The Power of Sales-Marketing Alignment to Enable Sales & Improve Business Performance


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This presentation explains how to streamline, automate and support sales enablement so effectively that you’ll feel like you have an army of marketers in the field. Hear from the VP of Demand Generation, Meagen Eisenberg, DocuSign and Robert Moreau, CEO of Zyphias Group.

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  • Moderator introduces by name, each speaker gives 1 minute background highlightMeagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation, DocuSign -- Meagen has spent over 19 years in high-tech. In 2012 she received the SuperNova Award in Matrix Commerce and in 2011 the Marketing Visionary Markie award within the marketing automation field. She has an MBA from Yale SOM, and a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS and a minor in CSC from Cal Poly – SLO.Robert J. Moreau, CEO at Zyphias Group - Robert is a successful entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive that for the past 14 years has been at the forefront of the fusion and integration of sales, marketing and technology. He has presented worldwide at over 100 conferences and for multiple universities and top analysts on the subjects of sales and marketing alignment, revenue performance management, demand generation, marketing/sales technology, business intelligence and leadership. Moderator: Chanin Ballance, CEO MobilePaks -- Chanin Ballance is CEO at both VIA and MobilePaks. She frequently speaks about learning, mobile engagement and multicultural solutions and has written for prominent industry publications like Chief Marketer, Chief Learning Officer and more.
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  • Many companies have a fairly good understanding of the stages or states a customer or potential customer goes through to acquire their product, service or solutions – to understand the customer journey you must also understand the emotional or sub-conscious aspects of their engagement through those stages. There is great opportunity here to better engage with your customers. Examples of Emotions might include ConfusionHesitationConcernExcitementFrustrationAdvocation
  • It’s an evolution in how an organization thinks about customer engagementA customer journey is customer/buyer-centricCustomers interactions cut across multiple touch pointsDifferent customers take different journeysIt includes emotions and sub-conscious actions as well as explicit and implicit activitiesI have an example of a typical B2B customer buying process on the next slide – B2C would be different.
  • Depending on the research over 70% of the customers buying process starts before they engage with your company. They are online first – this is an OPPORTUNITY to understand more about them and further empower sales with KEY information on how to best communicate with them. Beyond this point many companies don’t realize that over 90% of their web visitors are anonymous. All speak to the importance of understanding the buyer process as well as the journeys your customers go through.
  • Perform Q&Q researchBIG Data/Database Analysis & Research Talk to your Customers (they can be your biggest asset, few companies to a good or CONSISTENT job of doing this)Talk to your Front-Line Employees (Sales, Customer Service)Customer buying process will be different for each organization. B2C could be a faster, more transactional buying process and could encompass ecommerce aas well as brick and mortar sales. B2B can having buying processes that range from 3 years (GE Healthcare) to 1-3 Months (have multiple examples)Make sure you know each place your customers interact with you and for what reason.Customer Interaction Point Examples:New Business = Web, Sales, Sales Engineering, Retail AssociateOnboarding = Training, Strategy, Help DeskProduct Issue/Challenges = Customer Support, Service SupportCPP: This is KEY to understanding the key drivers to why customers buy as well as why they do NOT. You need to learn from each and continue to “listen”.Pain Point Examples:More effective sales trainingFaster Internet at HomeBetter manage our influx of data
  • 1. Develop PersonasReview Buyer Insights via Analytics and Sales/Marketing ReportsPersonal Info (married, kids, incomes, ages, etc)Function/Role (i.e. Sr/Exec/Marketing/Influencer)Interaction With Your Business (product purchased, amount, type, length of sales cycle, point(s) of contact, loyalty metrics, etc.) – Mention MOBILE.Test, Test, Analyze and REFINE!Track Content ConsumptionWhat do people read? Where are they going online and how long are they staying?How are they accessing that content (mobile, desktop, social, etc)3. Customer Buyer Process is the FoundationIncludes the Emotional/Sub-Conscious Aspects of their journeyStart with 1 – 3 journeys (renewal, new business lead, support, etc)
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  • In terms of a quick introduction to DocuSign, DocuSign is the global leader for eSignature.Our vision is to “empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime.” We are 100% focused on delivering on this vision. We have a large and growing customer base. We have over 50 million unique users who have signed more than 300 million documents to date. We are adding more than 60,000 unique users on average per day (that’s almost one a second).We also lead the market in terms of market share, transaction volume and number of partners. Two thirds of documents signed in the cloud are DocuSigned – more than all others combined.We operate globally, with people signing in 189 different countries using 43 different languages.We are a SaaS business, operating in the cloud, which enables rapid and cost effective deployment51% of DocuSigned documents are completed within 1 hour46% of all DocuSigned documents are sent using the DocuSign APIMore than 1.35 million copies of DocuSign Ink have been downloaded to date
  • Map buyer’s journey to sales cycleUnderstand the entire lead life cycle to closed-wonJointly define and accept waterfall conversion metricsCreate and iterate on lead scoring methodologyDevelop the content menu and roadmap together
  • Make key information convenient for sales reps
  • Eloqua Campaign ManagementProven Campaign Design and Management ToolsCampaign management software gives Modern Marketers the blueprints they need to build and launch successful campaigns. Award-winning marketers automate the process from the most basic email marketing campaigns to sophisticated event-triggered content marketing programs. Easy to use and powerful.With intuitive marketing automation software, the power to nurture prospects and streamline customer communications is at your fingertips. Transform the way marketing aligns to the business with structured integrated programs.Create, measure, and repeat success.Automate marketing campaigns to scale your marketing operations, create best practice processes, and optimize program success.
  • CRM Grows RevenueTo grow revenue you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that helps you track sales activity—every lead, opportunity, and customer, especially when you’re on the go. In today’s mobile business environment, there’s no reason for a big up-front software investment that's expensive to install and maintain.World’s #1 CRM SolutionToday, over 100,000 of the world’s most innovative companies—large, medium, and small—use Salesforce to close bigger deals faster. Using Salesforce is as easy as buying a book on That means your employees will use it, so it will be a more effective tool for your business to collaborate, mobilize, and grow revenue. Customers, analysts, and industry experts agree: Salesforce = ease of use.
  • GoodataIBM CognosHootsuiteTableauOracleSAS
  • Yesmail’s products are continually evolving through agile development and MobilePaks enables the company to push new information faster to keep its employees up-to-date. With MobilePaks Yesmail can create and share their own Paks quickly and easily with their account managers and other support staff whenever they have new product updates.
  • Tip sheet as a take away – easier, better, faster.
  • The Power of Sales-Marketing Alignment to Enable Sales & Improve Business Performance

    1. 1. The Power of Sales-Marketing Alignment to Enable Sales & Improve Business Performance
    2. 2. Welcome/Agenda How to empower your sales team to meet customer needs. How to overcome the common challenges to successful alignment, including examples from DocuSign. How to use technology to improve time-management, boost performance and increase lead conversion.
    3. 3. Speakers Meagen Eisenberg VP of Demand Generation, DocuSign Robert J. Moreau CEO, Zyphias Group Moderator: Chanin Ballance CEO, MobilePaks
    4. 4. How to empower your sales team to meet customer needs.
    5. 5. Why is Sales-Marketing Alignment important? “Companies that are best-in-class at aligning Marketing and Sales experienced an average of 20% growth in annual revenue, compared to a 4% decline in “laggard” organizations.” – Aberdeen Research
    6. 6. Understand Your Customers Journey To understand the customers journey and map it you must understand the sub-conscious and emotional aspects of that journey.
    7. 7. The customer buying process is the foundation of your customer journey map. 1. It’s an evolution in how an organization thinks about customer engagement 2. A customer journey is customer/buyer-centric • Customers interactions cut across multiple touch points • Different customers take different journeys 3. It includes emotions and sub-conscious actions as well as explicit and implicit activities
    8. 8. 70% of the Buying Process is done Prior to engaging sales
    9. 9. How do I identify a customer’s journey? 1. Perform qualitative and quantitative research 2. Map/Document the customer buying process 3. Identify KEY customer interactions & pain points
    10. 10. How do I identify a customer’s journey? 4. Develop Personas – Start with a Few 5. Track Content Consumption 6. Create Customer/Buyer Journey Maps
    11. 11. How does it enable sales? 1. Shortens sales cycle by enabling marketing to better document each of their roles in the journey 2. Gives them better tools to address objections and alleviate “going dark” times in the sales cycle 3. They gain better clarity into the implicit and explicit as well as the emotional traits of their customers and prospects 4. Improves the content marketing & creates – more valuable buyer-centric content
    12. 12. How to overcome the common challenges to successful alignment. Lessons learned from DocuSign
    13. 13. About DocuSign Leader in Users Vision Empower organizations to “keep business digital.” Leader Among Analysts Leader in Market Share #1 #1 #1 eSignature Wave eSignature Takes Off eSignature Solutions
    14. 14. 67% Buyers Journey is Online 58% Leads are Web-Based 52% Lost Sales Due to Failure of Sales Enablement = Sales & Marketing Alignment is Business Critical
    15. 15. Three Basic Steps at DocuSign to Align 1. Build together 2. Transparency in results 3. Constant communication
    16. 16. Build Together
    17. 17. Transparency in Results •Real-time dashboards •ROI on marketing spend
    18. 18. Constant Communication Partner with sales in a habitual way •Be creative •Run a pilot with a select group •After pilot, roll out to larger team at SKO •Ensure sales team understands value proposition •Executive support •Training, training, training •Weekly feedback loop •On-boarding is key
    19. 19. Results •Incredible insights and efficiencies gained •Increased lead conversion •Predictable revenue •Sales and marketing partnership
    20. 20. How to use technology to: •Improve time-management •Boost performance •Increase lead conversion
    21. 21. Marketing Technology
    22. 22. CRM
    23. 23. Business Intelligence
    24. 24. Sale effectiveness tools Mobilepaks: On-demand sales support, content management and tracking; present & share features Other sales tools • Proposal and RFP automation • Contract and order entry • Prospect intelligence • Presentation
    25. 25. Summary/Q&A • What we covered today • Questions from our audience?
    26. 26. Thank you for attending. A copy of the presentation will be sent out shortly. Join us for our next webinar: • 10/24 Sales training doesn't have to suck. Make it relevant and engaging • 11/6 Sales Enablement – Evolving from random acts to a holistic system For more information, contact us at