Global bay justin coward - mobile retail summit


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Global bay justin coward - mobile retail summit

  1. 1. IPAD RETAILING & MO BILE PO INT O F SALE Reducing Walkways and Increasing Average Transaction Size
  2. 2. THE NEW PRODUCT LANDSCAPEconsumer executive store M-Commerce mPOS Secure Flash Sales Social Media Kiosk Store Walkthrough Interactive Inventory Dashboard GLOBAL BAY MOBILE PLATFORM
  3. 3. TRENDS Drive eCommerce revenue In & Out of store Increase Units Per Transaction (UPT’s) Provide Concierge level service Native consumer & store applications linked to eCommerce site Connected consumer profiles in and out of store MPOS and CRM inherently linked – Queue busting – Mobile checkout – High value experience Social Media integration
  4. 4. R E TA I L S T O R E I PA D O P P O R T U N I T I E S ? ?Self Service Opportunities? Sales-Floor Selling? Back Office?
  5. 5. G L O B A L B AY | I PA D R E TA I L I N G Features Include – App Creation – AD Management and Metrics – User Management – On-Line / Off-Line Data Sync – Customer Data Capture – Reporting – More…
  6. 6. I PA D R E TA I L S U I T E | C O R E F E AT U R E SiPad App Configuration Forms Management Design a variety of customerCreate a custom UI, navigationstructure with full branding capabilities. data capture forms.The app runs native and leverages thefull functionality of the iPad.Ad ManagementCreate campaigns and Rich Mediaadvertisements. Showcase movie and music specials or build custom media lists.Product & Ecom IntegrationUpload product lists with images,video and audio for product detail. Integration Connect to YouTube, Social Media, Websites and email.AnalyticsView usage analytics and measureinteractions, impressions andconversions. Sync + Offline/Online Functional with or without connectivity.
  7. 7. CONFIGURABLE MOBILE POINT OF SALE› Cloud-based or On-Premise› Completely configurable › The right UI for the right selling environment › Brand appropriate every time› Stand Alone › Integration to POS not mandatory › Upload SKU, Tax Files etc. › TLOG Output› Integration Friendly › Supports for standards-based web services › Out of the box integration to POS Systems› Supports both iPad and iPod / iPhone form factors› Go live within 30-60 Days!
  8. 8. G L O B A L B AY | M P O SPA-DSS CompliantFeatures Include– Item/Price Lookup– Apply discount– Post-Void– Email receipts– Suspend transactions– Retrieve transactions– Tender with credit card– Store locator– Gift card sales– More…
  9. 9. W H AT I S T H E B E N E F I T ? Lost sales due to store walkouts or Registers take up valuableRetailer Challenge poor up-sell selling spaceMOBILE IMPACT Eliminate 1 missed sale Eliminate 1 Register per store per day per storeASSUMPTIONS Average Sale = £31.25 Sq. ft. gained per store = 14 # stores = 250 # stores = 500 Store Open = 360 days per year Sales / Sq. ft. = £205.63ESTIMATED FINANCIAL IMPACT £2,812,500 £1,187,500 (annual rev. increase) (annual rev. increase)
  10. 10. M P O S A N D I T ’ S M O V I N G PA R T SBusiness Operations Technology SUCCESS
  11. 11. G L O B A L B AY | F R E E D O M T O C H O O S E A state-of-the-art mobile platform that integrates to your existing retail system Task Mgmt. Inventory Mgmt. mPOS API iKiosk CRM Dashboard GLOBAL BAY MOBILE SERVER INTEGRATION INTERFACE Custom Plug-in ODBC / JDBC Web Services JMS Other Point of Sale Supply Chain Custom System CRM Task Mgmt. E-commerce Custom Web Services more… more… more… more… more… more…Global Bay Mobiles products are protected, in whole or in part, by U.S. and/or foreign patents, including U.S. Patent No. 7,756,829.© 2011 Global Bay Mobile Technologies Inc.
  12. 12. SUMMARYMobility is no longer just about efficiency, it is about,– Increasing the transaction size– Driving footfall– Reducing walkaways– Store associate product training– Brand promotion– Guided selling with a concierge level service.Mobility is now multi-use leveraging an increased ROIby driving down costs and increasing revenue.
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? Justin Coward MD EMEA +44 77 3656 3333