Mobileye Newsletter - Ed. 5 March '10


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Welcome to the fifth edition of Mobileye’s
monthly newsletter, designed to keep
customers, partners and the general public
up-to-date with the latest Mobileye related
news, activities, products and events.

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Mobileye Newsletter - Ed. 5 March '10

  1. 1. ® Mobileye Products NEWSLETTER News From Your Vision-Based Solutions Partner Edition 5 - March 2010 Editor’s Corner Committed to Growth In Korea, Mobileye have signed a distribution agreement with Movon Corporation (see Welcome to the fifth edition of Mobileye’s Mobileye raises 37 Million US dollars separate article). monthly newsletter, designed to keep Mobileye has raised $37 million from Israeli In Russia, RGRCOM, with a strong presence in customers, partners and the general public and foreign investors, at a company value of the Russian market, have opened a new division up-to-date with the latest Mobileye related $740 million. The investment round was led to handle the marketing and sales of Mobileye in news, activities, products and events. by Goldman Sachs, investors included three Moscow and the surrounding region. We want to stay in touch with you; hearing insurance companies fact that indicates a what you have to say is really important for us. possible cooperation with the insurance sector We use the Mobileye newsletter to share our in the near future. news with you. We hope that you will send us RGRCOM’s first targets are importers of new your ideas, feedbacks and updates. The more cars, as well as bus fleets, and truck companies. you share, the better we can respond to your needs and requests. Distribution Agreement We would like to take this opportunity to with Movon, South Korea thank those of you who contributed to earlier editions of this newsletter. Mobileye’s President & CEO Ziv Aviram said, Mobileye steps into the Korean “The financing round is the result of our wish market With kind regards, to meet the strong demand in the market, Mobileye’s newly distributorship agreement Nicolas Slobinsky due to the increased acceptance and maturity with Movon Corporation unites the leading Marketing & Communications Manager of Mobileye's technology. More than 70% driver assistance technology manufacturer in of the vehicle industry has adopted our the world with one of the leading suppliers solutions. Over the past year we’ve doubled to the automotive industry in South Korea. OEM Corner the number of customers, becoming the Mobileye’s extensive line of Aftermarket de facto industry standard. There are few Collision Prevention Systems will now be Advanced Pedestrian Detection Systems available to Movon customers in the S. Korean competitors with core technology.” In 2010 Mobileye is starting production of market. 2 highly innovative Pedestrian Detection View News Article Systems based on mono-camera technology. The first being a radar-vision fusion system, Asia Market Review available as an option initially on the new Volvo Mobileye presence keeps growing S60. The system can perform full automatic Our first chinese distributor, MIT Yantai, are emergency braking up to speeds of 35kph selling Mobileye systems as stand-alone to avoid a collision with a pedestrian. In this products and have also integrated Mobileye’s system the Mobileye based camera is the lead products with their ARS total driver solution. sensor, being supported by the radar prior to brake activation. The second Pedestrian Detection System has been developed for Taylor Machine Works. They have opened a call-center with 400 telephonists to initiate a strong marketing and sales effort in the Chinese market. In South China, Mobileye is represented by leading automotive distributor Shenzhen Cheyuansu, who, have succeeded in penetrating the market quickly, opening Mobileye’s S. Korea Manager David Kim congratulates Movon’s Directors Kevin Bae and Jeff Song. various sales channels for the Mobileye products. Movon Corporations' Sales Manager Mr. Paul Chung said, "It is our great pleasure to work with Mobileye, and we are proud to be one The system performs 360 degree all-round of Mobileye’s distributors. We believe that Pedestrian Detection to a range of 15m In addition to selling through local resellers in government policy will play a crucial role in using 8 Mobileye EyeQ2 processor based various regions throughout South China, they our success. The Korean government is making cameras installed as a retro-fit or OE option to sell directly to automotive importers such strenuous efforts to reduce the car accident Taylor's industrial powered vehicles. as Buick and Cadillac, and to local driving rate, which is currently one of the highest in the schools in Shenzhen. world". Our Sales Network Is Growing at an unparalleled pace. If you are not yet a part of this success, you can join us by sending an email to:
  2. 2. Mobileye Products NEWSLETTER News From Your Vision-Based Solutions Partner Distribution Agreement with New Marketing Tool Did You Know That… Kienzle Automotive, Germany Mobileye’s Point of Sales l About 400,000 people under 25 years old die Bringing Mobileye systems to the Mobileye Products has a new Point of Sales on the world's roads per year¹. (POS) available for you! Answering the call German Market of the market, we have designed the first l Road traffic injuries are the leading killer of The new distribution agreement with Kienzle Mobileye POS. The new Point of Sales comes young people in the age group 10-24². Automotive GmbH will now make Mobileye’s with an LCD screen that features Mobileye l Young drivers in the age group 16-24 account Aftermarket safety technologies available to C2 product line videos, a Display unit, the for between 20% and 30% of total road traffic the German commercial vehicle market and back of the Mobileye C2-170™ system and fatalities in OECD countries³. to Kienzle’s TAN-GO network of qualified pockets for brochures & business cards. The l In the Netherlands the total costs of young workshops, an extremely competent partner Mobileye POS is made of silver metal. driver crashes with fatalities have been in the goods vehicle market. The Kienzle Group estimated to cost the market over €500 million manages 13 branches throughout Germany, a year4. giving service to more than 20,000 commercial customers. l In the USA 56% of young drivers use cell phones while driving5. ¹ Youth for Road Safety Organization ² WHO Report on Youth & Road Safety ³ OECD Report on Young Drivers 4 EMCT Stats 5 AllState Foundation Technical Specifications Width: 26cm Length: 40cm Mobileye in the News Depth: 25cm Be the First to know and to tell the Weight: 2.5kg Power Connection: 110-220 Watts World You can keep up-to-date with Mobileye’s If you want to order your Mobileye POS today, latest news, press releases, videos and Mr. Achim Weidt, Managing Partner of please contact: events, by following us on: Kienzle Automotive said, “We feel that driver distraction is quickly becoming one of the Technical Update foremost concerns in Germany and when it Fleet configuration options comes to ensuring driver safety, we believe that Mobileye’s driver safety products are the best Mobileye AWS software version 1.79 with available option in the market. We are thrilled its new configuration options enables Fleet Moment of Humor to partner with Mobileye”. Managers to pre-set and lock the Mobileye C2-170 system features. 71% of pedestrian fatalities For more information, please contact: occur in urban areas. A 2 second warning before a possible collision takes place would allow Creativity & Inspiration the driver enough time to react. Mobileye in the Fashion World A.D.I Systems one of our Israeli distributors held Internet Marketing a costume party for its staff as part of the Purim Celebrations that take place every year in Mobileye on Flickr Israel. The most original costume was created As part of our ongoing efforts to always keep by Ortal, one of A.D.I sales representative that you updated with news on Mobileye and as you dressed up as a Mobileye C2-170 display. might have spotted, we have set up a Mobileye Flickr account. Flickr is a social networking service that enables its users to share and embed photographs & videos. If you have a Flickr account yourself and you want to follow us just look for Mobileye The Mobileye C2-170TM Products. We will post new pictures and videos every week. Congratulations Ortal & A.D.I Systems for the creativity! never sleeps… l 2010 All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. l Mobileye® and are registered trademarks of Mobileye Technologies Limited.