Located in the heart of Barcelona, the Mobile
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The programme invigorates the development and
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Brochure Mobile World Capital - MWCongress 2014


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Brochure about Mobile World Capital Barcelona

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Brochure Mobile World Capital - MWCongress 2014

  1. 1. BARCELONA Located in the heart of Barcelona, the Mobile World Centre is an open platform and state of the art exhibition showroom where citizens are able to understand and experience how mobile is enhancing our lives. It offers a year-round exhibition showroom that combines a broad range of activities, programmes and content exhibitions for all citizens. Mobile World Capital Barcelona presents a global vision that effectively integrates mobile technologies into the fabric of the industries transforming our lives. It is committed to: Drive the global transformation process made possible by mobile technologies. Bolster the global positioning of Europe, Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona in innovation and technology. Facilitate the transformation of mobile ideas into innovative bussinesses. FOUNDING PARTNERS
  2. 2. MWCAPITAL STRATEGIC PROGRAMMES Mobile Transformation Programme The programme invigorates the development and adoption of mobile technology solutions to transform the strategic sectors, positioning the city and the country as a mobile world reference and enriching our business fabric. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme Competence Centre Programme Designed to transform Barcelona into the benchmark city for the development of new mobile businesses. This programme embraces mobile technologies as an opportunity for transformation in the areas of mHealth, mEducation and mSmartCities in alignment with the global and European agenda. From gaining a mobile entrepreneurial attitude, consolidating the mobile community, finding people with innovative assets, to scaling businesses and developing markets. 4 YEARS FROM NOW · Retail This event provides a real hands on experience that will help entrepreneurs get to the next level. Attendees build a larger international network, with real feedback on concepts, and find the resources to accelerate their current or future business. · Tourism · Creative Industries An initiative that extends the mobile offering to the citizens and visitors of Barcelona by building a catalogue of activities, experiences and proposals illustrating the potential of mobile transformation and how it can improve their everyday lives. Thanks to Mobile Ready initiatives a mobile device becomes the perfect partner to live and visit Barcelona. Has the objective of promoting the improvement of the welfare and health of citizens by personalising services based on mobile technology by undertaking initiatives in a number of areas: It focuses primarily on the transformation of three main sectors: Mobile Ready mHealth BUILD MOBILE IDEAS AND STARTUPS It includes a wide program of conferences, workshops, pitches and expert meetings and will gather the best mobile industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and digital experts along with renowned accelerators, incubators and investors. 4YFN is for all entrepreneurs at any stage of the entrepreneurial process. From individuals seeking inspiration to get started, validation of an idea or an opportunity to build quality contacts, to start ups looking for talent, specific advice or financing. Standards & interoperability · Chronic Conditions · Health education & wellness · Mental health · Mobile pharma · Mobile personal health record · mHealth professionals & and patients training mEducation mSchools programme: a new way of teaching and learning. A Multi-faced initiative embracing mobile technologies to engage schools, teachers, students and industry professionals that opens up new ways of teaching and learning, improving achievement and employability. One programme, three focus areas: · Encourage learning with Mobile · Improve digital skills and entrepreneurial spirit · Build an open environment for mEducation. mSmart City Transforming Barcelona into a self-suficient, hiperconnected and zeroemissions city. Integrating mobile technology to make life in the city into a better, easier and smarter one.