Mobile Media Ministry Training 1- Introduction


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Introductory lesson from a four day training on mobile media production and distribution for Christian outreach

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  • While we had come to see that the nomads we were working with had begun setting up their tents where they could get phone reception rather than where they could find water, it was interesting to find that the same thing was happening halfway around the world in Mongolia as they set up their yurts where they could find cell phone reception.
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  • Mobile Media Ministry Training 1- Introduction

    1. 1. Mobile Media Production and Distribution
    2. 2. Goals 1) Enable you to implement mobile media ministry. 2) Train and resource you in such a way that you can enable others to implement mobile media ministry 3) Develop training materials that will assist in the training of trainers for mobile media ministry
    3. 3. Reproducibility! If we teach something that believers where you live cannot do themselves PLEASE call us on it/question us about it!!!
    4. 4. Focus Areas 1) Principles for media in ministry 2) “Mobilizing” existing audio/visual ministry materials 3) Creating new audio/visual ministry materials for mobile devices 4) Creating new audio/visual ministry materials with mobile devices
    5. 5. And now for a little something different…
    6. 6. The Commuter
    7. 7. The Apple of My Eye
    8. 8. Our Schedule
    9. 9. Wednesday • Introductory materials • The place of mobile ministry in a ministry strategy • Culturally appropriate mobile media • Obtaining and preparing existing audio/visual ministry materials for use on mobile devices
    10. 10. Thursday • Simple mobile video creation- crafting Bible slideshow videos • Audio media recording and editing
    11. 11. Friday • Orality and story-based outreach • The media production process • Video preproduction • Shots, shot sequences and shot listing • Producing an interview/”talking head” video • General mobile video recording practices • Mobile phone-based video shoot • Simple video editing
    12. 12. Saturday (a.m.) • Simple video lighting • Location issues • Apps for smartphone video production (iOS and Android) • Smartphone video production • Smartphone-based video shoot
    13. 13. Saturday (p.m.) •Video editing •Mobile media distribution •Mobile media security •Wrap up, challenge and celebration