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Netsize - Peter Garside - Mobile Retail Summit - Dot Media

  1. 1. SMS Text Messaging Peter Garside, Sales Director May, 2014 Every message means business!
  2. 2. The past was........... SMS Text Messaging? 2Netsize - Messaging
  3. 3. The future is..............SMS Text Messaging for Application to Person 3Netsize - Messaging Brands Employers Clubs Schools
  4. 4. We love SMS! 4 SMS
  5. 5. Forecast 5 Sources: A2P SMS Market Analysis & Forecast and Informa Telecoms & Media: VoIP and IP Messaging, Revenue forecast is Juniper Research and : Information and Communication A2P growing by 32% A2P worth $70 billion by 2016, overtaking P2P A2P increasingly important for operators IM is growing by 40%
  6. 6. Mobile Strategies with Brands 6Netsize - Messaging If you don’t have a mobile strategy you don’t have a future strategy Eric Schmidt, Google If you don’t have an SMS strategy you don’t have a future strategy Peter Garside, Netsize 57% of consumers say they would be interested in opting into a brand’s SMS loyalty program 90% of mobile users who participated in an SMS loyalty program felt they had gained value from it 80% of consumers say they have not been marketed to via SMS by their favourite brands Source: Hipcricket
  7. 7. 22% of emails are read 29% of Tweets are read 12% of Facebook posts read Communication with Customers, Employees, Pupils and Members 7Netsize - MessagingSource: Frost and Sullivan
  8. 8. Who reads SMS? 8Netsize - Messaging 98% of Text Messages are ReadSource: Frost and Sullivan
  9. 9. What about Apps? 9Netsize - Messaging
  10. 10. App Usage in the UK 10Netsize - MessagingSource
  11. 11. Why does SMS cut the time to reach a consumer? 11 • to use and click throughEasy • 100% of mobiles in EuropeContact • through the noise of email and social networkingCuts • of SMSs is low due to priceAmount • SMS messages are opened quicker than emailTime
  12. 12. SMS is used everywhere 12Netsize - Messaging
  13. 13. Real Text Alert Services 13Netsize - Messaging
  14. 14. Argos – Stock check, reserve, buy 14Netsize - Messaging
  15. 15. Using SMS Text Messages for Delivery Orders 15Netsize - Messaging
  16. 16. Pin by SMS can be integrated with standard paper solutions Post can take a couple of days and SMS is instant Very secure to have card by post and PIN by phone Pin by SMS for Credit and Debit cards 16Netsize - Messaging
  17. 17. SMS Text Messaging and Surveys 17Netsize - Messaging
  18. 18. Point of sale in shops and online Advertising, competitions and promotions in shops and online  Text ‘Great deal’ to 87000  ‘What is the average dress size in Europe?’ : Text A, B, or C to 87000  Text web to 87000 to view our new web  Join a retail club via text to receive exciting promotions Through an App During a customer care call Brands : How do get the phone numbers? 18Netsize - Messaging
  19. 19. Quality is King but what is quality? 19Netsize - Messaging Delivery Rate Local Supplier Ported Number Support Reach Capacity & Speed Failover Error codes Direct Connect 27/7 Support
  20. 20. Offices (21) Paris, Stockholm, London & Guilford, Rome, Madrid, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and many more Payment Service in 50+ markets Messaging Reach in 240 countries Direct relationship with 160 mobile operators More than 2B Mobile Transactions / Year Consumer spend processed ~ 500M€ System availability > 99,99% Only global player offering subscription payment model “Netsize is supremely strong across most of Europe” The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Messaging Vendors, Q4 2009 20 Netsize Today
  21. 21. Thank you for listening! Peter Garside, Sales Director May, 2014
  22. 22. Complexity Under the Bonnet 22 SMS Quality Direct Connections AA19 Operator blocking Grey Routes SS7 Connection Indirect Connections (aggregators) SIM Farms International Complexity
  23. 23. Why Netsize is a star! Glocal Player