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Infographic: The Full-stack Roles in DesOps :


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©2018,”The Full-stack Roles in DesOps” by Samir Dash.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

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Typically the phrase “full-stack” (or full-stack developer) refers to someone who is someone comfortable and could single-handedly tackle every layer of software development. Typically DevOps engineers and full-stack developers share the same philosophical traits -- they strive for greater agility and flexibility and hint at a trend towards greater generalization in the skillset of technical professionals. In case of the full-stack designer, he grows into a cross-disciplinary professional who can handle across Interaction Design, Visual Design as well as UI Development or prototyping. This helps to reduce the gaps between the outputs from these different and the effort that goes into the translation of concept flowing from one stage to another, where there are many roles assigned to more than one persons are involved (And remember that one of the key principles of DesOps is to remove waste by applying practices like Lean models).

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Infographic: The Full-stack Roles in DesOps :

  1. 1. ( The full-stack roles in design & development ) The Full-Stack Roles in DesOps IA + Interaction Design Visual Design UI Development Backend Development Full-Stack Pro. Full Stack Designer Heuristic Evaluation User Research Information Architecture Wire-framing Paper-prototyping User-journey map Visual Design High fidelity Mockups/Comps Graphic Assets Visual Story boarding Interactive Prototyping Responsive UI Front end frameworks & Libraries HTML JS CSS Backend Application Languages & Frameworks (Java, .Net etc. ) Backend Databases (SQL, MangoDB etc.) Backend Deployment Cloud Infrastructure, Containers etc. FullStack Developer © 2018, "The Full-Stack Roles in DesOps” by Samir Dash. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License. Download from: