Matteo Crippa: ResearchKit: an open source framework by Apple for medical research.

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an open source framework for medical research.
Development Day
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I worked for 5+ years in a digital agency as a web and mobile developer, then I switched to an Apple B2B partner company.

Now I work @, an awesome crew of worldwide senior developers.
Matteo Crippa
Sr. Software Developer & Founder
A little preview of our next 28 minutes.
1 HealthKit, a quick overview.
2 ResearchKit, what is it?
3 ResearchKit, case histories.
4 Q&A +
a quick overview
All your health in a
comprehensive dashboard.
Track multiple data, from
different sources, and manage
them all with Health app.
900+ apps
use HealthKit.
what is it?
opensource since, march 2015
๏ limited participation
๏ subjective information
๏ infrequent data
๏ one-way
medical research, nowadays
๏ wider reach
๏ consistent data
๏ continuous stream of
๏ feedback for
and with RK
consent survey active task
๏ obtain consent from
๏ templates that can be
used according your
๏ signature
๏ pdf generator
๏ standard UI templates
๏ single or multiple
๏ complex form
๏ optional task
active task
๏ semi-controlled test
๏ device sensors
๏ third party hardware
pick your favorite one!
RK is backendless…
case histories
in 7 months, more than 80k subscribers
my Heart Counts by Stanford University
in 24 hours, more than 10k subscribers
who we are
SDaaS - Software Development as a Service
We are in love with technology, we
like to test new framework and
help open-source projects
On the edge
We’re your projects wings, as
good co-pilots we can help your
team to follow the right way.
Stabilise your wings
Each project is unique, we can
help you in boosting your project
setup and development. We’re
good pilots with awesome skill.
Are you ready for hyperspace?
Good Driving Skills
Our propeller is the mentorship,
we can help the growth of your
team providing technical &
strategic support during
Ignite the rockets
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Matteo Crippa: ResearchKit: an open source framework by Apple for medical research.