  • Just as important as insurance is the flipside of things. We have a vanpool, its working but how do we make sure that vanpool is working efficiently and contributing to congestion mitigation standards? And how do these numbers fit into the Federal Transit ACT 5307 fund distribution? Here today to tell us about this confusing and often daunting task of vanpool operators is Lora Byala - Foursquare Integrated Transportation PlanningLora Byala has over 14 years of experience in the transportation arena and has worked has worked for clients in the federal, state and local sectors, for MPOs, and for non-profit development agencies.  Her focus is on working to promote transportation improvements through stakeholder and inter-agency coordination, planning studies, impacts analysis, market studies, and best practice analysis.  Lora&apos;s primary areas of expertise are regional transportation planning and transit planning, having worked extensively with transit agencies and metropolitan planning organizations. Her projects have ranged from a long range transportation plan for the fastest growing part of Maryland, to developing a comprehensive transit plan for a Fairfax County, Virginia to developing a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan for Arlington County, Virginia. Lora has a Master&apos;s degree in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor&apos;s degrees in Systems Engineering and Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.  She is a member of the American Planning Association, American Institute of Certified Planners, and the Women&apos;s Transportation Seminar.  She is married and is the mother of two young girls.
  • For our last structured presentation of the day we will hear about what’s going on in Vanpooling Technology and some of the up and coming pilot programs. To discuss this topic we have Jason Conley from Avego. Jason
  • To get you thinking about vanpool marketing we have an exercise from Felicia Woodruff of VA Megaprojects. Felicia...
  • Wow, I just want to give everyone in the room a big rund of applause for making it through our jjam packed day of vanpooling! Where do we go from here? We have started some amazing conversations today and have some ideas to move forward or have at least brought many of the different players to the table to try and increase the awareness and utilization of vanpools – A synopsis of days events along with the presentations and video will be posted to Mobilitylab.org and the presentations will be up on the ACTweb website as well. I implore you to take some time and visit these websites and stay involved in this conversation you never know where we might take this and possibly even create the best and most streamlined vanpool sector in the region and country. Use the resources we have outlined for you today. Look for follow up programs to this one to follow in the upcoming ACT legislative summit in January and especially at Rail-Volution next year. I now invite you to do some good ol networking with us at Carpool! Thank you all for joining us!
  • Moderator presentation by Cheryl O'Connor - Arlington Transportation Partners

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    3. 5. Travel Modes: Bike – 2 Bus – 5 Carpool – 18 SOVers – 12 Train/Metro – 25 Vanpool – 3 Walk – 4   Non-SOV/SOV mode split is 57/12 or 82%!
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