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Mobile UX London 2018 Lightning Talk - Leontina Mati, UX Researcher, Travel Republic


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The travel industry has seen a massive transformation in the mobile experience.
Mobile is replacing paper and high street holiday booking.
It is an essential device in all the stages of the trip enhances the traveler experience from end to beginning.

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Mobile UX London 2018 Lightning Talk - Leontina Mati, UX Researcher, Travel Republic

  1. 1. Mobile technology in travel industry
  2. 2. “…any predictions we make now will quickly be outdated. …So, if we can’t predict the future, what can we do? We can look at trends and recent technical innovations. We can get inside the heads of users who ultimately decide what technology lives or dies.” Tom Grinsted, the Guardian
  3. 3. Mobile technology has been a big game changer
  4. 4. Travel and tourism is no longer about high street travel agents How we book our holidays now How our parents used to book holidays
  5. 5. 80% of the UK population prefer to book a holiday online (according to a study run by ABTA)
  6. 6. 85% of the online customers book their holidays on a PC or laptop
  7. 7. Is the desktop version of a travel website more important than mobile?
  8. 8. A customer journey map can answer the question UX research study: ● 30 interviews with various types of travelers (solos, families, groups, couples, luxury travelers) ● Online survey collecting 1000 responses
  9. 9. Channels used during the customer journey Mobile -- Laptop/Tablet -- Back to Mobile
  10. 10. Users have different expectations from mobile ● Accepted limitations ● No time to waste ● Inspiration ● Always at hand don’t mind scrolling on mobile an easy and straightforward journey engaging, evocative content quick access to booking information
  11. 11. Why is it important to offer a seamless mobile experience? ● 30% of desktop traffic comes from mobile ● If the mobile website is not user friendly, new users wouldn’t check the desktop version ● Bookers download the travel app just before the trip and uninstall it when they return from their holiday.
  12. 12. The question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘how’ to make the mobile experience better
  13. 13. Mobile websites are quick and easy to get to, but less pleasant in terms of user experience.
  14. 14. Native apps provide the finest user experience, but they require a download. According to comScore, 51% of consumers download zero apps per month.
  15. 15. What about having a mobile website that can be used as a mobile app?
  16. 16. PWA (progressive web app) combines the best elements of mobile sites and native apps while mitigating their disadvantages.
  17. 17. Progressive Web Apps Responsive Independent of Connectivity Fast Push Notifications Bye Bye App Store Location Access Up-to-Date Homescreen Shortcuts
  18. 18. Email notification to download ‘Your booking PWA’ Save ‘Your booking PWA’ to your screen and get access to your booking at any time Useful information during the trip & push notifications such as gate changes Your Booking PWA Opportunities for travel
  19. 19. PWAs are the best way to stay ahead of the curve in the mobile industry
  20. 20. Mobile technology is constantly evolving and the travel industry will do the same Besides PWA, there are AI, AR, VR, Haptic technologies that will enrich the travel experience and make our holidays choice even easier and better than it is.
  21. 21. Thank You