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Emma Crowe at Somo - presentation at Mobile Travel & Tourism Summit 2014

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Emma crowe somo

  1. 1. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential 2nd April Emma Crowe, SVP Client Strategy Josh Dale, Innovation Executive @somoglobal
  2. 2. Somo Copyright & Confidential2 @somoglobal
  3. 3. Somo Copyright & Confidential Unprecedented velocity of adoption Marketers being left behind – consumer driven environment. 3 Source: Celtra @somoglobal
  4. 4. Somo Copyright & Confidential4 Source: Comscore Dec 2013 Own a smartphone (33.5m people) Own a tablet (12.3m people own, but more use the device) @somoglobal
  5. 5. Somo Copyright & Confidential @somoglobal Tablet Mobile Desktop 12am – 7am 7am – 10am 10am – 5pm 5pm – 8pm 8pm – 12am Tablets popular at night Mobile brightens the commute PCs dominate working hours
  6. 6. Somo Copyright & Confidential6 Lean back. High Consumption and engagement Always on. Location aware. Staccato usage Lean forward. Focused engaged @somoglobal
  7. 7. Somo Copyright & Confidential Source: eMarketer, Aug 2013 UK mobile ad spend to top £2bn this year, overtaking newspaper ad revenue forecasts @somoglobal
  8. 8. Somo Copyright & Confidential Source: PhoCusWright 2013/Comscore 2013/BI Intelligence 2013 More people are using mobile as part of their travel experience, with wearable devices seeing increased growth as the go-to device for exploring travellers. @somoglobal of UK online travel sales will be mobile by 2015 - $40 biillion . time spent on travel-related sites in US wearable units sold predicted to be sold by 2018 .
  9. 9. Somo Copyright & Confidential Social DR TV Desktop PR & Events Mobile Mobile is becoming an extension to your customer day to day lives, using their devices both in silo and in conjunction with other platforms. @somoglobal
  10. 10. Somo Copyright & Confidential AdSpend AdSpend AdSpend Ad Spend Propensitytodrivesale Propensitytodrivesale Propensity todrive sale Propensitytodrive sale Opportunitytoscale Opportunitytoscale Opportunityto scale Opportunityto scale CURRENT SPEND FOCUS PROPENSITY TO DRIVE A SALE OPPORTUNITY TO SCALE Propensityto drivedirect install Propensitytodrive directinstall Propensitytodrivedirectinstall PROPENSITY TO DRIVE A DIRECT INSTALL DEPOSIT LOYALTYAWARENESS CONSIDERATION ...Where is the biggest opportunity to drive acquisition sales? @somoglobal
  11. 11. Somo Copyright & Confidential The impact of new brands moving into the space can be seen in the shifts per media format Video is one of the largest growth areas due to its ability to be used across the customer journey @somoglobal
  12. 12. Somo Copyright & Confidential Engaged, generating content, or taking actions e.g. play, buy, etc. only consuming content not interacting Mobile can be used both to amplify and activate tradition marketing such as TV: Second screening is common practice with 41% of all TV viewers second screening daily while watching TV TV TabletSmartphone @somoglobal
  13. 13. Somo Copyright & Confidential Amplify through paid media 13 Tablet Mobile Desktop 12am – 7am 7am – 10am 10am – 5pm 5pm – 8pm 8pm – 12am Wake up Travel to work Home Lunch Break Travel Out with friends • Expectation is exclusive and personalised • Creative/ • messaging needs to be relevant in context device and channel @somoglobal
  14. 14. Somo Copyright & Confidential @somoglobal • Be specific about what success means for you • Track it & optimise against it • Know who your target audience is • Your marketing plan needs to consider: - Device segmentation - Time - Context - Target audience • Consistent and relevant creative and messaging • Above all -- integration
  15. 15. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential15 @somoglobal
  16. 16. Somo Copyright & Confidential www.somoglobal.com @somoglobal hello@somoglobal.com GET IN TOUCH. Somo Copyright & Confidential