Scan life dave marutiak - mobile retail summit - final


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Scan life dave marutiak - mobile retail summit - final

  1. 1. Everything has a story. Let ScanLife tell itMobile Retail SummitSegment on “In Store Price Comparisons”London, January 26th, 2012Dave MarutiakScanbuy UK
  2. 2. How the phone can help you close the sale in store, using on-shelf links to information on the mobile web2
  3. 3. Quick background on definitions used today 2D Codes: EZcode Datamatrix QR Code 1D Codes: Universal Product Code (UPC) -or- European Article Number (EAN)3
  4. 4. What are they scanning? ScanLife traffic of 1D (UPC/EAN) scans for comparison shopping (/mo) Average user scans 3-5 times a month4
  5. 5. Top UPC/EAN FeaturesWhy are they scanning? (70% have used smartphones Reviews 3% Online Prices while shopping) Local Prices 4% 60% Product Details 16% Coupons 17%When are they scanning? Most users interested in getting (during shopping process) confirmation on price or coupons Start Throughout Middle End 41% 36% 25% 7%
  6. 6. In the US, 40% of 2D (e.g., QR codes) are scanned in store Source of Scanned QR Code Location When Scanning QR Code Storefront TV Printed 7% 7% Magazine or Outside or on Restaurant At Home Business Card Newspaper Public Transit 5% 36% or Brochure 28% 8% 8% At Work 12% Poster or Flyer or Kiosk 14% Grocery Store Product 15% Website on Packaging PC 20% Retail Store 16% 24%Total Mobile Audience U.S. Age 13+Source: comScore MobiLens June 2011
  7. 7. 2D codes offer a lot What’s different more flexibility than 1D between 1D and 2D codes when scanned? Go to website Save a contact Initiate a call Send an SMS Send an email Lotto/collection Multi-action menu Send a tweet7
  8. 8. What was scanned? Every scan When? generates valuable data Where? By who?8
  9. 9. ScanLife offers centralized Code Management Create, modify, and track codes. Anytime. Access from anywhere. Flexible user rights acrossunique groups.View analytics any time.9
  10. 10. Changing Demographics of Users
  11. 11. ScanLife Shopper Experience Scan a UPC code View options Scan any UPC code to view a wide variety of aggregated content like prices, reviews, coupons, and more.1111 Available with AF camera devices
  12. 12. Accuracy of Product Data Remains a Big Problem for the Industry12
  13. 13. What Data do Consumers Want?13
  14. 14. How is it Being Addressed?14 Using GS1Brand Certified Data
  15. 15. ScanLife Ad ChannelRetailer Scenario Insert ad unit… Buy Now …remove competitive pricing
  16. 16. Frito Lay Campaign Example Placed banner against Food category 3.4% Click Through Rate! >5x industry avg. (0.61%, MediaMind, 6/11)
  17. 17. Creative Unit Options Basic Banner Ad Full Page Extended Banner with Sharing17
  18. 18. Outside StoresPut your store front to work 24/7/365 days
  19. 19. Summary 1. Consumer use of mobile barcode scanning in-store continues to grow rapidly, and demographics are approaching the norm 2. Although dominated by comparison shopping, there is rapid growth in consumers seeking in-store coupons as well -> a demonstrated ability to close the sale immediately 3. Barcode suppliers are offering retailers the ability to provide both enhanced product information as well as their own coupons and advertisements 4. The rapid expansion of QR Codes outside the store is being followed by their expanded use within the store as well 5. Poor quality product data (e.g., crowd-sourced) is being replaced by an ability for brands to provide their certified product data directly, often via partnerships with GS119
  20. 20. Scan for more info. Dave Marutiak, Managing Director Go to to download for free. Scanbuy UK Dave Allen, Vice President of Sales Scanbuy UK 42 Station Road | Frimley, Surrey | GU16 7HF | | +44 (0) 7785-225447 | Scanbuy, ScanLife, the Scanbuy and ScanLife logos are trademarks of Scanbuy Inc. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, service markers or registered service marks are the property of their respective owner(s). ©2011 Scanbuy Inc. All rights reserved.20