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Making Sense of Programmatic Buying - Jampp - Leveraging rtb for app promotion


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Making Sense of Programmatic Buying

Published in: Mobile, Technology, Business
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Making Sense of Programmatic Buying - Jampp - Leveraging rtb for app promotion

  1. 1. Leveraging RTB to Promote Mobile Apps by Joana Picq
  2. 2. To do business, companies need people to use their apps of all mobile activity is done through apps 87%
  3. 3. Companies need a way to re-engage with their mobile users use the app after 6 months 5%
  4. 4. Mobile - A New Ball Game Traditional digital agencies have no expertise nor technology to deliver mobile app users There are +250 Mobile Ad Networks - fragmented with limited and duplicated inventory. Too many sources +250 Networks Difficult to measure ROI Click-to-Store-to-App. Complex to measure how effective each device, creative and traffic source is. App Discovery Low search overall, high App activity and engagement.
  5. 5. Real Time Mobile Install
  6. 6. Real Time Conversion on Mobile
  7. 7. A Long Funnel to Optimize Impression Click InstallApp Store Post-install High TechLow Tech
  8. 8. So, why RTB?
  9. 9. Why RTB: App Installs Access to the world’s mobile inventory (very fragmented space) We can cherry-pick which ad space to buy, when, for how much, with what banner, to get an active user for each app Only way to do it at scale. Otherwise, how can you manage and optimize +100 hyper targeted campaigns for 1 app?
  10. 10. Why RTB: App Installs
  11. 11. Why RTB: Re-Engagement No cookies. This is the only way way to find people who already installed an app. Deeplinking. We bring the user to a specific section within the app. App Activity Data Integration to decide user’s value in real time Dynamic Creative Creation. Personalized Ads In real- time
  12. 12. Why RTB: Re-Engagement Users have already installed your app on their phone, we obtain their device IDs. 1 While visiting a mobile website or using another app, we identify them and show them a custom ad. 2 Once they click, they are directed to a specific section within your app 3
  13. 13. Very COMPLEX Problem But, it’s working 35.000 ! bids per second 40! countries High! quality of mobile users
  14. 14. App User Acquisition and Retargeting +3,000,000 App Installs in 350 campaigns every month+200 Billion monthly impressions We manage your entire app promotion and re-targeting process by planning, executing, tracking and optimising your mobile advertising across +150 mobile ad networks & RTB Exchanges. We only charge on performance, on a Cost Per Install ( App Installs Re-targeting
  15. 15. Q&A Joana Picq - Head of International @jopicq @jampp