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Managing a Mobile Sales Team


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This is your ultimate guide to successfully managing a mobile sales team.

Published in: Technology
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Managing a Mobile Sales Team

  1. 1. What is So Atypical About a Mobile Sales Team? Unlike other members of your organization, your salesforce may always be on the move. If your salesforce spends a lot of time in the office, filling out reports and getting an update of projects or products, it can cost your company dearly. Instead, your sales force should be meeting prospective customers, while also being able to smoothly coordinate with the office.
  2. 2. Challenges in Managing a Sales Team Coordinating with the team to receive regular reports and also updating them about new offerings Keeping the motivation levels high Relationship building Creating a unified company culture
  3. 3. Essentials of Managing a Sales Team that is On the Go The Leadership Should: Recognize and understand the challenges and consciously try to overcome them Set up reliable communication systems Allocate time to communicate with the salesforce on a regular basis Plan for training sessions Define sales strategies and break them into concrete tasks and targets
  4. 4. Essentials of Managing a Sales Team that is On the Go The system to manage the salesforce should: Ensure the policies and processes are simple and streamlined Clearly define practices and processes Integrate technology into existing systems Clearly define objectives Defined tasks, roles, responsibilities and expectations Provide support for queries
  5. 5. Leverage Technology to Manage the Sales Team Timely access to critical customer information Access to real-time sales information Continuous access to the latest company presentations, product specs, sales figures, inventory reports, product presentations, etc Ability to quickly input sales data and updates of a prospective customer Easy access to contracts and other documents Technology has come a long way in providing more effective and efficient ways to manage a sales team that is always on the move:
  6. 6. Additional Advantages of Using Technology to Manage the Sales Team Shortens the sales cycle Improves customer experience Increases sales Boosts retention of sales personnel Helps to build a cohesive team
  7. 7. Why Choose a Mobile Application to Manage Your Sales Team? For your salesforce, a smartphone has a number of advantages over a laptop: Cheaper device Easier for your salesforce to carry around Lower boot time (probably already switched on) Takes up less space at the customer’s location Longer battery life
  8. 8. Mobile App to Effectively Manage a Mobile Sales Team The essentials of a mobile app to effectively manage a mobile salesforce are: Powerful and comprehensive tools to streamline communication User friendly, with an intuitive workflow High level of data integrity and accountability Real-time reporting and consolidation points Interactive reporting to company executives
  9. 9. High-Quality Mobile App to Boost the Productivity of Your Sales Team Visit: Or Call: (732) 409-6068