mSchools Program Presentation - Mobile World Capital Barcelona


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mSchools Program Presentation - Mobile World Capital Barcelona

  1. 1. A Initiative of: In Partnership with:
  2. 2. We believe that we live in very challenging times for education and educational policy makers around the world. Improving the reach and the quality of education is a global issue.
  3. 3. We believe that mobile technology has enormous potential to improve the engagement of students in their academic studies. Academic success Drop out rates
  4. 4. We believe that mobile technology has the ability to change and empower student’s lives. Better prepared students Unmotivated students
  5. 5. We believe that mobile technology frees the imagination to new ways of teaching and learning. The adoption of mEducation will shape the future of society. Creative learning formulas Traditional teaching
  6. 6. The aim of mSchools initiative in the Mobile World Capital is to fuel the academic ecosystem, enhance learning outcomes and embrace mobile technologies as an opportunity for change.
  7. 7. mSchools is comprised of four unique elements:
  8. 8. App Education Course
  9. 9. App Education Course Mobile Learning Awards
  10. 10. App Education Course Mobile Learning Awards Mobile History Map
  11. 11. App Education Course Entrepreneurship in mEducation Mobile Learning Awards Mobile History Map
  12. 12. App Education Course • A computer science elective offered in Catalan high schools • Based on application design and prototype development. • Aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes amongst students • Supported by the collaboration and mentoring of local industries
  13. 13. • Recognizes the integral role of mobile technology in education. • Supported by the Generalitat of Catalunya • Demonstrates Mobile Education trends in mSchools. • Honours innovative teacher and student-led projects. • Three Award Categories: — Students: videos showcasing mEducation initiatives — Students: app ideas generation — Teachers: innovative mEducation initiatives Mobile Learning Awards
  14. 14. Mobile History Map • Mobile technologies applied to Humanities. • A geo-positioning app allowing students to collaboratively create or edit content on relevant points of interest within one kilometre of their schools • Advocates the use of mobile technologies applied to non-technical subjects.
  15. 15. Entrepreneurship in mEducation • A programme designed to foster and promote local mEducation initiatives led by teacher and industry partnerships. • Encourages the development of education solutions. • Facilitates partnerships between industry and mSchools.
  16. 16. The sum of all initiatives makes mSchools a successful program.
  17. 17. We encourage you to join the mSchools Programme. For more information please visit:
  18. 18. A Initiative of: In Partnership with: