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Day 2 alex kirmse - zappos


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Day 2 alex kirmse - zappos

  1. 1. Zappos: Learnings in Mobile eCommerce London, England October 2nd, 2012
  2. 2. • Founded 1999• Best Service Possible• Free Shipping Both Ways• 365 Day Return Policy• 2009 acquired by Amazon
  3. 3. • Customer Service Focus• 4 week Call Center training• Holiday Helper Tony Hsieh, CEO Fred Mossler
  4. 4. • Experienced• Connected• Empowered Alex Nolan Matt Mobile Team (7 months ago)
  5. 5. Current team
  6. 6. Highly Rated apps
  7. 7. What we’ve seen in Mobile at Zappos “Lean Forward” “Lean Back” “On the Go”
  8. 8. RoadmapsThere are always shiny things. A company shouldn’t getaddicted to being shiny, because shiny doesn’t last. Youreally want something that’s much deeper-keeled. Youwant your customers to value your service.- Jeff Bezos, CEO
  9. 9. Core shopping path “greasing” Checkout Search/Browse Product Presentation
  10. 10. “Top of Mind” Push Notifications Badges Frequent releases
  11. 11. Fun and Easter Eggs
  12. 12. Current Roadmap More checkout optimizations Android Tablet Support
  13. 13. Current Roadmap More Recommendations/ Personalization Reciprocate the customers loyalty by recognizing them with personalized content, rewards and special features.
  14. 14. My most commonly asked question• Mobile Web vs. App?• HTML5 capabilities vs. native functionality• Do you need an app if you have mobile web?
  15. 15. We need both Exposure/ Acquisition Paid Traffic Loyalty/ Retention High loyalty, focused experienceOrganic Traffic APPS Mobile Web Less brand loyal, easier switching less personalized
  16. 16. Contact