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This is all about the common belief that true love is heavenly, hence it is not possible to achieve it while fulfilling all passions, lust and all those that drive man and his instincts. In this poem in 12 sections different personas carry on the same story. At all the stages of life, the painter and his beloved act as the ultimate reference to their beliefs on love. They sprinkle love, but by the end we see that both of them though separated are forced to suffer. The woman pays for her fault, but you may ask, what was the fault of the painter? In my view in love two souls contribute to the bond. The suffering of the innocent painter is inevitable… he suffers for his love and perhaps this is the law that works on this earth and controls the fate of each pair of lovers — whether attached or separated.
Eliotian vision revisited in the context of love and betrayal in this 21st century epic poem with 12 sections.

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