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Mobile frame proof of delivery datasheet


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An effective Proof of Delivery (POD) solution can enable your field staff to make speedy, accurate deliveries, improving both your profitability and your customer service level at the same time. Utilizing the right combination of mobile computers and software, you can achieve significant productivity gains.

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Mobile frame proof of delivery datasheet

  1. 1. ® Configurable Mobile ApplicationsTM Schedule, Dispatch & Proof of Delivery Mobile Solutions We offer complete Proof of Delivery solutions that enhance your bottom line.An effective Proof of Delivery (POD) solution can enableyour field staff to make speedy, accurate deliveries,improving both your profitability and your customerservice levels at the same time. Utilizing the rightcombination of mobile computers and software, you canachieve significant productivity gains. MobileFrame’sprebuilt Schedule, Dispatch, Mobile Worker Tracking andProof of Delivery applications allow RFID, barcodescanning and real-time tracking of all field baseddeliveries from the time it leaves the warehouse to thetime it is delivered, with embedded photos, signaturesand voice notes to confirm transactions at every point ofyour process. Customers can view the location of alltheir delivery personnel on a map and confirm theirstatus with a simple click.Key benefits for your Schedule, Dispatch & Proof of Delivery OperationsMobileFrames unlimited capabilities and the inherent flexibility of our 100% Code Free Smart Architecture add key benefitsto your delivery operations, including: • Automates entire delivery cycle from manufacturing, warehouse, pickup, delivery, tracking, inventory and invoicing • Real-time tracking of packages and drivers, minimizing losses at every stage • Capture electronic signatures, GPS coordinates, photos, sketches and voice notes to provide real-time, indisputable delivery confirmations • Provides better customer service, less ‘lost shipments’ and ‘damaged delivery’ complaints • GPS tracking and Instant Messaging greatly increases efficiencies • Manual data entry and volumes of paperwork can be replaced with efficient, error-free systems • Our Integration Wizard integrates to any ODBC/OLEDB compatible backend system without any custom coding • Fully deploy mobile applications tailored to your unique POD business processes in one week or less and gain unmatched operational efficiencies
  2. 2. ® Configurable Mobile ApplicationsTMYou need a solution customized to your ever-changing business processes; dont settle for a simple hard-coded orpre-packaged app. With your business goals in mind, we designed our Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM software to provideunmatched flexibility, ease-of-use and speed of deployment, while meeting all of your needs. MobileFrames pre-builtfully-customizable Schedule, Dispatch and POD applications provide rich functionality out of the box, with a design tailored tosupport your business processes. Our platform requires minimal integration effort and, through our point-and-click interface,allows you to easily create new applications for any area of your business with no custom programming required. With oursoftware, you can customize and use your applications or create new ones much faster than ever before.POD Mobile Solution CapabilitiesOur Proof of Delivery mobile applications include the ability to: • Confirm delivery with electronic customer signature capture, GPS coordinates & photos of delivery • Take photographs and record notes about damaged items • Sketch or photograph delivery and damage issues • Scan barcodes and RFID tags to confirm proper pickup and delivery • View the location of drivers on a map in real-time • Provide drivers with turn-by-turn driving directions • Print or email delivery receipts (with signatures) on demand • View customer account details • Update drivers with route changes in real-time • Send Instant Messages to drivers • Geo-fencing and Accident Alarms automatically sent to management • On-site voice instructions to assist with complicated deliveriesGain a competitive advantage by replacing inefficient and error-prone paper forms for any other business process withautomated mobile solutions that boost productivity and increase revenue. Our code-free enterprise mobility platform enablesbusinesses to easily create, deploy and administer sophisticated custom mobile applications in minimal time and with minimaleffort. Our intuitive point and click system eliminates time-consuming and expensive custom coding and includes themanagement tools necessary for a successful mobility project. This allows organizations to leverage their investment acrossother operations or departments beyond proof of delivery, such as asset management, work orders, inspections, time tracking,and more. Tel: 408.885.1200 · Fax: 408-280-0555 · · MobileFrame LLC · 111 West Saint John Street, Suite 900, San Jose, CA 95113 MobileFrames products are protected, in whole or in part, by U.S. and/or foreign patents, including U.S. Patent No.’s 7,577,911, 7,730,097 and 7,565,381. Copyright 2011 MobileFrame LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.