Presentation Samir Mobilewish Esspl Seminar 2007


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This is the presentation I gave at ESSPL ( tech Seminar held in Bhubaneswar in 2007 on my proof of concept mobile application MobileWish. For more details on MobileWish visit .

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  • During last 2-3 months I found some relaxed hours between my project schedules and at home. So I thought why not explore the emerging opportunities that are now evolving with the rise of the new media convergence. And the time spent creatively for this mission made this project MobileWish to life. This presentation covers a brief overview of this solution.
  • Presentation Samir Mobilewish Esspl Seminar 2007

    1. 1. A Presentation by : Samir K. Dash. Systems Consultant, Enterprise System Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    2. 2. web based client to let users send and receive e-cards anywhere any time. World’s first complete mobile greetings solution. One of the best examples available today representing the potentiality of Flash Lite. What is MobileWish ?
    3. 3. How MobileWish Works ?
    4. 4. Technologies behind it Adobe Flash Lite 2/2.1 Mobile Profile. Action Script 2 (OOP) ASP (as server side script) XML ( for data portability and storage) MDB (for secure data storage) Flash 8 Professional with Flash Lite SDK Adobe Photoshop CS2 Adobe Dreamweaver 8 Symbian Series 60 Development Tools
    5. 5. Technologies in Action Registration Sign In Receive Card Send Card Create Profile Create unique ID for user Saved the data in data base using ASP Save users data on mobile for later use Saved these data in Flash Lite Shared Object on the mobile phone Verify the authentication of the user Used ASP to match the password from the database Populate the inbox list with the received card details Used XML for porting data AS2 to create a Listbox component that can populate these data. Populate the gallery list with the available cards XML, AS2
    6. 6. Screenshots
    7. 7. Registration
    8. 8. Profile setup & Login
    9. 9. Receive and Delete Card
    10. 10. Send a Card
    11. 11. Updated our skill set to Flash Mobile Profile 1.1, 2 and 2.1 Learned about application building process for Symbian , UIQ, BREW based phones Studied about resource and memory limitations in mobile devices Learned about graphics and data optimization – simplified XML, images, swf resources. Learned about XML, ASP and MS Access database. Learned about WAP CSS and XHTML MP to be used in our applications. Communicated with Symbian mobile developers e.g. Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group Learn, Learn and Learn till you got it !
    12. 12. Hosted a site to allow free downloads Published announcements at MXNA 2.0 RSS Communicated with adobe developers UG and become a member of BAMaDUG Became a member of Adobe Mobile Developers program. Submitted at Business Plan Competition hosted by Nokia, FinNode, Red Herring Plans to make it an entry at Flash Lite contest by BAMaDUG and Moket CN Marketing Strategy – Let everyone know it !
    13. 13. What is MobileWish ? MobileWish application proves that opportunities are all around you to explore your creativity. All you need to do is to open your eyes and start exploring !
    14. 14. Thank You !