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MobilityGo is one of North America's premiere software development companies for the Mobile SmartPhone market, specializing in iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft and Symbian.

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Mgo app presentation

  1. 1. From ideas to pixels.
  2. 2. Some of our ClientsWe have been fortunate enough to work for thoughtful and farsighted clients, who have helped usproduce projects that embody the MobilityGo philosophy. Our Apps demonstrate our commitment toinnovation and technology. Accentus / Dictiphone System for transcription LifeCodeMissions Alberta / Augmented Reality Multiple / Residential Building Inspection bMod / Pharmaceuticals Multiple / Insurance Inspection PSL / Doctors Guide GridWorkDesign / PeasPopcorn (Recipes) Crave Tickets / Ticketing App Munch Bakery / Bakery Menu In-House Tickets / Ticketing App Au Soins d’un Vie / Profile-Sante Photo-Time-Machine / Before and after Image Comparison Multiple Restaurants / Restaurant App Montreal Globe / KillMag (iPad Magazine) MonoSerra / Products Catalog App Zoomtek Dynamics / Laptimizer (Car Racing) MobilityGo / DIY App Builder MeniThings Productions White-Label / Real-Estate App Radio / Radio Latina White-Label / Deal of the Day
  3. 3. PhotoTimeMachine.Before and After Comparisons!With Photo Time Machine, creating and comparing before & after photos is easi-er than ever. You can make an old photo transparent to be used as a guide toalign it with your new photo. Then use the sideways scroller to easily comparethe before & after pictures. Place the slider where you want to divide the twophotos, then save the new image to your camera library so you can share it withall your friends.
  4. 4. ACCENTUS.App Dictation for PractitionersThe Accentus iPhone Dictation App allows practitioners to capture voicedictations and upload these dictation files to the transcription system throughelectronic data exchange interfaces. The App has the ability to playback;re-record and insert all or part of exsisting voice files. The App lists patients byAppointment Date and Practitioner.
  5. 5. InhouseTickets.We’re Checking In Guests!This App allows InHouseTicket members to quickly check-In attendees to specialevents by scanning a QR code and updates and retrieves information directlyfrom the InhouseTickets database in real-time.
  6. 6. RadioLatina.Radio Latina… La nuestra!For the first time in the city’s history, Montreal’s Latin American community hasits own radio station transmitting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, totally and onlyin Spanish.Radio Latina provides its audience with local and international news, politicaldebates, variety shows, contests, concerts, spirituality, opinion segments and, ofcourse, the best latin music going from merengue, bachata and salsa, passingthrough the best rock in Spanish to reggaeton, vallenato and boleros, amongothers.The very professional team of Radio Latina has worked in a programming that iseasily enjoyable by all types of audiences.You can now listen to Radio Latina de Montreal “Live Stream” everywhere.Thanks to this free application you can stay in touch with Radio Latina throughyour iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, through your WiFi or 3G connections.
  7. 7. BonAppétit.Bringing Mobile Apps to RestaurantsSpecify your dining date, desired time and party size to view available tables –listed by proximity or plotted on an interactive floor map. Integrated with ourdigital menus, see how many tables are available at any given second with ourrealtime reservation software. Browse vivid, colorful menus with high-resolutionfood images, interactive games and videos about the chef, key employees andbar staff. Contact waiters and chefs, rate your meal, and recommend food andbar selections from key employees to your friends.
  8. 8. Lifecode.iPad NovelsThe first ever graphic novel completely designed and produced entirely on theiPad. Don’t miss this exciting adventure set in the far future that will leave youwanting for was selected to develop the iPad visual novel application, pub-lished by the creative team of Peter Garand and Dale Darling and as a long-termstrategic partner for the many follow-up missions soon to be released.• First of its kind• Produced on iPad for the iPad• Available (in-app) subscriptions
  9. 9. KillMag.KILLMAG Celebrates Innovation!From the fields of art, design, music, fashion, and digital media,we stand apart from recycled trends and subtle variations ofpopular taste. By focusing on emergent phenomena, a spiritof refinement and qualitative excellence, KILLMAG isolates,catalogs, and excels in emergent digital culture. Our mission,create a cross-disciplinary showcase for the internationalcreative community.Current digital magazines exist as a lifeless adaptation of theirprint counterparts, failing to capitalize on the full potentialof new technologies. KILLMAG challenges the current digitalpublication format.
  10. 10. Laptimizer.The Ultimate Racecar Management ToolMeet Laptimizer. It’s designed to make your life at theracetrack that little bit easier. Forget having to write out newsetup sheets for each session. Laptimizer quickly organizesyour previous data based on date and racetrack, which youcan work from and save with your own set of notes. You canenter custom variables since no two cars are the same, andyou can even use it as a stopwatch and record live lap-by-lapnotes.
  11. 11. Inspector.Onsite Inspections were never so easy!The Inspector App is an application designed for BuildingInspectors to do onsite inspections and analysis usingtheir iPad. The App collects data entered by the inspectorin a sequential process. It also has the options to takemultiple photographs and recordings and finally, output adocumention report with the results of the inspection.
  12. 12. Au soind’une Vie.Centralizing Healthcare SpecialistsThis app, which was publicly launched at the “Salon Affaire Sante”at Palais des Congres of Montreal in May 2011, connects medicaldevices via Bluetooth to provide remote telemetry to centralizedhealthcare specialistsWith a user-friendly look, healthcare specialists can easily enter datarelated to the patients’ condition that can be sent to their officialpractitioners, pharmacies, laboratories or medical centers.The app stores data that allows continuous checks on your patient’sprogress. The data can go from the patient’s health habits, weight,size, to his/her current signs and symptoms.An app conceived to make every health practitioner’s work simpler,to help them get easily organized and to keep up to date with theirfiling.
  13. 13. We design and develop quality mobile applications for forward thinkingcompanies. We also extend your existing software products andinfrastructure, available as new apps for the mobile community.We provide an end-to-end solution from creative design, development,quality assurance testing, 100’s of private beta users, product launch andmobile marketing campaigns, all of them optimized for success.We develop for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft. We haveearly access to all software and hardware development environments forupcoming slate and smartphone platforms.• Mobile Apps & embedded software experts• iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft• Mobile peformance-optimization experts• Proven proprietary Universal-App library• Advanced access to SDKs and Mobile devices• Creative mobileUX design team• Experts in taking brand to the mobile space• Multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish Corporate Office 60 Saint-Jacques west, 5th Floor Montreal, Quebec Canada H2Y 1L5 +1.877.770.4335 (USA/Canada) +1.514.316.9062 (International)From ideas to pixels.