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Mobile programming with windows8 development services


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Windows 8 is a very ambitious development platform to be launched by Microsoft after Windows 7.Windows 8 is anticipated to bring fresh breeze in arena of mobile apps development on Windows platform.

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Mobile programming with windows8 development services

  1. 1. Mobile Programming LLC A Division of A-1 Technology, Inc.What Windows 8 Development has in store for users?Developed by:Mobile Programming LLC18 October 2012 Call Us Toll Free 888-276-4064 Website: | E-Mail:
  2. 2. Why Windows 8 development is grabbing limelight?1. Windows 8 is a very ambitious developmentplatform to be launched by Microsoftafter Windows 7.2. Windows 8 is anticipated to bring freshbreeze in arena of mobile appsdevelopment on Windows platform.3. Microsoft plans to take user experienceto a next level by introducing ‘Tiles’based UI. Website: | E-Mail:
  3. 3. What’s special in Widows 8?- As a User First thing that appeals is the UI. The Tiles willcertainly win your heart. User Friendliness because of familiarity of userswith previous windows platforms. Can be the best device for “BYOD” policy.(phones or tablets) Windows 8 tablets will ease & enhance dailytask organization. Millions of applications will be there in WindowsMarketplace for Windows 8 smart devices(tablet &Phones) Website: | E-Mail:
  4. 4. What’s special in Widows 8?- As a Developer Windows 8 development s beneficialfor developer point of view too. Windows has largest Eco Sysyetm. Emerging & Growing user share alongwith MarketPlace. A fresh technology – Metro Designto work on. Less Competition in comparison toiTunes or Google play. Website: | E-Mail:
  5. 5. Why to be part of Windows 8 development? Windows 8 is the most talked aboutemerging platform in the market. After the launch of iOS6 & Android4.1 all eyeballs are on Windows 8. The app store is openly callingBusinesses to be part of thisDevelopment & enjoy the benefits. With time Microsoft Windows 8 smartDevice are expected to hold fair shareof mobile industry. Market Share for Windows platform isexpected to rise as per the recent study by IDC. Website: | E-Mail:
  6. 6. Our share in Windows MarketPlace (App Store)The application shows This application shows the Novartis is an applicationvarious Medical Disease information regarding daily developed for health careCategories with Codes. price fixes, current spot professionals to haveWhen user clicks the prices, and charts for gold, a complete medical information.Categories, it fetches silver,platinum and palladium.subcategories with codes. Website: | E-Mail:
  7. 7. Mobile Programming LLC.Windows Mobile Applicaton Development Windows mobile OS is making news from quite a sometime now. At Mobile Programming LLC, we offer highly competent and influential windows mobile programming services. Our developers are consistently delivering expertise Windows mobile applications based on C++ and C#.Why Mobile Programming LLC. for Windows Mobile application development? Development for all latest versions of Windows OS Strict adherence to client’s requirements. Round the clock seamless client support. 100% affordable prices. Website: | E-Mail:
  8. 8. Mobile Programming Featured ClientsOur Featured Clients Website: | E-Mail:
  9. 9. How we can help you ?Mobile Programming New YorkLLC is the leading name 115 Broadway, 13th Floorin the successful mobile New York, NY, 10006apps development on all Phone : 212-688-6950leading platforms- iOS, Fax : 212-931-8530 Android, Windows, RIM. Email: info@mobileprogramming.comHave more than 10years experience in Los Angelesdevelopment industry. 16000 Ventura Blvd, 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 91436Skilled workforce for Phone : 310-584-6300working on all latest Fax : 310-606-2154 technologies. Email : Website: | E-Mail:
  10. 10. Thank You !! Powered By: www.mobileprogramming.comCall Us Toll Free 888-276-4064 Website: | E-Mail: