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Mobile Media Ministry Training 2- Mobile Ministry Overview


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A "top ten" look at the rationale for mobile ministry with a deeper look at mobile media in ministry.

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Mobile Media Ministry Training 2- Mobile Ministry Overview

  1. 1. Mobile Ministry Overview
  2. 2. The Last 210 Years 1804- We pass a huge milestone, 1 billion people on the earth 1927- Another huge milestone, the world population doubles to 2 billion after just 123 years 2011- The world population grows from 2 billion to 7 billion! In 83 years we add FIVE BILLION souls to the face of the planet!
  3. 3. The Good
  4. 4. Majority Religion by Country 2010
  5. 5. The Bad
  6. 6. Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims have relatively little contact with Christians. In each case, 86% or more of these religionists globally do not personally know a Christian.
  7. 7. And people from every tongue, tribe and nation…
  8. 8. That We Would Be Like the Men of Issachar “men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do” 1 Chron. 12:31
  9. 9. A Roman Road?
  10. 10. Mobile Ministry “Connecting and engaging the lost with the life-changing message, community and mission of Christ through personal, mobile technology.” Mobile Ministry Forum, 2011 Consultation
  11. 11. What are two strengths/benefits to using mobile technology for ministry purposes?
  12. 12. What are two weaknesses/ disadvantages to using mobile technology for ministry purposes?
  13. 13. A Mobile Ministry Top 10
  14. 14. 10 The majority of Internet usage will be through mobile devices, rather than through personal computers by the end of 2014
  15. 15. % of Internet Users Accessing the Internet Though a Mobile Device
  16. 16. 9 The early mover opportunity is still available (but the door is closing due to increased interest in commercial use, etc. of the medium as well as efforts to control it by governments)
  17. 17. 8 Mobile ministry allows the viral spread of Christian media content
  18. 18. 7 Mobile ministry provides one of the most economically viable means for Christian content creation and distribution.
  19. 19. 6 The mobile is the device that is present in the majority of circumstances when believers come into contact with the lost and is typically the only media device that could be leveraged in those encounters.
  20. 20. 5 The mobile provides a powerful way to reach vast numbers of the most difficult to reach (hidden, oral, women and children, etc.)
  21. 21. 4 The mobile provides one of the most powerful media platforms for two-way communications and the development of face-to-face relationships.
  22. 22. 3 The mobile is an individual’s most personal/intimate media device and when the gospel is shared via this device it is shared in one of the person’s most personal/intimate spaces.
  23. 23. What have you seen that illustrates how personal/ intimate the mobile phone is?
  24. 24. Personal/Emotional Attachment
  25. 25. 2 The mobile is a near-universal “cultural insider”
  26. 26. 2 The mobile is a near-universal “cultural insider” Thoughts?
  27. 27. 1 The mobile is the world’s most ubiquitous media device
  28. 28. Media Device Installed Base (in billions)
  29. 29. 2011
  30. 30. 2014
  31. 31. 77 BBiilllliioonn
  32. 32. Every minute we’re together… 71 humans will be added to our population 406 people will get a new mobile phone account
  33. 33. What all this means and looks like for an unreached person
  34. 34.
  35. 35. In groups of 6-8, share ways you’ve seen the potential or power of mobile for ministry in your setting.
  36. 36. A Focus on Mobile Media Ministry
  37. 37. 8 Mobile ministry allows the viral spread of Christian media content
  38. 38. Purdue University’s Experience with Bluetooth Video Distribution in Nigeria (view particularly from 40 seconds to 1:57)
  39. 39. Vi ral i ty
  40. 40. Vi ral i ty
  41. 41. Vi ral i ty
  42. 42. Vi ral i ty
  43. 43. Vi ral i ty
  44. 44. 7 Mobile ministry provides one of the most economically viable means for Christian content creation and distribution.
  45. 45. “The best camera is the one that’s with you” Chase Jarvis
  46. 46. 2004 100 million cameras of any type sold worldwide
  47. 47. 1.5 billion phones wwiitthh ccaammeerraass wweerree ssoolldd iinn 22001122 aalloonnee!!!!!!
  48. 48. Making Mass Media Creation Simple & Reproducible
  49. 49. Deprem Korkusu A locally contextualized ministry video produced using a smartphone during a mobile media training in Turkey
  50. 50. The Smallest Screen is the Biggest Screen in the World
  51. 51. Mobile Media Has Revolutionary Power
  52. 52. Benefits of Mobile Media Ministry • Available To potential content consumers, share-ers, and creators. Available not only in terms of ownership but also presence-it is the device that is always with you. • Affordable (to ministries and users) No need to provide recipients with the hardware or maintain it- they already have the device and will maintain and replace it themselves. With digital downloads there is also little need to provide the media on any kind of physical item (microSD card being the main exception).
  53. 53. Benefits of Mobile Media Ministry • Interactive It inherently is interactive with text, talk, social media, etc. • Viral Media on mobile devices can be virally from device to device using their inbuilt Bluetooth transmission functionality • Reproducible Local/new believers can replicate and create more of their own (both exact copies and creation of similar media) especially if intentionally done with reproducibility in mind
  54. 54. Benefits of Mobile Media Ministry • Connected Allows for uploading, discovery and/or downloading of media • Easy to use Due to users’ ownership/familiarity with the medium there are low training requirements • Portable and “Stealthy” It can go/get into almost anywhere
  55. 55. Benefits of Mobile Media Ministry • High Quality Video For both consumption and HD quality audio and video creation • Special media creation characteristics  The mobile’s size allows the shooting of innovative shots from unique places/angles  It is discrete and doesn’t draw attention to itself or the fact media is being created.  It is non-threatening to those being filmed
  56. 56. Benefits of Mobile Media Ministry • Special media creation characteristics (continued)  A fast turnaround for filming/editing/uploading with ability to record and either livestream or edit on the device and upload within minutes
  57. 57. Potential Drawbacks of Mobile Media Ministry • Security Concerns Not only can Christian media on it be discovered if not stored safely/securely but the device can be used to spy against its user through (among other things): - Tracking/recording phone calls, internet usage and text messages - Recording of off-phone conversations by remotely turning on the phone’s microphone - Tracking users movements using cell tower triangulation or GPS location recording.
  58. 58. Potential Drawbacks of Mobile Media Ministry • Security Concerns In restricted access/persecution situations Christian media may be relatively easy to discovered on the device if not stored safely/securely • Less-than-Ideal Viewing Experience While the quality and size of mobile device screens are growing the small size of the screen as well as limited power of device speakers can make for a poor viewing experience.
  59. 59. Potential Drawbacks of Mobile Media Ministry • Individualistic, not Community Medium While enabling a private viewing experience may be a good thing at times, the Christian faith is community-centric and God’s sheep do best as a flock rather than as individual units out among the wolves!
  60. 60. Potential Drawbacks of Mobile Media Ministry • A mobile is not the best media recorder possible  Shaky footage  Poor quality audio  Not great in low light  No optical zoom  Exposure issues with subject being blown out or a silhouette  Limited ability of iris, focus controls, and zoom  Limited memory/storage