Enterprise Mobile Apps Building Inspection


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Enterprise Mobile Apps for Building Inspection help reduce cost increase productivity and improve reporting processes. Call MobileWorxs +44 1905 799555

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Enterprise Mobile Apps Building Inspection

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobile Apps Building InspectionCopyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  2. 2. How can an App Help? • Replace paperwork with • More visits per shift. Mobile Technology. • Can be deployed to all • No more re-keying data. areas of the organization. • Create real-time • Sustainable - Create information flow between update and deploy new the back office and field applications quickly. workers. • Decrease billing cycle • Gives you the ability to times. ‘push’ jobs to workers. • Outstanding ROI • Dynamically re-allocate and schedule work.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  3. 3. Building Inspection Features • Easy to use mobile on • GPS Location screen interface. • Time and Date Stamp • Record voice memos • Signature capture • Pictures and Video • Report and/or Invoice • Sketch pad generation • Barcode Scan • Host system integration • Upload data from the field via a dock Wi-Fi or WWANCopyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  4. 4. What’s next… 1. We compare our standard app to your process. 2. We make the necessary changes to the app. 3. Deploy it on your chosen devices.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  5. 5. Select Site • Job/Site can be selected from a dropdown list/grid. • GPS location confirms the user was on site. • Start inspection tracks time on site to produce time sheets.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  6. 6. Enter Building Info • Use numeric keypads and dropdown menus for quick data input. • Dropdown data can be integrated with a backend system or used as standalone. • Validation rules can be created based on dropdown selections.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  7. 7. Barcode Scanning • Using integrated barcode scanners, data can auto- populate from the backend. • Built in qwerty keypad allows easy input where device is in lock down or where no physical keyboard in present.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  8. 8. Add/Issue PenaltiesCopyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  9. 9. Sign off • Use integrated camera’s and annotate photos to pinpoint damage. • Built in Signature capture • Billable time on site automatically calculated. • Print receipts on site using mobile printers • Send all data back to the office in real time once complete. Create reports.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  10. 10. Reports • Build exactly the reports you need. • Replicate look and feel of existing forms. • Publish in .pdf. • Email to clients in real time. • Issue Invoices in the same way.Copyright © 2013 MobileWorxs
  11. 11. About MobileWorxs MobileWorxs helps you increase the productivty and effectivess of your mobile workers by providing them with solutions that let them access legacy ERP CRM and decision managment systems elminate paper and provide enhanced customer care or sales tasks Reach us at: www.mobileworxs.comCopyright © 2013 MobileWorxs